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May 17, 2006



I still have that land in Florida or mabe a bridge


Mabe if the dig they might find Jimmy Hoffa, or another skeleton?

What we should throw instead of money

No if, ands, and butts, except plenty of cigarette Butts about it. A lot of local Bars don’t clean up. One of the consequences of the smoking ban has been that our cities streets have started to become covered in smoking butts. They are a litter problem and an eyesore.

Cigarette butts, thousands of white and tan little nubs, are scattered over the sidewalks, clustered at the base of trees and clogging up gutters. When not taken care of daily they blow into our neighborhoods and yards threatening our children and pets.Flattened, soaked and foul, spent smokes have become one of the city's major litter problems. And too many pubs and bars don’t even provide ash receptacles at entry/exit points. People can be seen accumulating and smoking outside of these places constantly smoking. Rarely (how about never) do smokers get ticketed for littering. The law enforcement solution to litter is difficult; however, as many taxpayers would like to see law enforcement personnel spend their time on more meaningful work how about a few tickets to increase the budget and make this a better place to live. Fine the Bars that don’t clean up their mess.
It would seem to me that a problem like this would be easy to address as all it would require is a little action. We probably don’t need to pass any new laws to address it and we certainly don’t have to purchase an expensive high tech gizmo. Why aren’t we taking care of easy, “low hanging fruit” issues like this one?

Born Here

PLEASE dont insult us.....any born and raised Somervillian knows the money wasnt "throw out" that story for
the D.A.....Oh, I mean the internal investigation. WHere is the A.B.C. poster ??


Throw my monitor is really covered in coffee.......plaleeeesssss (please) - throw out - my butt

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