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June 27, 2006




Why would you delete my post on this subject? I don't understand.

Lost Money, again?

So does the mold affect their brains? Does it make them slow to respond? That could explain a lot.

Why has'nt the Mayor or anyone else seen these reports? I highly doubt the building would be open if it actually contained that particular mold you mentioned! Would'nt the health department condemn the building? Do we even have an health department? If so how much money have they brought in through fines? I can point ot several thousands of dollars worth of health violations within a hundered yards of my oen house. So maybe I guess it would not surprise me if the health department would not shut down the building? Why don't I beleive a word of what all these people are saying? What if we build the new jail and police station in Cambridge or on the city-line in some already blighted location? Would the town be for this idea then? It would bit hurt to have a few sheriffs on our side and helping fight crime in our town. As far as the rest of the residents here, I am sure they would be more than happy to let these guys come around and solve some crimes and make arrests in our town. get over it.

Jimmy D. on Lost Money

It is important to note that sheriffs are not cops. Asking them to perform police duties is like asking a hospital orderly to perform surgery simply because they work in the same field as the doctors. Why not ask ambulance drivers to put out fires becaue they go to the same calls as the fire department? This city has a long history of having its own professionals service the city. I would like to see the sheriffs office conduct more work within the jail walls to rehabilitate prisoners.

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Mother of Sweet Jesus, enough already about the good Sheriff and his cockamamie idea of a new jail in Somerville.


So please kids, spend some time talking about the really important issues of the day.

To ban Fluff or not to ban Fluff. That is the question.......................

Oh shit. My good friend Kate just called. Seems as though Senator Barrios has announced that he's backing off of his call to ban the white gooy stuff.

The isssue is just too much of a sticky wicket!!!!!!!!!!!

Joints Not Jails,
(you like that don't you Shelton?)

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

since when

"Asking them to perform police duties is like asking a hospital orderly to perform surgery "

So what is asking our own police to perform police duties like? A bet it is a lot harder than that. First you have to get them out of the coffee shop, then get them back to the city then,...

west Nile virus is here

A Local Somerville area business known for not cleaning up was recently discovered to have a 64 gallon garbage container in a pile of junk that had amoung other things filled with rain water and was host to millions of mosquitoe larvae.
After a discovery of the west nile virus in needham. Department of Public Health officials in Massachusetts are warning residents to take precautions, telling them to avoid going out at dusk or dawn, which are peak times for mosquito activity. They also suggest using bug repellent with DEET and advise residents to remove standing water from around their property.

Spraying is already under way in many communities.

Record rainfall in the Bay State in May and June created perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Last summer, there were six cases of West Nile virus in metro Boston. One elderly woman died. The virus is particularly dangerous for the elderly and children.

Many home owners dump standing water thinking they have done a great job. What most don't realize; however, is that if they have not cleaned their gutters they are the most likely source of mosquitoes near their home. Absantee landlords that jerk people around especially known for gutters full of mosquitoes.

If you are interested in recent pictures of the local business with mosquitoe larvae, garbage and rats leave us your email address, we will be more than happy to send them your way.

Ron Newman

Could you please name the business and its address here?

west Nile virus is here

The Abbey Lounge in Inman Square.


Maybe the city should be checking the schools for that same dangerous MOLE...I mean MOLD.


I just feel the need to say that this is the most weird incoherent bunch of comments I've ever seen. They were as entertaining as they were perplexing.

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