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June 23, 2006



For ten years now there's been hundreds of tests from all of the experts.OSHA,DEP, etc. Same thing every time. YES, there's mold there.....No it's not hazardous. There's mold in your friggen basement! Let's make a BIG STORY out of the preliminary findings. Only to find out that OH WOW, It's not the hazardous kind..once again. Let's test it again....maybe it will be....After all, it's only been tested 1000 times! hey, maybe 1001 is a charm.

DNA shows Leutcher was hatched from an egg!

The mayor and the sheriff are trying to build and give you a new state of the art building without these hazards and your also crying about that. Make up your mind Leutcher! I'm beginning to think that your just a frigin pain in the ass now! Like an old hen!


talk about politics and blackmail,you union guys have mirrors in that moldy old police station. take a look in one, the problems all start there.

The interpreter

The study is right and that is to say

"There are lots of "moles" in the public safety building, Leutcher moles!!!"


Leutcher is a bum.


After all these months, and investigations, why can't they figure out who stole the money?

Leutcher Is Moldy

Leutcher is now beyond a joke! Mold can be caused by leaving a lunch bag in a refrigerator too long. If these guys stopped drinking their lunches before during and after their shifts, these sorry asses would already have a clean building. Let Sheriff Depaola try out building his own police department. He certainly couldn't do any worse than these sorryass clowns. If I were the good sheriff, I wouldn't let these lowlife asswipes in my building.

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