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June 21, 2006



congratulations to you and nancy and the best of health to the family.remember what is most important when the world around is coming at you.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Congratulations to the Curtatone family. Family has always been the beginning, the middle and the end for me.

But a word of advice to Mrs. Curtatone, the next time Joe even says Hello to you, in the words of another Nancy, "Just say no!"

Health and Happiness,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy



I hope all are well.

Congratulations!!!!!!!! From Snowflake's Eleven!

Congratulations!!!!!!!! From Snowflake's Eleven!

Boy O Boy!

Congratulations on the birth of your son.

God Bless,

The Truth Will Set You Free

feds are coming

thats good news he has another son. i hope rusell K can with all 3 of joes kids when they go visit their fathers at club fed for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont worry stan it will be a good diet for u -u could lose a few pounds anyway.

cant wait to see you sitting in federal court -as howie carr says u fat bast...

feds are coming

ooops guess i forgot a few words -hope russell can drive all joes kids to visit then again he may be right there next to stan and joe

happy trails stan and russell

Ron Newman

what a rude reply to a birth announcement

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


That's not half as rude compared to what they said when your birth was announced.

Love, Peddals and Helmets,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


hey lenny what the f&*K can ya lay off on the fed shit? so ya didnt get the job u wanted,let it go and go hang with your criminal friends in south medford...u r such an ass

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