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June 15, 2006



I saw the Assembly Square Barney Weirdofest. Some observations: LP and Jane B definitely are off their meds schedules. Where the heck was Alderman Provost? She left the defense of the zoning proposal she "allegedly" wrote to her ill-prepared and fellow dogmatic buddy Rebekah. "Comb-over" (forget Wiggy) Zamore should win a prize for attempting to fool the public that the Assembly Square project is going to harm us all, with all that new "particularate matter" - meanwhile, all these developments in Melrose, Medford and Everett are far worse than the smart growth transit-oriented plan the City has for Assembly Square - like I suspect, who is really paying the Mystic Fraud folks? Tonight, we also heard that another member moved on to Cambridge. Really, you just have to ask, who are these people and who is funding them?

Why did the Mystic Fraud people pass out flyers with no attribution that it came from them, are they ashamed to say who they are? I'm sure they can't lobby, but they must still must disclose who paid for their message. Why don't they disclose who they really are?


Shelton's purty good at persuasion, yet eventually resorts to the same tactics all mudslingers do: misdirection, obfuscation, & red herrings. Here are a few of my faves from sterling Bill's otherwise clean piece:

The David vs. Goliath approach (or, "Poor, widdle us!"):
"The developers were millionaires who lived elsewhere." Ooooh! And you know how we all hate *that*! DOWN with Ned Johnson! Crucify Tom Flatley! Down with the bloodsucking, moneygrubbing "developers." Aargh!

BTW: does BS (I mean, Bill Shelton) really count as someone who "works for a living")? Is Wig just a "working stiff"?

The "factors beyond our control" defense:
"Barr Foundation’s benefactor, Amos Hostetter, is adamant about anonymity." So, really, it was NOT a secret, it was just, um, we just *couldn't* talk about it, ya know?

But I really, really, really LOVE this one:
"When Lanny Evarts, a widow and a senior citizen, began receiving bizarre emails, she called AOL and learned that someone had sent out 3,000 pornographic solicitations under her name."

This bit has it all: a defenseless, elderly widow's AOL account is hijacked. By placing this tidbit in the context of the article, BS can imply a connection between the evil corporate curmudgeons (who have State officials and the Boston Globe in their pocket) and spoof spam. CLASSIC!

Bill--unless you have some kind of proof that this incident was NOT just some run-of-the-mill spoof spam (which happens to ALL of us EVERY FREAKIN' DAY--just check your own BULK FOLDER) then, please, do not destroy your own credibility by throwing in such a rotten, stinking red herring. It's downright embarrassing (and, heck, I don't even like you but I offer you this sincere and constructive criticism: do not set yourself up for ridicule in this way).

I was going to make fun of a couple other us-vs.-them statements (developers=harrassment, MVTF="outreach"), but I am really stuck on the vicious--since I cannot believe that BS is that idiotic--connection of a daily life event with the evil manipulations of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

In an otherwise rationale argument, it is the little tidbits that *really* (and I am not making this up) make me think that MVTF members are just a little bit off... a bit like the Lyndon Larouchies (normal from a distance but, up close, kinda crazy in a kinda scary kinda way).

I like to think of myself as relatively rational/pragmatic: I would *love* to see the dense-pack, Davis Square model applied to Assembly Square; heck, I would love to see Communism work. Sadly, the real world intervenes (you know, and baddies like Stalin come in and muck up all our pristine plans by, oh, killing 20 million or so....).

The scary thing is that this article almost admits (via such phrases as "Ultimately Mystic View’s resolve only hardened") that MVTF has indeed become the very thing they cry cry cry that they are not: "a tiny group of elitists who wanted nothing built."

My way or the highway.
If you can't play football by my rules then you can't play football.
If I can't have it then no one can have it.
Classic reactions of a certain sort of person or persons.

Idealistic? Or naive? I do not think BS or MVTF is naive. Just one opinion, of course, but at some point "idealism" becomes indistinguishable from immaturity or childishness.

Fred Sullivan

We know who our neighbors are. We know their names. We know Rebekah, we know Denise, we know Bill and Wig. But who the hell are you guys? We know the people who live here and genuinely work for a better Somerville.

But who are you guys? And why can’t you explain why these other ideas are so damn good for us?

Are you trying to tell us these developers are building here at of the goodness of their hearts to make a better Somerville? Are they out to help the 'missfits', the weirdofesters, the Barneys?

You don’t have to be very sophisticated to figure out that when these developers are selling these properties to each other for millions and millions of dollars more than what they paid for them and then go through this much effort to hire so many high-priced lawyers and to get you no-name’s to start bashing our neighbors that their something very wrong here. I smell greed. And you guys can’t make a convincing case how their plans are going benefit our city and the people that live here. Sure, a lot of people are going to make whole boat load of money, but what about us?

Chicken Little

One day Chicken Little was walking through Somerville when -- KERPLUNK – Chicken little noticed that some of the new people had fixed up their houses, swept their sidewalks, and were helping neighbors.
"Oh my goodness!" said Chicken Little. "The Barneys are coming! I must go and tell the king."
On her way to the king's palace, Chicken Little met John the Auto dealer. John the auto dealer said that he was going into the woods to hunt for succors and worms.
"Oh no, don't go!" said Chicken Little. "I was there and the sky fell on my head! The Barneys are coming! Come with me to tell the king."
So Henny Penny, and John the auto dealer, joined Chicken Little and they went along and went along as fast as they could.
Soon they met Cocky Locky, who said, "I'm going to the woods to hunt for places to dump my asbestos I got from my government contract to clean up the police station."

"Oh no, don't go!" said Henny Penny. "The Barneys are coming! Come with us to tell the king."
So Cocky Locky joined Henny Penny, John the auto dealer and Chicken Little, and they went along and went along as fast as they could.
Soon they met Richard MacDonald the plumber, who was planning to go to some misfit’s house. The Misfit had an emergency plumbing need and Rich was planning on low-balling the unsuspecting victim while talking about using top of the line supplies. Then he would do his usual hack job with cheap stuff, he would dump the extra concrete in hidden spots in the misfits’ basement hoping they won’t notice, and because the job would not be up to code he was never planning on getting it inspected by the city. He would of course increase the price to match the quotes from the local plumbers who would have done the job right once he almost done. And he would leave his mess along with tons of junk and cracked pipe in the misfit’s basement.
"Oh no, don't go!" said Cocky Locky. "The Barneys are coming! Come with us to tell the king." So Goosey Poosey joined Cocky Locky, John the auto dealer, Richard MacDonald the plumber, Henny Penny and Chicken Little, and they went along as fast as they could.

To be continued


"Sure, a lot of people are going to make whole boat load of money, but what about us?"

Not a fan of Trickle-down theory, eh?

You see, it is the banker--and not the janitor--who opens a new branch that employs as staff (to include the janitor).

I have never been paid by a poor man, yet I owe my livelihood to many a rich man.

Developers live to make money, yep: welcome to Capitalism. What is involved in wealth creation? Creation. Buildings. Jobs.

What are jobs? Places to go--voluntarily--to earn pay and learn skills, skills that lead to? Better jobs, higher pay, higher skills.

I work in a building. I do not own the building; indeed, my employer does not own this building. But my employer happily pays rent to have a place to create wealth. My employer hands me a paycheck (but not equity in his endeavors) in order that I may feed my family. He also gives me experience and skills, things I can translate, over time, into higher pay and higher skills. What do I say to him?


What do I say to the developer that built my boss a building?


What do I say to the nearby developer who built me a Starbucks?

Double-thanks with shot of espresso!

What has MVTF brought to Somerville?




What has the Davis Square Task force

What has the Davis Square Task force brought to Somerville? Everything, Everything, Everything!

If it were not for these guys that part of town would be a blight with tons of parking for park and ride commuters, Lots of traffic and pollution and no sense of community. And because the city’s budget is buoyed up from residential real estate taxes as apposed to being sunk by big box subsidies and expensive city services for such big box we get a whole lot more from development designed to increase the quality of life for the local residents. Our homes are more sought after. People want to live here and fix up their homes and values and tax bases go up. On the other hand, development designed for commuters and drivers from Boston, Cambridge, New Hampshire, and other areas so that they can have a convenient shopping area does nothing for us.

So when you ask what they have done for us. It does'nt realy matter to someone who can not see the parking lots for the trees.

The Barneys are coming.

Hold On !!!

Get a hold of a City or School Directory and you might find out that some of these "commuters & drivers" you speak of are our own school teachers and city workers. Our taxes are paying their wages, health benefits and unearthly retroactive

Shelton Commentary Is Slanted

I would like to know how Shelton is able to continuously push/print flawed information. Any intelligent individual can see through his agenda. Rumor has it, he was seen with Tony L enjoying libations at a local drinking establishment in Cambridge discussing the upcoming election.

James Norton

Slanted -

You know, its difficult not to enjoy a decent writer these days, but what surprises me most about Shelton's commentary series is that nobody, other than Mayor Joe, bothered to step up and fire back.

Like everything in life, there are two sides to every story. The fun part about politics in Somerville is that there's usually five sides to every story and plenty of paranoia and delusion that runs amok.

Aside from his political inclination, you have to give it to the guy - at least he puts himself out there. He isn't an employee of this newspaper in case you were one of the perpetually paranoid people who think that he is. He is a guest columnist.

Feel like firing back at him - then do it. Someone do it. Want to guest commentary? Then call the Editor. Call someone at the paper.

The warped view that most of the political-savants in this city have and their inability to comprehend the simplest of explanations (not to mention their complete refusal to believe someone when they give an honest, up front answer or explanation) is evident merely for the fact that the Farm Team and the Mayor himself both label him a "Featured Blogger" over on their bascially non-existent joke of a weblog.

The fact is he's a guest online columnist, plain and simple. Like most politicians, and I don't fault him for this at ALL, he won't bring himself to this weblog because in the words of a member of his staff "your weblog is too far out there". I'm sorry, I like Mayor Joe - but that's a horseshit excuse.

Fact is, there is no other weblog or website directly tied to this specific community that is as popular as this weblog/website is. In all honesty, we have been hesitant to change to the new site because we believe in free speech and open/honest commentary.

Isn't that what this city needs instead of the constant stream of bullshit that pervades everything around here?

Maybe I'm wrong.



Maybe Master Shelton will or should dance on the table again!

Wild Bill Shelton

The only Dirty Tricks being played are those masterminded by Tony L and William Shelton. Maybe its time for me to let out a little information regarding Shelton's past. I am sure people would want to know. They are the real Dirty Birds.


Well? Put up or shut up, Wild Bill...

Dirty Birdy

It will all come out in due time my friend. Tony L and Wild Bill need to be played like a game of chess. I will strike when the iron's hot. Timing is everything.

Invest in the community

Maybe Rebekah Gershwitz should pony up some dough, buy a house in the city and start paying real estate taxes before she starts telling other people what to do with their property. She has alot of balls.

Yorktown Street

Not on what an Alderman makes!

Spell and spell again

And maybe you can learn to spell her name before telling her what to do. By the way, how many Assembly Square land-owners live in Somerville?

No Barneys

the chicken little thing was funny !!
As we cried "no barneys", Foss park filled up with illegals .....Now instaed of cheering the USA at the world cup, the new Somerville Massachusettschant is...........GO BRASIL !

Ron Newman

Yeah, so? Go to Hanover Street this Thursday. You'll see a lot more folks cheering for Italia than for USA.

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