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June 21, 2006



Come on News Talk June 21. I told you where to go for the b-day bash. The only one with cash on the cape besides Herbie is Janice DeL. The candles were blowing in the wind I'd say....

The Mole

I guess I would have to blame the BOA on two recent developments in this Administrations Appointments.

First, we have been hearing rumors about the current ISD superintendent, George Landers not having the proper credentials for this position. He has been signing and approving permits for occupancy, land acquisitions, zoning and the like without being certified in several areas. The Sate has requested Mr. Landers to properly certify himself within an 8 month period.

The clock has been ticking and George has not received his credentials.

Secondly, the newly appointed Highway and Lines & Lights Superintendent, Michael Buckley certainly does not have the proper licensees to perform and interact with the Utility Companies. How is he going to suggest improvements to the City’s infrastructure if he doesn’t know the difference between a watt, volt or amp? How is he going to make suggestions to Nstar so they can make improvements all along the Somerville Ave, corridor to help alleviate some of these outages? He can’t!!! How can Mr. Buckley be responsible for a Department that has so much authority in getting proper permits for housing, as well as commercial properties, fire alarms, when he knows nadda?

The BOA approved these appointments of the Mayor. They should be held accountable for these actions. We can complain about everything and anything but the end results are, we voted for them. It is time for a D & C on the BOA.

The Mole

Today's Newstalk

Today's Herald carries a two page article on the illegal alien's situation.
In a side bar, Deval criticize's Tom for not enforcing wage laws, does he mean, give these people Union wages?

Union Busting

If Today's Newstalk is going to talk about Mike and Joey's Union Busting... Why not focus on Lafuentes and his Non Union Printing Company. It's filled to the gills with non-union employees. I can't believe this guy actually ran for mayor, while he profited and continues to profit from his non-union company. What a disgrace. Typical Republican.

chewing gum

Jeanie C does a lot more than chew gum?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

SUNDAY JUNE 25, 2006


Join us in the Cambriville News summer contest "Cambriville Celebrity Citings"

We welcome all of our readers to contribute your favorite summertime sitings of any of the hundreds of Cambriville Celebrities participating in their favorite summertime pastimes.

From eating at Kelly's(diner, not roast beef) while on the City's dime, to the senior police officers scrubbing down the mold at Police Headquarters, to the Mayor boarding the Gaeta, Italy bound jet at Logan, from Senator Barrios sneaking a Fluffernutter in the back room at Campus, to Ron "Butters" Newman taking his first ride on the bike path without training wheels, to catching any city employee lifting thousands of unsecured cash. In Cambriville, on the Cape(little Cambriville) or out of country, we need your help to keep tabs on our citizens.

Send us your funniest, saddest, most angering, or just make it up. If you see a Cambriville celebrity pursuing Somertime fun, we want to know about it!!!!!!!!!!!

NO PHOTOS PLEASE. We can't print them anyway.

THIS WEEK IN CAMBRIVILLE - Look for this weeks program for the Fourth of July event at Trum Field. Headlining this year's festivities, Delusional will light the fuse of the cannon that will send the human cannonball Butters Newman flying across the city's rooftops and into Cambridge.

Also scheduled to appear, former First Lady Barbara Bush will read the entire zoning ordinance for Assembly Square while members of the Mystic View Task Force sign the national anthem.

As always, the entire program(including the fireworks display) will be simulcast on Cable 16 in Ubbie Dubbie, Turkish and lesbionics.

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