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June 25, 2006


Why are only Bill's stories subjected to this:?:

(The views and opinions expressed in the commentaries of the Somerville News belong solely to the commentators themselves and do not neccessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Somerville News, its publishers or its staff.)

Ron Newman

Is there a page with links to all 11 parts of this series?

Lost Money, again?

This time the city is losing 15 million dollars. In a different way but still through the same incompetence.

It is not the Mystic view Task force, because they are not involved in all the other projects that suffer the same shady deals and set backs, there is another more common denominator here. Can you find it?

"is concerned that delays to the Somerville Avenue work could jeopardize funding for the reconstruction of Beacon Street. "

These other projects are suppose to get funded 75% by the feds, now the city has them screwed up and delayed. What is wrong here? All that money is going to go to Cambridge or Brookline instead of Somerville. As a result our home taxes are going to go up again. We need a profesionally run city.

Ron Newman

Regarding the first comment: presumably because 'The View from Prospect Hill' and 'NewsTalk' and 'Reality Bites' all do reflect the opinions of one or more News employees or owners.


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