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May 17, 2006


Jimmy D. on Drop Out

Well, it officially happend at 3PM. Anthony Galluccio (a heck of a nice guy but that doesn't mean he should be a lawmaker with his past problems) dropped out of the Senate race.

Personally, I'm blaming this all on the Miss 1939 New York World Fair, Mrs. McCarthy. With all of those nasty, but truthful facts she posted about Anthony people couldn't help but see him for what he is. Shame on you Mrs. McCarthy for letting THREE lousy OUI incidents cloud you judgement of the darling of the left.

This will leave all the "Progressives" who have been so downright Regressive toward Jarrett Barrios crying in their milk in the morning.

As for Tony Hernandez, a union organizer and leader in Chelsea’s Hispanic community, what does that say about the power and persuausion of your organization? Although it says very little, its all damning. I feel bad for my boy Mike Capuano. How did that poor boy ever get dragged into this?

All I can do is quote Mrs. McCarthy when she wrote "Endorsements don't get you elected." Have you ever noticed that sooner or later it always comes back to Mrs. Mc's wisdom? This, of course, will set of a new wave of "Who is Mrs. McCarthy and why doesn't HE post HIS name" hysteria, but to all of those clowns I say this: Remeber when you roll into work at 11:30 AM that you are beholden for your miserable jobs to the types of clowns Mrs. Mc speaks of. If you had any class you wouldn't wonder who the various posters here are, you be busy trying to get a real job. Choke on that sweeties.

Mrs. McCarthy

Jimmy D.,

For the love of God man will you stop giving them more fuel for the fire. I, like millions of others in the world, love to be complimented. But you know what happens to those of us who attain even the slightest bit of notoriety, the bashers come swooping in for the kill.

As for Mike's endorsement, that's Mike. Over the years there have been times I wanted to tie his testicles together for some of the stands he has taken. There are other times I want a statue carved in his likeness and set it on the altar in Saint Ann's Church, light a vigil candle and thank the Almighty for sending him our way.

All politicians are free to choose the way they conduct themselves in public and private. The private conduct more times than not, provides a very clear picture of what you will get from their public conduct.
And to be perfectly blunt, this City has enough politicians that drive while drunk(they just haven't been caught yet).

I don't need another, thank you very much.

My comments about Mr. Galluccio were not meant to persuade him or anyone else relative to his candidacy. It was my opinion on the type of person I like to see in public life.

A law abiding citizen usually makes for a law abiding lawmaker.

I know that is a novel concept here in Somerville, but it is one that I will not abandon.

Simple as that.

Mrs. McCarthy
Order of the OBADD
(Old Broads Against Drunk Drivers)


Mabe he did not want to go just of the Jamaica Way Man?

K Katle

Anthony Galluccio is the best candidate. I don't believe in all those bad comments. Nobody can do the things he does. No even Barrios. I will love him to be the state senator. This country needs people like him out there. This country is full of B..K. The bad ones never get caught. Mrs. McCarthy, you're horrible!

Jimmy D. on This Country

It only takes 18 mintues after the official end of Memorial Day for some Cambridge pinko to insult the country. K Katle wrote "This country is full of B..K" I don't know what B..K is but I'm sure it isn't good. This is the kind of people that Galluccio apparently attracts to his camp.

If this country is so bad, do us a favor and leave. While you're at it, take Galluccio with you. A bit of advice, however, you might want to choose a country with a higher alcohol threshold for OUI.

It always happens: Some piece of crap degrades our country on the most important day we have for remembering those who gave all for us.

Hug a veteran... choke a liberal.

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