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May 24, 2006


Ears are made to HEAR

Interesting day today in Ball Square. As I was passing by the open-air establishment of El Guapo’s, I was easily entertained by the Three Amigos. Moe, His Honor, Curley, SOD and none other than the comeback kid of old, Joe, Stanley.

I say it was attention grabbing due to the fact that SOD had his arms flaring, up down and all around. If I knew any better, you would swear SOD turned Italian for 10 minutes. Hand gyrating all over the place. Maybe the Mayor was giving him lessons on how to speak Italian with his hands for their up coming July trip to Gaeta, Italy? Naw, it wasn’t about, not from what I over heard Sean.

After SOD left with and Boss Hogg excused himself, the artful Mayor stepped right up to his cell phone and started dialing franticly. It was a great exercise I tell you. The faces didn’t seem too happy when they left. Not at all. I guess I wouldn’t be either if I had to listen to what I heard.

Have fun Amigos…………Never know who is around the corner!!!

Maybe Thier Working Together

Maybe the missing desk contaning the $31,000 and other evidence is some how hook in with the recent discovery of missing uranium from the Plymouth Necular Power Plant.

Let's send our finest down there to crack the case too.....

A. B. C.

As a reminder to the allegiance of A. B. C., we are incorporated in the fifth company of this Parade on Sunday. All participants must be at the Concourse no later than 11:15 AM and lined up in the staging area by 12:30 PM. We are scheduled to step off at approximately 1:20 PM.

Those that need additional signage for the Parade route can stop by headquarters and pick up any banners, signs or hats you may need. Water will be provided during the Parade at key intersections. Please dress appropriately and be prepared for the hot weather. Also note, we will be directly behind the City Officials and before them, the SPD Mounted Police. So make sure you wear the appropriate foot attire for all the BS that walks before us.

Please remember that we are invited guest of the Parade and our sole purpose is to support our troops, now home with us and those that are still abroad. For we are living in freedom due to the diligent sacrifice they gave to our country and we must not EVER forget that their sacrifice.

A. B. C.

A request has been sent out to the chief Editor and sole publisher of the Cambriville News, Mrs. McCarthy to be our honoree.

Mrs. McCarthy, if she accepts, will be dawned in the suitable garments symbolizing her status among the community. If her Majesty accepts our summons you can bet your bottom dollar Sister Mary Maglia will be livid. Once Mrs. McCarthy passes her peers at the Little Sisters of the Poor, she may have to deal with the repercussions of her actions.

We do hope she will lead us this Sunday.

Mrs. McCarthy

Anyone But Curtatone (A.B.C.)
Box 193
Cambriville, MA

Dear A.B.C. Organizers:

I received your correspondence this morning and regret to inform you that due to prior commitments, I will be unable to join your group of marchers/parade participants.

Although we have had our contentious moments in the past, mainly due to the use of the ABC logo(A Better Cambriville was duely licensed with the Funeral Directors of South Florida in 2005) we do wish you all the best this Sunday.

As you well know, I will be supervising the sales of the many "Doctor Mrs. McCarthy" T shirt outlets along the parade route, managing the new Little Sisters Home Furnishings Boutique at the residence, performing baton twirling duties on behalf of VFW Post 383, and just added late last night, acting in the new Ben Affleck
movie "Gone Baby Gone". Ben will be filming extra footage along the parade route for the epic film depicting the 2007 Somerville municipal elections. Additionally, I have accepted the Somerville News' request to be available to ride in their parade entry should the "Miss Somerville imposter, er winner, be unable to fulfill her duties.

As a side note, please be aware that Cambriville Homeland Security has issued an alert to code "Frankie" for the weekend. All participants and bystanders are asked to report any suspicious behaviour to the Revere Police.

Before the Parade Passes By,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy(Baton Twirler Emeritus)
Little Sisters of the Poor
Paradeland Avenue
Cambriville, MA

A. B. C.

It is truly a disappointment to me, personally, but even more to our organization, but appropriately noted in value towards the "Doctor Mrs. McCarthy" T shirt Foundation bonanza. We do wish you well in your labors to raise the necessary funds for your endeavors.

We will wave in exhilaration when we come upon your company. I have authorized the payment for all 756 members to receive “Doctor Mrs. McCarthy" T-shirts and those funds will be mailed immediately.

I do hope you and yours have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Weekend. When you encounter the Red Head Jolly boy, do so with caution. I hear he gives a mean bear hug.

Ears are made to HEAR

Ears might have been evolved to listen but lips were meant to speak. Figuring the events of that day when SOD was given lessons on how to speak Italian, one might generalize that those events in discussion may have been associated with the recent findings that the city is in arrears paying several City contractors. Not only are they in arrears but it is now known to people outside of the DPW and the inner walls of the Mayors’ Office.

How can vendors survive when they are owed as much as $1 million? How does the City expect those vendors to pay their bills? Is this Administration waiting for the new Fiscal years budget to offer up the monies due? Not a good thing if it is. A municipality must pay for services rendered during that fiscal year. Provisions are made for mitigating circumstances but lack of funds is not one of them.

To publicly know that our city is floundering due to a cash flow problem, leads me to believe that there is a serious dilemma upon us. The writing is on the walls, $31,000 thrown out in trash, (supposedly), $10,000 stolen from a city building with no results (supposedly), $13 Million over budget at Lincoln Park School; due to building costs increases (supposedly), an ISD Superintendent that is not licensed properly to sign City documents that clearly effect the outcome of Land Associated endeavors, Assembly Square Mall re-zoning issues, Davis Square meter-gate, family, friends of family & political patronage now on the payroll and blaming all this on Medical costs and high material costs is a total sham.

Sucking it up and talking it for the team is not this Administrations MO. They place the blame everywhere else but upon themselves. When is the rest of the BOA going to wake up and get the right picture? Probably never…

By the way, noted absent from the High School Achievement Awards night was his honor, Boss Hogg, and most of the Elected Officials of this City. More importantly, the Mayor and Boss Hogg had scholarships to award and they never showed up. Hmmmm


Why don't they blame Kelly Gay,I am sure Capuarno or Miss Jean would

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