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June 26, 2006


Jimmy D. on Central St. Man

Convicted by a jury of his peers, may Spinnucci rot in jail until he takes his rightful spot rotting in hell. Perhaps soon to be joined by Gustave (in both) and Tighe (in hell)...?

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

Jimmy D.,

Amen to that James, Amen to that.

Happy Fourth Weekend Kid,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy


The two girlfriends AND tighe should all be punished as well. Everyone points fingers at one person here...the whole group of them, Ryan included (forgive me) were a bunch of punks.. anyone of those kids could have stabbed and/or been stabbed. Ryan and his friend were not innocent bystanders...they were involved with a fight, a fight they put THEMSELVES into.
They had to save the day!! Dont put the blame on one person (Spinucci)


because some scumbag ex con expressed his tormented racist beliefs. one kid is dead, and my cousin joey will have lost his life in the sh**hole. you're all a bunch of tragedy cheerleaders.


That scumbag ex con didn't put a knife in anybody's hands. He should be with your cousin in prison, I agree. As for your cousin, I won't cry any crocodile tears for him. He's where he belongs.

Give me a J
Give me a U
Give me a S
Give me a T
Give me a I
Give me a C
Give me a E

What does it spell? Justice for the guilty


Too bad that drunk McCormick lied about what he saw just to make himself out a hero. The truth of the matter is that Joe came over to Ryan and Juel after the deed was done. He got a cut on the back of his finger from trying to stop the real assailent from doing any more damage. Not from stabbing anyone like the DA said. He neglected to clerify that and used a lot of people to bend the truth against Joey. Even Juel saod that the person that stabbed him looked like the one who stabbed Ryan. Joe doesn't look anything like who he first discribed in the grand jury minutes. The DA managed to get him to twist his story around too. The facts are all twisted around because no one witnessed the stabbings. Joe chased Tighe, that is all. Truthfully, Joey wouldn't know what to do with a knife. He took a swipe at Tighe because pear pressure dictated that he do that to save face with his girlfriend. She is a real piece of work though. Thinking that she could pick a fight with a male and there not be repercussions. If she had kept her mouth shut, they would all be alive and free today. And that DA is totally corrupt. He would do anything for a conviction even if it means that he convicts the wrong guy. This justice system is sad. Just be glad that you don't have them against you.

As far as joint venture goes, Joe and Vinny didn't lay eyes on each other until after the fight. Nor did they have words. As soon as Joe saw his girlfriend be assaulted by Tighe, he ran off after him.

You call that justice? Because someone with experience assaulting people commits a serious atrocity, others who were in the vicinity were condemned.

truth my ass

If joe spin-a**hole was so innocent why didn't he testify on his own behalf. y did he look like a crazed angry man at the trial everyday because he did this he took the life of an INNOCENT 16 YEAR OLD BOY and whoever called Ryan a punk i'm sure that person's never had a true friend who would stand up for them and they've never been a true friend either. if Joe's girlfriend could get on the stand and say the things she said and the tape they played come on this is not about the DA being corrupt your an idiot!!!!!!!!!! the only bad thing about Joe spinucci being convicted is that Vinny won't be in jail forever with him! NOW THATS TRUTH

justice was served

OKay first of all if a punk is what you want to call Ryan you must not have known him and in that case have no buisness to talk about him and even if they weren't innocent bystanders would you sit back and watch one of you friends be chased by two kids or would you try and help him. And to the idot that said Joey wouldn't know what to do with a knife..1. why was he carring one around with him. and 2. why was a 16 year old killed from repated stab wounds.. and why would a 22 and 23 year old need knives to fight a 16 and 17 year old did they have doubts in there fists.. justice was sereved and if you think different cry about it because thats what joe and vinny have made ryans family and friends do day and night for a long time..

John and Mike Farr

Free Vin Gustave!

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