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May 31, 2006



“I don’t think it’s funny at all,” said Lieutenant Paul Upton. “It is disheartening some people are trying to make light of a serious situation.”

I believe we've heard similiar quotes from Bill Clinton and Karl Rove in the last decade. When you bring on a scandal expect the jokes. Besides, the jokes are also a fantastic way to spread the knowledge of this debacle around the community. How many people are finding out about this because of the T-Shirts? OOOOOOhhhh, now I see why the Lt. is "disheartened".


What a joke! If that was evidence they needed to put someone away believe me they would find someway to dig it up.

The only reason they won't dig it up is because they know it will be like Al Capones vault........EMPTY!!!!!

Have the citizens of this city had enough of this city "missing" money everytime we open up the local rags???? I can only imagine the things we don't hear about that happens down at the "House of Hate". It's time the Mayor admits his mistake and lets the Midget ride off into the sunset dressed as a bad George Washington on his little pony back under the rock he crawled from under.

Jimmy D. on T-Shirts

Are you kidding me? It's a joke based on mishap created by a bad system. It's been said that “It is disheartening some people are trying to make light of a serious situation.” NO. What's disheartening is that nearly 10 years after Alderman Joe and Chief Caliguri unilaterally decided to put out a fax announcing a mangement study aimed at curing the ills of the police department, the city is no closer to to a cure for th problems there.


Perhaps they should call the F.B.I they have heavy digging machine's idle at the moment as they did not find Jimmy


The police who have been made to look like idiots by their own idiotic actions are sad because people are pointing out how stupid they are. Boo hoo!

Yes, it is a serious situation. So fire someone, take it out of their pay. I don't care if it was a mistake and there was no foul play. They did something very stupid and it has cost 31,000. To me that is a LOT of money. I don't just randomly throw stuff away without looking at it.


Oh sure, dock it from their pay. If someone you are in charge of throw something out they weren't supposed to, I bet my paycheck that you wouldn't allow it to be removed from your check....grow up!

Last time I checked there were no perfect humans on this earth

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