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May 16, 2006


baloggy Mcdottie

The unions do that like clock work to get concessions from us. They do it to it to anyone, just like Iran is doing now; nukes are not the real issue here. It all started with your JFK and the bay pigs and the backroom deals made there. Quit giving our town away!

Also, JN is a great guy!

Dave Cullen

WASHINGTON, Monday, May 15, 2006 — U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) today unveiled an immoral impact analysis that shows the Senate immigration bill – should it become law – would permit up to 217.1 million new legal immigrants into the United States over the next 20 years, a number equal to 66 percent of the total current population of this nation.

Within 2 decades we would have 467 million people in the United States.

Even if the maximum levels are not reached, the increase to the American population caused by S. 2611 will be at least 78.7 million in 20 years, just over 25 percent of the total current population. This lower estimate assumes that the bill's escalating caps on certain visas will not increase at all over the next 20 years; if the bill's caps are hit each year, the total number will be the higher estimate.

Any incumbent or Candidate who votes for S. 2611 is “DEAD MEAT,” come November or the 2008 General Election. PERIOD!

Yorktown Street

If I saw Jeff Sessions coming down the street, I'd check my wallet. I'd be real sure to check his statistics!

Ron Newman

Your newspaper sure seems to swing wildly back and forth on the subject of undocumented immigrants. Just a few weeks ago, you were praising Tim Toomey for his support of the in-state tuition bill. What happened?

The Truth will set you FREE!

Numerous people around the city are talking about how the landfill that the desk was allegedly placed in does not even take metal. I hope that the Somerville news places an investigator on the case. Somebody should break open the case and do some investigating. Something doesn't add up here. I hope the editor/s of the paper call the dump and find out a little more about whats the truth.

Deal or No Deal

Well this is a first. The first time that the City workers did not get their paychecks today. Seems the Mayor has his two appointed Payroll Manager and Ass. Payroll Manager, who knows nothing about payroll, makes duplicate deposits for Credit Union direct depoists and no checks for the workers.

How these two individuals got this appointment is beyond me. Oh yeah, I remember, the SMEA gave up one of those positions in bargaining negotiations. How stupid is that. So the Mayor gets to appoint two more onto the City Payroll that know nothing about how to pay people on time. Yes, the checks finally showed up but not for the regular shift employees at DPW. The Credit Union had to re-direct the duplicate deposits that were sent in error.

If the Mayor stopped adding his friends to the payroll then Health costs wouldn’t be increasing as much as it has. He only has to look in his own backyard to stop the bleeding of the City pocket book.

Hey Ron


does a publication have to choose single, static sides on issues? Can't different opinion sections have different opinions from one another, all within the same paper? Also, the pro-Toomey piece concerned a different issue affecting undocumented immigrants than this one, if you look in the view from prospect hill archive, you'll see the issue there concerns the in-state tuition bill rather than the broader resolution proposed by aldermen.

Ron Newman

Sure, but NewsTalk carries no byline, which implies that it is the official voice of the editor and/or publisher. I think the earlier pro-immigrant articles were also either unsigned, or written by the editor, George Hassett.

Diversity of opinion is great, but this is just confusing.

Mrs. McCarthy

So is cross dressing dear.

Hugs and Kisses,

Mrs. McCarthy

James Norton

Ron -

I don't remember there being any "unsigned" articles in this paper ever. We have either news stories/articles or commentary pieces. I think we do a good job at drawing a clear disctinction between the two.

Also, maybe I'm missing something, but I personally don't recall swinging wildly back and forth on any issue. Sure, I can admit when I'm wrong, I've proven that on here before. But I don't flip-flop - that's just not my style, ever.

Try to keep in mind that there are quite a few people who contribute to Newstalk, not just one or two as is widely thought. Some of us disagree with others - that's a good thing.

I personally don't know much about the bill you reference, and I don't want to know much about it. I do remember that View From Prospect Hill though. It was about a local politican who isn't normally known for being particularly agressive when it comes to "issues" standing up and being heard.

Not for nothing, but why didn't you weigh in and comment after my column two weeks ago? In it, I didn't blast any illegal immigrant who is actually TRYING to become a legal resident or citizen. There is a difference between those that want to live here legally and those who just don't bother to play by the rules (the law).

Well on a different note, I'm going to start making a LOT of noise regarding the stupid condo conversion proposal that is now being debated by the Board of Aldermen. This has to be the single most ridiculous idea to be considered since rent control. The only thing that came close was the divestiture fiasco.

Chew on it, go on.


Retired Worker no friend of Alderman Taylor

I was just reading the rag today (Somerville Journal) and saw and article about my alderman today the one Tom Taylor. He had a good idea of putting the elderly to work. Tom thats a good idea than you pissed me off about how about them picking up the trash.. Hmmm Tom, those barrels could be heavy i see what people toss away in the barrels all kinds of junk. the regular trash people waste management have a hard time lifting the barrels and sometimes they don;t get all the rubbish in the truck they leave it on the #@@! Street. But Tom we can do alot of other things besides doing trash. If i can get extra money $$ perhaps you can get me a job like the former city messeger the late alderman at large billy joyce (MY HERO). So Tom if you run for re-election next year you won't get my vote or if you run for me see you later.

Joe Lynch

The rumor mill appears to be in need of a little fine tuning these days. As a resident of one of the neighborhoods that will be directly impacted by the proposed KSS development in Ward Five, we have not been given any indication by City officials or the principals of KSS that they are fed up and ready to bolt. Quite the contrary. Many of the public meetings have been successful yet many of the more technical issues(permitting) remain to be worked out. This is in no way to say that this is a done deal. With that said, the sources of the rumors could have some other agenda to make such statements.

Perhaps they don't want to see this development to happen at all. Might just be wishful thinking.


If there not prepared to Bolt you have'nt worked them enough. Remember, you can allways reel them back in.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Did anyone else notice that Bradley was in charge of Traffic & Parking when $10,000.00 disappeared, and was in charge of the Somerville Police Department when $31,000.00 disappeared? Follow the bouncing ball........

Jimmy D. on Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Survey says...! EEEEEEEEHHHHHHH!

While Chief Bradley was in charge while the $31,000 was THROWN OUT, he was not in charge, I'll say it again, HE WAS NOT IN CHARGE, of Traffic and Parking when the $10,000 was STOLEN. He had been in charge of the police department for over 10 months at that point.

It is worth noting that Chief Bradley was up front and honest about the $31,000 as soon as it happend. The easier route would have been to ignore it and play money shuffle until the discrepency was discovered years down the road when he had retired. He didn't do that.

I'm sure the chief, like all of us, doesn't like to be criticized, but he does accept responsibility when it is warranted. The earlier poster has taken the tack that some others on this site do: Mudsling and hope nobody checks up on your lies. Lumping Bradley in with the earlier THEFT is and out and out LIE. If you have legitimate complaints about the guy, bring them on, but by and large he's a competent person and a good guy who accepts responsibility for those things within his control. I applaud him for that.

My Eyes are on Jimmy D.

Jimmy D. just to let you know, the only reason Acting Cheif Bradley was, as you call it, "Up Front" about the so-called mistake was because the cat had been let out of the bag a day earlier and he had no choice. Take it from one who knew. If you want to verify it, call the farm league and speak with B.P.

Had he not informed the public and didn't hold a press conference he would have had a different kind of press conference. One that others came asking the questions as to why, why, why....

Jimmy D. Right in Your Eye

Okay. Give me a little more to go on with "farm league" and "B.P."

It still doesn't change the fact that Chief Bradley wasn't in charge of Traffic and Parking at the time of that theft. That was the operative fact in my post. The rest was my opinion and it stands until proven otherwise.

Mrs. McCarthy

Jimmy Dear,

Tread lightly here bunny. You are correct that "Officer Bob Bradley" was not the acting Director of T&P at the time of the theft from that department. James Kotzuba assumed that role sometime in the fall of 05.
As for the assertion that he was "outed" by one of his own to Brock Parker(B.P.) of the
Somerville Journal(not the farm league, the farm team) I thought I was the only one who had that info.

Snaps to "My Eyes". As to whether "Officer Bob Bradley" would have come clean eventually..............................?

I'm off to "400 Highland" and see if I can get a glimpse of any of the City Celebs that have started to hang there on a regular basis.............if I don't find them there, there's always "Old Magoun's".

Have a Great Weekend Kids,

Mrs. McCarthy

Jimmy D. Treading Lightly

Mrs. M.,
Thanks for the update. My point is, was, and shall remain that when you throw a heaping helping of BS out there then it had better be factual or people like you and I are going to make the corrections. You can love or hate Chief Bradley all you want but it doesn't change the fact that he wasn't in charge of T&P when the theft occurred. To suggest anything else is a bold faced lie. When I see nonsense like that, Bradley becomes a more sympathetic person to me because he appears to be persecuted by people with an agenda.

I see where you say that he was outed by one of his own, proabably the same assclown writing that he was in charge of T&P during the theft. There's a short list of who could have "outed" him and I for one hope he goes down that list with a hatchet. The unfortunate aspect of the police department is that treachery is always within arms length. There is a not-so hidden meaning to that comment.

Nonetheless, Mrs. M., I feel like we're drifting apart. Two like-minded individuals like you and I shouldn't let a few minor issues come between what could be a meaningful long-term relationship. Should we do counseling say, Wednesday at noon in the Diesel? That'll perk up your old bones.

I love when you call me Bunny.


I was raised here and moved away many moons ago, I'm back and it seems things have not changed much, I guess I'm home, SOMERVILLE

Cambriville News

SUNDAY MAY 21, 2006


Cambriville residents are finally getting a long deserved break today when the Administration revealed that all records pertaining to water bills, the new property tax assessments and parking tickets written in the last six months have been lost.

Spokesperson for the Administration, East Somerville Neighborhood School 4th grader, Sheila Kopinski, stated in this mornings press release, that there was absolutely no wrongdoing suspected with this latest snafu. "We lost them. It was an accident. We're sorry. But my Mom and Dad are very happy this happened." Kopinski replaced Tom Champion as City spokesperson after Champion checked himself into the "Happy Hollow Rest Home for Beleaguered Spokespeople" in Moultonboro, New Hampshire last week.

DPW crews were dispatched to a landfill near the Foxwoods Casino resort in Connecticut to continue the search for the missing records. The search is expected to take all summer and it is not known if or how many department employees will be able to participate in this year's Memorial Day Parade.

Speaking of the Parade.................

Veterans Affairs Director, Frank Senesi is overjoyed with the expected number of participants in this years "Curtatone Cavalcade of Contributors". The parade this year will take an estimated 8 hours to complete its parade route through the City.
"We thought that this year, since some of the Alderman will have a tough fight in next year's elections that we would hit every ward in the City to show the residents how well the Board and Administration is spending the city's tax dollars. Cambriville News has learned that Senesi has been able to add not only the 196 member "Von Roche Family Singers" to the list of marchers, but has added pop singer Britanny(who cares)Spears and her seven new infants to the lineup.

This Week In Cambriville...............

Catch the opening of the blockbuster(some say ballbuster) new movie "The Da Koty Code" at the Somerville Theater. Showtimes can be obtained by calling the City's new "311" info line.

Ace Reporter

SUNDAY MAY 21, 2006


After a long absence, estranged member of The Cambriville News - Ace Reporter - returned to the newsroom this morning. Debriefing was held by the publishers of The Cambriville News, along with additional assorted characters from the city including JN, Mrs. M, Snowflake, Jimmy D and at least one member of the Koty family. It took place at the recently rehabbed Curtatone Center for the Performing Arts (the former Armory).

Mayor Joey-Cakes, found at the site of the future Koty Dome, was not pleased about the sudden return of Ace and remarked: "Who gives a shit, that jackass is probably a PDS mole. That assclown called me Mayor McCheese and I'll never forget that". He then went back into his brainstorming session with Oliver Stone, the Almighty One and The Skipper, who was overheard proclaiming to Joey-Cakes: "Yeah, there were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident!".

During the debriefing, Ace retold a horror story of being held at various locations including the Ministry of Magic on Dane Street, the Ministry of Mental on Progressive Hill and an undisclosed Davis Square location with someone Ace only referred to as "Butters". Ace went on to explain that during his time there, this person kept "Afternoon Delight" playing over and over and twice daily would be instructed "it puts the lotion on the skin, or it gets the hose". Details were skecthy after that.

Whether Ace missed the Von Roche signers or the newest addition to the Koty Players is unclear, but Ace was received back into the fold by the staff at The Cambriville News with the only holdout being JN, who remarked: "Who gives a shit, that assclown is probably a PDS mole".

On a personal note, I'm happy to be back in Cambriville and I promise that I will eventually stop wearing the red plaid shirts and the yellow boa. It's just something that helps me get into my happy place.

Ace Out.

Mrs. McCarthy


Sorry. A little cellular disability this morning. Go to Jamie's column for your intructions.

Mrs. McCarthy

Mrs. McCarthy

Jimmy"Bunny" D.,

You my dear boy are taking your life in your hands(better yours than mine) by openly flirting with me. Jamie will kick your ass from here to Arlington Center if he finds out you're trying to hoard in on the love of his life. But since he has ignored me in favor of more "enlightened" discussion, screw him.

The Diesel it is. This week may be tough though. My cousin Lilly and I are converting 48 condos this week. We've got to get them done quickly to beat some of these greedy Alderman to the punch.

And watch the "old bones" shit. Or I'll be breaking some. And they won't be my own.

Hugs, Licks and Slugs,

Mrs. McCarthy

James Norton

Hello all -

Okay, so I have been conspicuously absent from commenting as of late. Work, work and oh yeah, more work has kept me a busy bee (notice I didn't say "little bee").

Mrs. M -

I haven't been ignoring you specifically, I've just moving and groving and doing my thing. Our rendevous schedule hasn't been interrupted, so I don't know what you're bitchin' about. Besdies, you've got Carlos the gardener and now Jimmy D to tickle your ivories (or ovaries or mammaries).

Jimmy D -

Glad to see we are finally in agreement on a number of issues. I was getting bored with having to defend myself to you, brickbottom, Ron and a bunch of others.

Ace Reporter -

Glad to see you have returned to the fold after such a long absence and I love the obscure references, especially from the movie Anchorman. Your undercover (whether intentional or not) reporting will be a good balance to the off the wall reporting by Snowflake.

The Cambriville News -

I look forward to more in-depth, innuendo-laiden reporting. Make sure you keep your contributors in line and in the thick of it. Keep up the good work.


James Norton

Hello all -

This year, once again, the Miss Somerville News boat/float will be in the Memorial Day Parade. It won't cost anything to the city.

There will be an small gathering of the Publishers, our families, the News Staff and some of our friends at 125 Highland Avenue to watch the parade and have a good time, maybe throw an impromptu bar-b-que, who knows.

Stop by and say hi. Bring some beer or Irish Whiskey (Bushmills or Jameson) with you.


Jimmy D. on (FINALLY) JN

You have never had to defend yourself from me. I more often than not agree with brickbottom, but I don't air my dissent with you, lest I be banned. Please, please, please, never mention me in the same sentemce as Newman. The conservative posse was about to filet my scrotum until I told them that it was just a joke on your part.

We stand in agreement that intellectual disagreement is not only tolerated her but encouraged. If you have something to say say it but back it up with facts.

No matter how much it irks you or how close I am to being banned, I'm just goning to let you know that Mrs. McCarthy is mine all mine.

Goodnight JN, and thank you.

Cambriville News

MONDAY MAY 22, 2006


Tufts University, Medford - Congratulations to our very own Mrs. McCarthy who received an Honorary Doctor of Letters from Tufts University yesterday at commencement ceremonies held at Fletcher Field. Dr. Mrs. McCarthy(as she now prefers to be addressed) quickly left the festivities with six time winner of the Tour de France, Lance Armstrong. Balanced prcariously on the handle bars of the lithe atheletes racing bike, Dr. Mrs. McCarthy could be heard as the two raced down College Ave toward the "Burren", "Who needs Norton, look what I got from Tufts!"

PARADE UPDATE...................

Seems as though there have been some changes to the lineup for this weekends Memorial Day Parade. After much controversy, the "Naughty Girl", the mcyacht owned by the "Skipper" will not be participating this year. After being informed that the City would not be flooding Highland Avenue to accomodate his entry, the Skipper withdrew his craft and issued this terse statement"How the hell is it supposed to be "afloat" if I don't have any water?"

IN OTHER PARADE NEWS................The Mystic View Task Force(MVTF), Progressive Democrats of Somerville(PDS), the state delegation and most members the Somerville Socialist Society(SSS), will be participating this year as one group. All members will be riding the parade route in a Hybrid GEO Prism.

Not to be outdone, the eleven member Board of Alderman, the entire School Committee and all Curtatone appointees will ride in a White Escalade donated by the Barnum and Bailey Organization.

Once again we have been asked to remind residents that there will be no parking, nowhere, no how, on any street within the confines of the City this weekend. Residents are urged to park in Cambridge, Arlington or Medford.

The Mole

How disappointing the news to find out the city will not flood Highland Avenue for the Big Parade. I was counting on giving you 10 fingers up to get your gnarly buttocks in that Captains' chair Mrs. McCarthy.

I would have fended off those other two characters just for you. Now I wonder with the projected weather, bring sunny and warm, if the Sister's of the Rich, I mean Poor, will have the shade you require to face the music. I sure hope so. I would hate to get all dressed up for you and your not there.

Maybe since the "Naughty Girl" will not be floating you could hitch a ride in the next best conveyance vehicle. Those air-conditioned sweepers that ride around town all week and weekend long. It has duel controllers for double dating and everything. You may enjoy that ride my honeysuckle. Let me know and I will call the Commish for you and request your presents on the Parade route.

It might be fun for you, RIGHT?????

The Mole

Mrs. McCarthy

Oy veh......what a weekend. A doctorate from Tufts, peddling my ass around Davis Square with Lance Armstrong, and now three of Cambriville's hottest hotties vying for a Memorial Day weekend getaway. Sure beats visiting Oak Grove Cemetary.

And then to be invited to Jamies annual Memorable Memorial Unforgettable Bash....... be still my beating heart.

Trickey and the crew are having the annual lobster fest at their new digs in the Hamptons...... Weekend in the Hamptons, weekend in Cambriville.......mmmmmm let's see.....ah, let me check the dance card now boys........the winner will be announced tonight by Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News...........(weekend in the Hamptons? weekend in Cambriville? ya might be old Mary, but you're not senile)

Ciao for now,

Dr. Mrs. McCarthy

James Norton

Jimmy D. -

Well I recall a time you were a little bit confrontational with me, long ago. Now it's much better and I must be smoking some good hooch to have mentioned you and Ron in the same sentence. It was a momentary lapse of judgement and like Vito from the Sopranos, I blame it on the meds.

By the way, keep your flithy paws off my gumar.


James Norton

Mrs. McCarthy -

Oh Hell no - I don't care if its The Hamptons or Hampton Beach, your ample derriere belongs in Cambriville with me watching the parade. You know that nobody refuses an invitation from me, lest they be lambasted in the pages of the paper and this weblog. I expect you there - and make damned sure you bring some of that good hooch with you for the clan.

Sorry Jimmy D., the Mole, Ace, Snowflake, Brickbottom, Steve Cockneck, Delusional, Ron, the Skipper and others - you will have to stroll on by and wish you could partake of our bagels, beverages and bitches.


Cambriville News

TUESDAY MAY 23, 2006


Cambriville News and the George Bush Center for Aggression Studies have announced that the new "A Better Cambriville" T shirts will go on sale this weekend up and down the route of the "Curtatone Cavalcade of Contributors" Parade.

These 100% Egyptian cotton garments depict the "A.B.C." logo on the front and the lovely Doctor Mrs. McCarthy's picture (taken in 1943 with Mahatma Ghandi) on the back).

Sale price for this weekend only is $14.95.

Also on sale will be the new "Dr. Mrs. McCarthy for Mayor" beach towel. The front depicts the buxom Mrs. M. in the buff, lying face up. The reverse is Dr. Mrs. McCarthy's bodaciaous booty in full glory.

Sale price for this item, this weekend only, is $18.95.

Also on sale will be the new CD by U2's Bono featuring the chart topping duet with Dr. Mrs. MCarthy, "Stay Young and Beautiful".

All items will be sold at the offices of the Somerville News on College Ave in Davis Square and all Brazillian clothing stores throughout the city.(not really Newman, so don't go looking for freebies).

Tomorrow In Cambriville.................

Senator Jarett Barrios discusses his new book "Staying the Course: Multiple Campaigns in the New Millenium".

Waste Management?

Did we ever get the names of the people involved that "cleaned up" the evidence room?

Shouldn't this be public record by now?

Waste Management?

Did we ever get the names of the people involved that "cleaned up" the evidence room?

Shouldn't this be public record by now?

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