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May 27, 2006


The Mole

I wonder why the DPW H-3 and the tree chipper were down on Cottage Ave today at 2 PM cutting down and chipping a private tree located at 13 Cottage Ave? Why should we, the taxpayers be paying for the gas and use of these City vehicles and equipment to benefit a private individual? There is something wrong when this type of equipment is lent out for private use.

I don’t want anyone posting back that I am nuts or delusional. I saw what I saw and heard what I heard with able bodies, engine 50 from out of state on the back of one of the workers shirts. Also working was a young kid about 14 or 15 throwing branches in the back of the hopper of the chipper. Now this is real smart for the liability associated with an accident would be incredible.

SO Boss Hogg and Yard foreman TB allow these things to happen without any repercussions. What a wonderful world it is inside this Administration…

The Mole

Joe from Prospect Hill

So am down at Pat's Tow yard and there's this huge black trailer looks like a box with signs on it, apparently for the parade tommorow. Guess what's in the box? Could it be the "the masterious metal desk" ??

Mrs. O'Leary

Oh tell me its not true MR. DPW commissioner Stan the man Koty, a city tree cutter on private property with underage children working? Because if its true i have three trees in my back yard I need clipping and cutting back, I'll be calling Mr. Koty on Tuesday after he and His Buddy Herb the leach get back from Falmouth. Oh that's right there all down in Falmouth this weekend, hope Mr. Koty sticks Herb with the bill this time.

Cambriville News



Organizers of this years Memorial Day Parade have asked the Cambriville News to inform residents of the following changes and additions for tomorrow's line up:

Parade marshalls are asked to report at 5:30AM to help with the vast number of parade participants. The staging grounds have been moved from the Curtatone Concourse to City Square in Charlestown. As of late today, Frank Senesi has been able to arrange for the following to join in to march:

New York Knicks
City of Baltimore
Winter Hill School - Grades 2 thru 6
the entire population of The Little Sister Residence
Progressive Democrats of Cambridge
Log Cabin Republicans
United States House of Representatives
Walpole Cell Block 3
White Supremecists of Arkansas
Law Offices of Dane Schulman

and last but not least.........Ward 4 Alderman Walter Pero will be paraded through the streets, in shackles, atop a buckboard wagon drawn by four nags.

The Administration also wishes to inform residents that the reverse "311" calls they received this weekend announcing road closures and the parade route, were made courtesy of the Mayor. All future calls will cost $1.00 each and will be billed to residents on their new monthly water bills.

And finally, news from the infirmary at the Little Sisters of the Poor is good concerning Dr. Mrs. McCarthy after this mornings mishap at Dilboy-Shannon Field. We reported earlier that McCarthy was transported to the Residence after being struck in the head by a baton gone wild. Reports are sketchy at this time as to whether the baton that hit McCarthy was hers or it belonged to Commissioner Stan Koty who was also seen practicing on the field.


All reporters are asked to file their Parade stories no later than 7:30 PM on Sunday. Reporters are also requested to stay clear of the Norton shindig on the Parade route. When those folks get liquored up they get all touchy feely, they slobber on you and then begin to talk like Progressives.

Cambriville News


LATE BREAKING NEWS..................

McCarthy May Be Deported - Unconfirmed reports are filtering in from the new bar in Davis Square "400 Highland" that Senator Patricia Jehlen and Mayor Joseph Curtatone are seeking deportation of Dr. Mrs. McCarthy on grounds that she is an illegal immigrant, she is a danger to national security and according to both the Senator and the Mayor,"She's a royal pain in the balls."

Join us at 11:00 for more on this late breaking story...........................

Impeach the Rat Basterd Bum!

The only point this guy has is on his frigin head! Impeach the Rat Basterd Bum!


Well, I easily found out who lives at 13 Cottage Ave, now on Tuesday I will go to the Assessors Office and find out who OWNS the property at 13 Cottage Ave.

There tends to be a difference when it comes to Boss Hogg and now Mike Buckley, Highway/lights and Lines Superintendent, get jobs does for friends, room-mates of families, neighbors and contributors.

Just like the driveways around the City for Boss Hoggs sons' friend, just off of lower Broadway. Just like Mike Buckley’s friends in Ward 7. No permits, no check for the City, nadda. At least nadda that we know of.

Cambriville News

SUNDAY MAY 28, 2007


In a behind the scenes deal, it appears that efforts by Senator Patty Jehlen and Mayor Joseph Curtatone to deport Dr. Mrs. McCarthy before today's Memorial Day Parade have been thawrted. Details of the deal negotiated with Senator Ted Kennedy to keep McCarthy in this country are still coming in, but it is beleived that McCarthy has promised Kennedy that she will oppose the efforts to establish a wind farm off the coast of Hyannisport. She will instead lead the effort to promote the placement of the state's first such wind farm in the Alderman's Chamber at City Hall. A second farm in the Mayor's office is still a "very good possibility" one source said. Dr. Mrs. McCarthy will get to remain in the country in exchange for her support.

McCarthy could not be reached for comment this morning, but a male attendant who answered the phone in McCarthy's suite at the Little Sisters of the Poor residence and identified himself as IRA leader Gerry Adams(we did'nt even know he was marching in today's parade), responded "Feck Off!" when asked about McCarthy's plans for today's festivities.

Cambriville News has learned that several black SUV's with armed guards were seen pulling into the loading dock of the LSP Residence early this morning. It is beleived that, due to the McCarthy people being unable to reach a financial settlement with Norton Industries for McCarthy's appearance on the Somerville News float, she will enter the parade under police escort, with her own motorcade.

Stay tuned for more on this late breaking silly farce....................

snitch hater

maybe the mole should state his name.

Cambriville News

SUNDAY MAY 28, 2006

THIS JUST IN...................


A press release from the Little Sisters of the Poor announced at noon today, confirms that Dr. Mrs. McCarthy will march in today's Curtatone Cavalcade of Contributors Parade.

Sister Mary Maria Mary, spokesperson for the Residence, told Cambriville News that McCarthy will be driven and escorted in the parade by hockey legend Bobby Orr and the fifth Regiment of the New York State Police.

Contrary to rumor, McCarthy will not be riding one of the world famous Clydesdale horses.

Sister Mary Maria Mary would not comment further except to be heard as she walked away from the microphone, "I hope that bitch keeps going all the way to Canada!".

Bridge Man

Hello Somerville News, saw your guys in the parade today. I know what was in back of the truck. Am I right you had Stan Koty in the back of the truck all chained up like a dog. I thought i heard his voice yelling and screaming HELP ME get me help me..

William O'Leary

Hey Bridge Man
welcome back we miss you and its nice to see you back again. I think you may be right in todays parade that was Stan Koty yelling from back of the Somerville News truck. The Somerville News should hold him hostage. Common on Mr. Koty fess up. Bridge Man keep up the good work and I will do your line today it is Sunday May 29, 2006 and its 2190 days since Lowell Street Bridge has been closed. Good luck again and keep up the great job.
William O'Leary

Sworn to secrecy! Hush!

Was it a clue to to where the missing $31,000. or the T&P monies could be? There were a few main characters missing from the parade this year! Right?

Jimmy D.

Hell of a job by the Somerville Police today. You guys looked great out there. Thanks for your support of this old vet. God bless.

Cambriville News

MAY 29, 2006


O my soldiers twain! O my veterans
passing to burial,
What I have I also give you.

The moon gives you light,
And the bugles and the drums
give you music;

And my heart, O my soldiers,
My veterans,
My heart gives you love.

"Dirge for Two Veterans"
Walt Whitman

Treasuer Hunt

Somerville News personnel had been seen scouring the landfill in NH last week. The word out is they did FIND the missing cabinet and desk that was home to the missing cash. Also found were several pending cases in Somerville District Court evidence.

Is it the real deal inside the black trailer? Or could it be a replica of the desk and cabinet? We know it isn't the "Naughty Girl", the Skipper wouldn't let her out of his sight. I'll go with the replica of $$$$ desk and cabinet

Great Parade

I think that Mayor Curtatone and his administration did a great job organizing the memorial day parade. Kudos to his administration.


Was it the new car you got me?

all done

it is well known that m.b who works at the highway garage is an appointment of the mayor (counstable)and is also smea president would this be a conflict ?

Your ALL Done

This is to All Done; we all know the Mayor appoints Constables. What is wrong with that? Is it because he, M.B., holds a title of SMEA President that you are against? What do you care what titles he holds. Whether it be President, Constable or even Water Boy for the Farm League. Who Cares.....

Grow Up

Ron Newman

So, what was in the box? The long-lost Jimmy Hoffa?


Jimmy D. you said:

"Hell of a job by the Somerville Police today. You guys looked great out there. Thanks for your support of this old vet. God bless."

Are you kidding me????

You had two motorcycles, a fat acting Midget chief and maybe 8 of his arse kissers playing grab arse behind him! The MIT police had more of a presence than the Somerville Police!!! How pathetic!!!

In the old days there were a large number of Somerville Police Officers that marched proudly at each and every parade. Not anymore, they are ashamed of the Midget and his cronies.

By the way Midget why has violent crime shot up 47% since you were appointed ACTING Chief and property crimes has risen 15%?????

Hopefully the Mayor finally see's what a moron you really are!


Brick??? If you hate your job that much........QUIT.
You are obviously a disgruntled, 100k a year cop, who has nothing better to do than bash the first administration that has actually given you guys the time of day. Get over it pal, if you don't like your whiney-assed big money job, QUIT. The more money you guys make, the more you whine! QUIT, please QUIT. Then your life would be so much better. So if you aren't happy............QUIT.
Nobody has any sympathy for you whinebags.
I bet you made the city's list of top salaries. I KNOW you did. So SHUT UP and take your paycheck. And SCREW. There's plenty of gun-ho 18 year old kids that would love to take your place and actually DO your job instead of sitting in Dunkin Donuts and bangin' all the local whores on your coffee breaks. Shut up and do your job. That's what we pay you for.............JERK.


I know why BrickAss is so upset. He lost all his privileges when Dot Gay lost the election. Remember the free gas for the SUV, the motorcycles, etc.....

What else did she promise you before she got her Ass handed to her? Perhaps a promotion to Lieutenant?

Boooooooo Hoooooooo!

You only wish you were half the man your father was!


Brick is an obvious ArseHole.
Call him a WAAAH-Mbulance please.
I really feel bad for someone who is making over $100k a year and does nothing but complain.
Like I said before.........QUIT. Go throw trash for Russel Disposal......See what it's really like to WORK for a living you friggen SCUMBAG.


I wouldn't be a cop in this city if you paid me 200k a year. I enjoy working in the private sector so unlike the above posters I don't owe anyone a goddamn thing! It's laughable that if someone lampoons the ACTING MIdget all of his kiss arse's try and come to this pathetic losers defense. The Midget created the "House of Hate", I hope he enjoys fruits of his labor.

I never held any type of position on the payroll of this city and never will, unlike the above morons who have to keep one eye open when they sleep at night for fear that someone might be trying to take their little job away from them......what a bunch of losers!!!


Truth hurts huh whinebag?
You're pathetic.
Say you're not a cop all you want but just look back on all your posts.
Go cry in your pillow loser.


The truth does hurt.....for the Acting Midget and his merry band of arse kissers!!
Say or believe what you want, I really don't care. This police departments dirty laundry has been public for years, so moron you don't have to be a cop to know what's up.

So tomorrow after you are done ironing the Midgets shirts and shining his boots ask youself a question.....are you a man or just another little bitch the Midget can use as a foot stool?


Sux to be you now huh? Dotty had you all set up. Now you're nothing.
I feel for you. Dotty's bitch was a good title for you.
Sorry LardAss/BrickBottom...That's the name of the game pal.
I have to hand it to you..$100 plus K a year and still a whinebag...
Good for you.
WE DON'T FEEL BAD. Go work a ward in a squadcar, Have some interaction with the people who are actually paying your salary.
But the bottom line is this,
SHUT THE FU*K UP and collect your check from the people you badmouth and slide back under the rock you crawled out from. Nobody believes your CRAP. Maybe Dotty will make you head babysitter when she gets elected for dogcatcher.
You're still an Arsehole.

brickbottom seem to be having a bit of an anger problem. Maybe the Employee Assistance Program can give you a lttle help with your problems. I hear McLean's Hospital has a wondeful program for those suffering from Kissassitis. They actually teach you to be able to stand on your own two feet and actually get up off of your knees and walk like a man. Hopefully your only a desk jockey because we really don't need a an angry little man like you on the streets......oh that's right you are the Midgets personal valet so we won't have to worry about that.


Sux to be you.
I'm just glad I don't have to go to work tomorrow at someplace that I have to be a phony at, like you do. I bet when you first got your job you were the nicest person. Then as time went on, and you got older and more miserable, you started to become the whinebag that you have developed into now. Good for you. WE STILL DONT FEEL BAD FOR YOU. Sorry, but I make less than 100K,No sympathy here.
As far as Bradley goes, WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH HIM?!?!?!?!?!?!!!
He's got the most seniority over anyone there! Who the HECK would you want in there???
Calling him a midget doesn't discredit him......His years of service speak for themselves no? Who do you think should be chief? YOU?
I'm just trying to figure out where you're coming from, other than being the idiot you've proven yourself to be here over and over again.


"His years of service speak for themselves no? Who do you think should be chief?"

Exactly said it all. How many arrest's has this Midget made during his pathetic career? He was too busy doing what you are doing now....kissing anyones arse that is wearing the most gold! After his daddy got him on the force (remember there was a height requirement then) he kissed so much arse that he should have bought shares in Chapstick!

Who do I think should be Chief? Anyone from outside this city that has the qualifications and balls to overhaul this cesspool that this once proud department has become. Someone that has integrity and doesn't know a soul in this city. Someone that doesn't owe anything from anyone in this city. A real honest to God cop with a ton of management experience and who doesn't play politics.


What? You never answered who should be chief?
Let me say this.
You say you're not a cop.
I can tell you this.
I AM a cop.
And so are you.
At least I can say that I have been there at roll calls and such. I know how it works. Are you a cop or not? You talk a good game. But you have nothing to back up anything except that Bradley is a midget.
You make yourself sound like a disgruntled employee if there ever was one.
Let me ask you this.....Who would you have made acting chief???? Seriously. If you aren't the fraud everyone here thinks you are, answer that.


Hey BrickBottom, aren’t you the woman police officer that worked at dpw inspectional services under Dorothy Gay?

Someone told me BrickBottom was the bald biker cop with the tattoos but I think I’m right.

You said: "The Midget created the "House of Hate". As I recall, (and I'm sure you will too) It doesn’t matter who the chief is down there. That place has been the "House of Hate" since it was contrived.

I don’t see you drive a patrol car anymore. Is it because you got so fat doing nothing when Dorothy was Mayor you can’t fit behind the wheel now?

Old Democrat

But Bradley IS a midget. Don't you remember him in the Wizard of Oz? He was one of the Lollipop Kids!


"What? You never answered who should be chief?"

If you read my post I think I was loud and clear on who should be Chief. An outsider.
There is no one left on Washington Street that is qualified to become Chief. There were plenty of qualified candidates inside the department over the last five to ten years but they saw the writing on the wall and retired. Only the scumsuckers hung on hoping they would be the only ones left standing to become Chief.

As I have said before retarded one...I have never claimed to be a cop so I don't know how you can call me a fraud.

The right information and contacts are a powerful tool.

Jimmy D. on Parading

I'll start off in order:

Brickbottom: You're first. I'll start by saying you and I are on the same page on many issues and I respect your opinion. With regards to my coments on the parade, I said and I meant that,as a veteran and an olde man, I appreciated the attendance and performance of those cops that marched. That's it. Between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day, it's our only chance to say "Thank You" to those who served and to reminisce about those who are no longer with us.

I don't know Chief Bradley. The only things I know about him are what I read, good or bad, on this site.

Sure, some of the guys who were there may have been sucking up, but some of them wore medals. I'm sure they are vets and I appreciate their service. And frankly, brick, so do you. Because you're a good guy.

Now on to BrickAss:
You're wrong, brickbottom isn't a cop. I know, because I do know who he is. He wouldn't be caught dead on the city payroll in ANY capacity. With regard to your comment that "There's plenty of gun-ho 18 year old kids that would love to take your place and actually DO your job." Do we really need any gung-ho 18 year olds running around with guns? I'm sure your boss, Joe, wouldn't approve of that message.

You need to tone down your anger and nasty language before we can take you seriously here. You're stretching the limits of JN's profanity rules. Relax, enjoy, and give the hyperbole and nasy coments a rest.


Jimmy D.,

Thank you for your kind comments. As you know I don't believe that all cops are bad apples. It's just like any other have your good and your bad. I just hate to see this department go down the drain the way it is. And you are right some of those Policemen wore medals and served our country well and I too salute them. There are still many Policemen and Women serving over in Iraq and I also am grateful for their courage and service to their country.

Take care to you soon.

Dr. Mrs.McCarthy

James Norton, enough is enough. You let me out of this freakin box right now or I'll kick you in the nutz!

I'm not kiddin around anymore! LET ME OUT!

I've cut myself on the sharp edge of something metal and I've slipped on something that felt like a roll of quarters.

Now I've fallen and I CAN'T GET UP!

Is anyone out there? Can you hear me?

Snowflakes? Tricky? Jimmy D.? Oh God it smells like horseshit in here.............

Norton, LET ME OUTTA HERE...............


Brick Bottoms idea of a perfect chief.

Wanted: Police Chief/Baby sitter.

An outsider with no knowledge of Somervilles diverse community, structure, habitat, history and demographics.

Must meet or exceed the following criteria;
Tri-lingual, bi-sexual, female, minority,
Mind reading capability, Masters degree in child psychology a must. Applicants must
Be able to satisfy EVERYBODY. Must accept the fact that every single incident that occurs while you are chief will be considered your fault. NO EXEPTIONS!

Current SPD ranking officers with countless years of experience and education need not apply for fear of what the blogs might say.

Brick, I think Cambriville is recruiting it’s own Police Dept. I’m sure Mrs McCarthy has room for another fat slob. You can be Chief Fatness of Cambriville!


"Who do I think should be Chief? Anyone from outside this city that has the qualifications and balls to overhaul this cesspool that this once proud department has become. Someone that has integrity and doesn't know a soul in this city. Someone that doesn't owe anything from anyone in this city. A real honest to God cop with a ton of management experience and who doesn't play politics."

I believe that is what I consider a good starting point in looking for a new Chief.
A fresh start. No one with built in enemies to undermine his/her authority. Someone who won't play favorites.

I think you people are running scared of finally be held ACCOUNTABLE for your actions or inactions. And I believe any respectable Patrol Officer ( and there are many respectable Patrolmen and Women) would welcome an outsider to clean up this mess. Maybe the brass wouldn't, but the rank and file would.

Jimmy D. On the Search

Brick and Ass obviously know the personalities involved here and I don't. The one comment I would like to share is that now that there is no more civil service chief, the actual position of "chief" itself could be eliminated in favor of a commissioner. When that happens, the Mayor is free to appoint anybody to that position. If, in future, we don't demand someone from outside the city be brought in, we could land a winner in the commissioner's job such as Stan Koty or Herb the Goat (he who will eat anything).


Hi Jimmy D.,

That's correct. But the only reason that the Mayor wants to eliminate the Chief's civil service status is because if he goes that route it would be foolhardy of him to appoint his pick the current ACTING Chief because he would have to retire at age 65. Of course The current ACTING Chief would have to score in the top three exam takers. But if he elimanates the Chiefs position from civil service he could appoint "his boy" for as long as he wants. I was always in favor of keeping the Chiefs job in civil service so that person wouldn't have to kiss the Mayor's arse to keep his job. But with the crop of brass that we now have down on Washington Street I think it would be best to bring an outsider in to clean up this mess, as long as that person is not interfered with politically. The Chief should be able to run the department as he/she sees fit. That is why we would need a strong personality and someone who would not be pushed around. A true professional.

Rap Sheet on Mrs. McCarthy revealed, Film at eleven:

Snowflake discovers rap Sheet on Mrs. McCarthy, Film at eleven:

Mrs. Sister McCarthy was driving down Lower Broadway and was weaving her car all over the street, when he was stopped by one of Somerville's finest. The police officer said Sister have you been drinking?" To which Mrs. McCarthy replied, I have only sipped water from this little brown jar." Upon closer examination, the officer smelled alcohol on the Sister's breath and discovered the jar was full of wine. When the officer said "Sister, there’s wine in this jar, what do you have to say for yourself?" To which Mrs. McCarthy replied, "Merciful Lord, you’ve done it again!"

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