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May 18, 2006


You have a point.

You have it dead-on-balls JN. The only part I would find fault with what you said was that we should definitely hold our Mayor accountable. With brand spanking new heavy trucks in the DPW yard and more people on the city dole right now than ever before in this city's history, there's no excuse for theft of money/income and the Mayor enabling city services that will cost more money and be more taxing on us all, residential and commercial (what little there is of it, sadly).

We need to take a long hard look at some new political blood in our city. Just because a flaming liberal who happens to have straight teeth, decent hair and knows how to forumlate a sentence in English, doesn't mean that person should be called anything close to "progressive". The smoke and mirror show is over for the old school throwbacks and hacks too.

We need to, as voters, understand the inherent difference between the two groups, weed out the REAL progressives from the David Blaine type whacko liberals and start electing some people with long term vision. I think that's what JN is talking about, if we can't slap some sense into the current corner-office zombie and his minions.

Fantasy Land

Why can't we do the simplest of things as a community? Why is it that some of the funniest and smartest people in the city come to this weblog? Is it so difficult to understand some very simple ideas? And if so, why aren't we educating more people?

I'm talking about simple things like: taking the politics out of Police and Fire issues, taking the politics out of the School Department, doing what JN has mentioned about creating Community Steering Committees (with non-political appointees, thanks). That's a good start, I would think.

Electing fresh non-party-line people with smarts and experience would be the next step. I guess you can't ask for everything at the same time, but holy crap, how about just ONE new, fresh and sensible idea or person or objective. We are stuck because we can't even get one thing off the ground due to politics as usual.

No wonder we are laughed at. You think we aren't, then you're blind and stupid.


Fantasy Land has a great idea. There have to be some fairly intelligent people in
somerville who are willing to give something back to the community by putting their money on the line and run for elective office next year.

Let's begin here. there are some folks on this site with great commentary and good ideas. Anyone willing to throw some names out there and let them know they have some support?

And I don't mean Mrs. McCarthy.


Mabe they are 1 over weight and 2 over developed if you know what I mean?
One should diet and the other quit.

James Norton

I don't think that a stable and well thought out future rests solely on the shoulders of our elected officials and the few power-broker type, wealthy local businesspeople (yes, we have a few of them). It has to be an encompassing group of individuals who put aside politics and cronyism. People who have good long term vision and experience. People who put the city's future first and getting a piece of the pie second.

What a dream, I know.

That's because that will never happen around here. Someone will want their cousin to get a demo contract, someone else will want their brother to be hired as a project manager and so on and so on. Please don't get me wrong - there is NOTHING wrong with sharing the wealth with friends, family and business associates.

The rub is that it starts to become unsavory when that becomes the primary motivation though.

Maybe I'm wrong.


Jules Vincent

It's raining barneys.


I LOVE this paper! It's got it's finger on the real pulse of Somerville and the REAL issues that affect us here. They are not scared to say it like it is. I look forward to getting my copy in front of the very delicious Vinny's Superette around the corner from my house. I wish it could be a daily thing! :)

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