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June 14, 2006


What does Dipaola have that Somerville does not?

Explain to me how Dipaola and the Sheriff's Department can find the money to get new equipment, facility's, boats, helocopters, Swat Trucks, etc etc etc, and the Somerville Police are working in a facility that is alledgedly unhealthy. Something is missing here? Do we need a new grant writer, or is this a way for Dipaola to expand his Sheriff's department into a city adjacent to Boston.


DiPaola is an empire builder who gets his tentacles into everything. Doen't people know that CJ and Dippy go way back behind the scenes. JC gets a new jail and Diappy expnads his empire. Simple, politics (backroom) as usual.

Not a Parking Meter Fan

Has anyone else seen the temporary signs hanging in Davis Square? The city has figured out a new revenue source.....parking meters will be in effect from 8 am till 8 pm!! Way to go - let's just put up gates at all major intersections, Highland Ave and Broadway could both become toll roads, and we'll charge you for the privilege of driving through the lovely Davis Square whether you park or not!

debate not deride

Come on when does the whining and the fear mongering stop? So what, the police would walk in the same common areas as the Sheriff's personnel walk- are the police saying there to good to share the building with lowly C/O's? DiPaola has never shown an affinity to take over a police department, if anything he tries to help- stop with the jealosy already.
As far as it being in Somerville- ok- now you have a reason to debate- but it has been in Cambridge (a city next to Boston) forever without a problem.

Fred Sullivan Mahoney jr.

Ok, I say they can share the jail if they build it in Cambridge. Ideas like the jail\station-house and ideas like regional tax base sharing between municpalities are the kind of creative solutions we need right now. We need more suggestions like these and we to pbe open minded to solve the issues we have today. As far as the parking in Davis Square. We need all the revenue we can get. Take the T, Walk, or ride a bike if you don't like it. And remember that Neighborhoods and Citizens come first. Businesses are only guests in our community and they need to follow OUR rules.


Are you saying that Dipaola should build a jail/ police station for the Somerville Police in Cambridge? That's a great idea, then the SPD can police the peoples republic as well.
Let's get the facts straight on this. The police station in Somerville is an absolute disgrace and we should all be ashamed to have that eye sore in our city.
It is full of mold and is structurally unsound. There needs to be some sort of solution for that rat trap and so far, Dipaola is the only one stepping up to try and do something about it.
Yes, it also benefits the Sheriffs Department, but as taxpayers, do we have any idea what kind of a tax increase we are looking at if the city has to pay for this entirely? The Sheriff has access to funding that the city can only dream of. You may not like it, but it is a fact.
Don't you think if there was money available from other sources our cops wouldn't be working in what amounts to be (and would be anywhere else) a condemmed building, rehabbed out of an MBTA bus/trolley repair facility that was already brimming with hazardous waste when the city took control of it back in the 1980's.
The MBTA probably still can't believe their luck, unloading that dump on the citizens of Somerville. They absolutely saved million of dollars in cleanup costs because of all the waste that they dumped for all those many years all over that site, polluting the entire Union Square area.
Had the MBTA tried to leave that site to the private sector, it would still be a boarded up mess and listed by the Feds as a Superfund Hazardous Waste Site.
The city hired contractors and they put up nice new walls and painted over all the mess and straight out hid all kinds of structural problems with that police station and took the money and ran. From day one, it has been nothing but a disgrace.
If Jim Dipaola can fix that disgrace, I say we should stand behind him and support his idea. And it would probably be the first time in about 20 years that anything was done right in this city, and I welcome it.
I don't know what else we can do? I'm really not crazy about having a jail in Somerville, but as it stands right now, the jail in Cambridge is less than a mile from Union Square and I can't remember the last time they had any real problems over there or anything else that caused any problems. I think they would probably in the long run run be a good thing for the city. Maybe there could even be some sort of lockup there, so that when the Somerville Police arrest someone, they could be directly processed by the Sheriffs Dept.
That would even benefit the Somerville Police and Somerville as a whole even more, maybe even enough to free up some of the officers so that they could get back to doing their Community Police jobs and that should make the Aldermen happy!
How bad could having a jail in Somerville be?


Mold??? Condemned???Structurally unsafe???
Show us all here one official document that says any of those things are true.
EPA has said over and over again:NO CAUSE FOUND.
Structurally? What engineer says that is a problem?!?!?! NOBODY.
Keep costing us taxpayers money by calling in everyone but the national guard for frivolous claims. If you don't like your cushy job, QUIT. There's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with that building that has you idiots any more in danger than any other old building/school in this city. I bet your houses have worse problems. you guys get no sympathy when you all make over 100k a year and aren't even ever in the building.
Go work at Dunkin Donuts where you spend most of your time anyway.


Spotted this afternoon at approximately 2:45 PM was a maroon family van parked at the bus stop on Highland Avenue, just outside of Dunkin Donuts. Exiting that Bat-Mobile was non-other than the lack licensed, uncertified, Superintendent of Inspectional Services for this magnificent City, Mr. George Landers. Robin, nor any other winged occupants were inside the Bat-Mobile, making this vehicle, illegally parked. Not of interest to anyone other than those that felt John L’s vehicle parking in that area just after last years elections and making sure it was noted on the blog.

So I was wondering, why is the lack licensed, uncertified Superintendent of Inspectional Services going into that establishment when he should be home studying for those most important certificates he needs to Legally sign Certificate of Occupancy permits, Land agreements, zoning issues and the like? Maybe he was just tak9ing a deserving break.

In any case, I guess what isn’t good for the gander is sure good enough for the goose. Keep up the good work Georgie. You’re making us residents real proud. By the Way, were you not invited along to the birthday party bash this weekend down the Cape? Your DJ services were not warranted on the party boat, “The Naughty Girl?”

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

DOWN THE CAPE?????????????/

Then what the hell am I doing out here on the Mystic in a kyaak in the middle of nowhere waiting for the party to begin??????

I'm gonna kill that shithead Koty. He told me to be off the shore in front of the Winter Hill Yacht Club at 4:30 and wait to be picked up by the Skipper and the crew, we then would motor out to Spectacle Island for the clam bake, drinks and some fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!

God damn it. It's a good thing this WiFi thing works way out here. I'll fix his wagon. I've got friends in the Coast Guard(I love good Seamen, they're good swimmers). Wait till good old Dr. Mrs. McCarthy gets a fix on where this bash is taking out kids, Mrs. M. can paddle better that any of you. I think I'm gonna sic a Rear Admiral on the lot of them................

From the Blessing of the Bay and
Burnt to a Crisp,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Good Morning All,

Well, I've got Aloe Vera slathered from head to toe and my skin has a pretty pink/burnt sienna hue to it after waiting almost four hours for anyone to come help me out of that kyaak on the Stinkey River yesterday.(Thanks a whole bunch James!)

Never could find the Birthday Bash for the Most Vulnerable Maoyer. Next time Koty, next time.

There were two great articles this morning in the World's Most Liberal Newspaper. One had to do with our very own wild and whacky State Senator Barrios wanting to ban Fluff, you know that white stickey crap we ate as kids, from all school lunch menues. Due to the fact I might loose all control over my blatter if I even attempt to comment on this one, I'll leave the blogging to Delusional and Jimmy D.(come back to the News Blogging site Jimmy D. Jimmy D.).

The other has to do with scientists using highly trained dogs on the open ocean to sniff out remnants of whale shit. Seems the dogs have a keen sense of smell and can find the stuff in the open ocean. Scientists can then examine the the poop(nice job) to determine, among other things, sexual preference(Mother of God), and the cause of death.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy could have saved them a bundle on this research. I know those whales most likely let a hugh dump go before expiring when they got hit on the head by the oil super tanker. The six foot gash on the poor things skull would have been a give away.

Anyway, I was just thinking that we should get one or two of those dogs and post one of them in the Alderman's Chamber on Board night and post another outside the Maoyers office.

We should train them to yowl like crazy every time one of our exteemed elected officials lets loose with any more of their bullshit.

If these puppies can smell whale crap in an open ocean, they should be able to detect the smallest piece of crap dropped in City Hall.

Monday Morning Musings,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Telling It Like It Is

Dear Dr. Mrs. McCarthy, I truly believe you were put on this holy earth for one reason alone. That would be to be a guest commentary writer for this wonderful, informing web.

I cast one vote for Dr. Mrs. McCarthy for commentary writer


you are a crazy old broad arent you ahhhh hahahahahahaha i like sitting back not getting myself into trouble but since you called me out to comment i have a you mean Fluff (n.), Fluff (v.) or Fluffer (n.) hehehehehe

City Hall Nose

The public is lead to believe that this Administrations Appointee's, management, took the Health Care cuts without any problems. The Administration forgot to tell the Public that those Mangers that took it on the cheek turned the other cheek to get an extra weeks vacation for doing so.

So you tell me. Deal or No Deal????


Don't believe the Somerville Police Station is a rat hole. Go down there and see it for yourself. You don't even have to go inside, if you're afraid to. Look at the gap between the front of the building and the top left side of the building along Merriam St. It's getting bigger and bigger by the day. Go into the front lobby (if you dare) and walk down the back stairs towards Somerville Ave and enhale. You tell them that isn't the smell of mold. I don't care what OSHA or anyone else says about that building it is a rat trap. The rats probably ate the missing desk... Oh and BTW, I know an old timer that worked in that building when the MBTA owned it. He's the one that told me about the problems with the building. That's why the MBTA left when they did, otherwise they would have kept it and used it for something else. There was too much wrong with it and the site was too polluted. They were smart and dumped it on the city for them to deal with. Unfortunately, no one in the city admin wants to admit they made a mistake. What they should have done is gone after the MBTA and forced them make it right. That's okay, as soon as one of the mayor's boys (or girls) gets sick they'll do something then.

I guess the only really way to handle this to to allow the mayor to use his own good judgement since he so loves our men and women in blue. Imagine that a criminal defense attorney that does his lifes work, getting the very same people the police put in jail, out of jail. And we made him mayor.

One more point about the "proposed jail" that may have been overlooked. The main reason the the sheriff is looking for more space, is two-fold.
First he will be forced to re-locate PRISONERS (not residents) away from the construction.
And second after the construction is completed, the space for housing PRISONERS will have been reduced.

I guess they could just release all the extra criminals and let them back out on the street, but I imagine, the criminals will get angry like they always do and go out and get caught breaking our stupid laws and demand to be prisoners again...

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