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May 19, 2006



How about we fine Shaws 400 dollars each day that they don't clean up all the trash and meet our stricts codes for a better Somerville. Make them Paint a nice mural on the side of their building. I am tired at looking out of scale, out of character big box strip buildings.
And You are so right! It certainly does suck to see our tax money go to some lazy alderman so that they can debate international issues smooze with local buisness friends when they should be out working with my neighbors to help clean this town up. Our Aldermans is in hiding. Send engine 4 and car 54 looking for someone to help us!

What a Waste of Tax Payer $$$$'s

Well, I cannot wait to see this upcoming Memorial Day Parade. I truly enjoy all the entertainment.

As a tax payer, I object to the Mayor’s reasoning in having to display the DPW Fleet during a time of money woes. Evidently the fleet will be displayed in the Parade on the 28th with the City having to pay DOUBLE time to those drivers when that money could be properly used for other tasks.

Why should we stand for that type of financial abuse? The Mayor is constantly complaining about increase Medical costs, shortfalls from State Aid and all the rest of his BS. Yet he is willing to pay double time to have the vehicles we see every day on our streets to be in the Parade. Is he trying to make the Parade last longer? A ridiculous decision on the Mayors’ part I think.

Call your Alderman and voice your concerns about the abuse of money use. Make your voice heard and make it loud. I am sure there are better and wiser ways for this money to be put to good use. This Parade is about our Veterans who gave and continue to give us Freedom and Liberties.

Down The Drain

Unbelievable, if this happens with DPW trucks in the parade and we are paying double time due to it being on a Sunday, I think the Mayor should be ashamed of himself and every Alderman that let’s this travesty happen.

We are a City crying for revenues and he continues to spend frivolously our tax dollars on meaningless things. I agree with the post above about calling our Alderman. If they let this happen without our voice of concerns, then their day will come. The bans, the Shrinners and all the rest are just find and what this parade should be about. Along with honoring our Veterans and current service men. Not to show or damn trucks with probably two City workers in them on overtime. I mean come on folks.

Plain Folk

Guess the Mayor will do whatever he wants to do. I cannot for the life of me figure this man out. He cries in one towel there is no money yet he opens the other hand to do foolish things like double time in a parade.

Hearing and reading everyone talking about tight money times, doesn't this Administartion get it? Why do they most of the time buck the Citizens of the City. Next we will find out that the Commissioner will be driving the sweeper to cut back on overtime....

The Mole

I guess we all will see what this Sunday's Memorial Day Parade brings. I hope it brings solace to all and makes us remember why our service men and women are overseas.

Although I do not agree as to why we have been drawn into Iraq, but we need to show our support for our troops. Too many of our families have been touched by this divergence.

On a brighter note, I do hope Mrs. McCarthy is festooned out in her Red, White and Blue attire on Sunday. I plan on meeting up with her even if Jimmy D. and JN are dueling it out. She must be one helluva woman to take on the likes of them two. I will shower her will all the goodies of the Parade and when the "Naughty Girl" floats by, I might even ask if she would like ten fingers up to seize a ride in the Captains' Chair.

I do hope the City changes its’ assessment on entering the DPW vehicles in the Parade. There is too much overtime to be spent on this kind of event. I can perceive sounds of all the excuses now, "Oh, they had to be on duty anyway to do the clean-up so why not put them in the Parade. They would have been sitting idle in the yard waiting for the end of the Parade to clean-up."

Excuses after excuses, just another way to screw the taxpayers...

On yeah! Mrs. McCarthy, for I will be standing opposite you on the North side of Highland Avenue. Look for the chap dressed in the uniform of a gentlemen. I’ll be the one wearing the pattern-leather, two-toned shoes.

The Mole

Mole-man's alter-ego

From Rotoworld:

Sabres defense takes hit
Sawyanutzov – D – Buf May 23 – 7:15am et
Buffalo defenseman Igor Sawyanutzov likely to dress Wednesday night but not play, after experiencing post-game soreness in his left knee on Monday.
Sawyanutzov experienced pain the in same knee that has troubled him throughout the playoffs. Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff expressed optimism that Sawyanutzov will see some ice time and said that he plans to hold him out of practice on Tuesday as a precautionary measure. This injury hits an already depleted defensive core as Sawyanutzov joins Bichucokoff on the list of walking wounded. Bichucokov is doubtful for Wednesday night but could dress, said Ruff, “I wouldn’t rule anything out now. We really need both of those guys to contain the Wanaupchuck line on the power play.”

Shaw's Shopper

As a loyal Shaws customer, I say do not give back the 200 dollar donation yet. Lets hold on to the cash until we can figure out our next move. I say we place the cash in a desk drawer in the police station for safe keeping !!!

Here, take my wallet, too

Another example of frivolous spending....I just received a phone call from a research agency doing a survey of Somerville residents to find out what they think about Somerville! My answer: they're wasting my money by having you call me!

Ron Newman

That could be from some political candidate rather than the city.


I Love you girls


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