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June 28, 2006


Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

I used the new Lowell Street bridge today.

Started off at Highland and let the old Lark scooter rip. By the time I got to Albion Street, I was zipping along at 43mph.

Zoomed past all those other old stiffs at the VNA, and by the time I hit the first bridge I clocked my wheels at 53mph. And then........wheeeeeeeeeeeee, I was up, up, and away. I gotta tell you, I really caught some AIR baby, air I tell you.

And I didn't hit the asphalt again until Fiske Avenue.

Total Trip Time: 1min 3 seconds.

Lordy I'm gonna have a blast this summer!

The trip to CVS for my "little dolls" has never been so much fun.

See you all at Trum Field for the fireworks kids...............................

Bursting in Air,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


soooo...jc does something good and the silence is deafening.what a bunch of half empty glasses in this great city. this no fun. im going to a blog where jc is getting his ass roasted. im bored.


so nose - how much credit should mayor jc get for the lowell st. bridge reopening? What did he do to expediate the project? Funny, when the school st. bridge went out they had that back up in less than a month? wonder if that had anything to do with proximity to city hall. Anyhoo - mercifully the bridge is now open. let's just call it all water under the at this point.

Ron Newman

Glad to see this finally done. Now, how about Sycamore Street?


I'm also happy to see the bridge open.

I think the grafitti on the $2.5 million dollar project adds just the right Somerville touch. Don't you?

Thanks Mayor Joe! Ward 5

I wanted to thank Mayor Curtatone and his administration for spear heading the completion of the Lowell Street Bridge.

Bridge Man

Yahoo finally thank you for the opening of Lowell Street Bridge. I wish someone had told me instead of hearing it out here. Secret Squirel you should of told me down the store. Let me know next time ok
Bridge Man
P.S. squriel see you in the Square

Bridge Man

Yahoo finally thank you for the opening of Lowell Street Bridge. I wish someone had told me instead of hearing it out here. Secret Squirel you should of told me down the store. Let me know next time ok
Bridge Man
P.S. squriel see you in the Square


I'm not one to withhold credit when it is due, but the Mayor really had very little to do with the funding and project. If the truth be known, Senator Pat Jehlen and the late Senator Charlie Shannon should be thanked for lighting the fire under MassHighways lazy asses to get this bridge funded and reconstruted.

Somer Speak??

Pat Jehlen has zero influence on any state agency. Charlie Shannon got the ball rolling on this project and Jehlen stood beside him and would take any credit possible. I want to thank MassHighway for finally following through with their obligation. Don't let Jehlen fool you!


As I stated, I don't withold credit when it is due. Sen. Shannon did indeed get the ball rolling and from personal observations and discussions with both Jehlen and Mass Highway folks on the bridge, Sen. Jehlen kept it going. Mayor Curtatone had almost nothing to do with the process.

Just giving credit where it is due.

Are you all STUPID???

The city and the Mayor had nothing to do with the bridge gettin opened. This is state property, please DO NOT THANK THE MAYOER!

Ron Newman

By the way, the Cross Street bridge doesn't look to be in great shape. What is the schedule for replacing or repairing it?

Jehlen Is A Loon

If we're going to give anyone besides the mayor credit for getting this bridge fixed, it's going to have to be our own US Attorney Mike Sullivan. Why, you may ask? Because state bridges are the responsibiity of the state rep. In our case, Jehlen was such a looney tunes that she couldn't get anything done for Somerville, so she stuck with her wacky agenda, which did not include getting anything done for the district. It took an inditement to make a leadership change and get things moving, including our little bridge, no thanks to Pat or her crack successor Denise. So, as you travel across our new bridge, think two words: thanks, Mike.

Bridge Man

Hello from Lowell Street. I am here with my pc pulled over in my car and checking out the bridge very nice. I have to say they done a nice job. But for 5 plus years too long for a bridge to get fixed. Not sure of to whom i can say thank you to. I have to say none of the above. But we should be all grateful that the Lowell Street Bridge is OPENED. Now everyone lets start to gang up on the Sycamore Street Bridge.
Bridge Man

Lowell Street Society

Now that the bridge is fixed, how and the hell is KSS, MaxPac site going to access, as an exit/entrance, Lowell Street? These walls are 4 feet thick and the rod iron fence is very nice. If there is going to be an access cut in and traffic lights installed, this would look atrocious.

After almost 6 years of being closed we don’t want other delays or interference from developers. Let new dogs set. No to traffic lights on the BRIDGE.


Oh My! We certainly do have one weak state delegation.

Ron Newman

To ' Jehlen Is A Loon': Inditement [sic] of whom? Nobody in our city's legislative delegation has been indicted for anything while the Lowell Street bridge was closed. The two most recent changes to our delegation resulted from Charlie Shannon's untimely death. US Attorneys has nothing to do with highway projects.

To 'Lowell Street Society': My understanding is that KSS proposes a driveway to enter Lowell Street between the two parts of the new bridge. No traffic light is needed. It's just a driveway.

Shut up Ron!!!!!!!

Shut the hell up!!!!!!!!! Nobody wants to hear your two cents. You are really starting to piss people off. Tell your friend Tony Lafuentez to go back to Brazil with the rest of the losers. Viva La France!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Newman

I don't know anyone named Tony Lafuentez. Why do you want me to shut up?

Bridge Man

Hello everyone lets start today Sunday July 2, 2006 Day 1 for the Sycamore Street closed. @ 8:52 am
1 Day

Bridge Man

Bridge Man

For the Sycamore Street Bridge..
its 1 :35 pm
Bridge Man

Just a suggestion...

Bridge man,

You might want to consider posting the days on the Sycamore Street bridge once a week lke the Farm team did for Lowell St. rather than every day. Otherwise it'll get old fast. Just a friendly sugestion. I enjoy your posts. Happy 4th!

Bridge Man

Hey Just a suggestion
thanks for the advice and for the tip. i will do this for awhile until someone gets pissed off.

Day 3
Sycamore Bridge is still closed...

Bridge Man

Ron Newman

OK, but it's been closed a lot longer than 3 days. (I don't remember when it was first closed.)

Bridge Man

Day 4

Bridge Man

Day 5

Ron Newman

I just got an e-mail from the Union Square list, saying that the Lowell Street Bridge will be formally dedicated on Tuesday, July 11, at 11 am.

Mayor Curtatone, Senator Pat Jehlen, Representatives Tim Toomey, Denise Provost, and Carl Sciortino, and state secretary of transportation John Cogliano will be present.

Bridge Man

Today is Day 6

Barking about Parking

what they should do is give a warning...If you don't have a sticker they should consider towing in some areas. There are areas close to commercial districts or next to Cambridge where people would rather pay a parking ticket once a week rather than pay for garage, take the T, ride a bike, or walk. Just tow them and start taking care of the people that live in this the city!

Bridge Man

Hey Barking about parking no fuss here. its easy no sticker no parking. note the hours of the traffic and parking are
Monday - Wednesday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Thursday is the last day 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
If the out of state cars get there bloody cars registar in massachusetts in somerville instead of leaving there plates from connecticut new york rhode island etc, we wouldn't have all the problems with resident parking etc. i say tag and tow no questions ask. damn yankee

Bridge Man

Today is Day 8

Bridge Man

Hello everyone today is Day 9

Bridge Man

Today is day 10 for the Sycamore Street Bridge being closed. But note its been closed longer but i am on a countdown now. so its 10 days..

Best wishes
Bridge Man

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