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May 30, 2006



I know what was in the truck....The BOA ego's...wait...joe's ego!

Don't Enron us Again!

There are too many young families that buy 2 family homes because they can not afford a condo or a house. These people should not be penalized for having a chance to cash in on their investments. It would take a lot of effort to turn the multi families into condos and this law would over burden this already struggleing group. It would penalize hard working famillies that make a significant contribution to our community. These regular folks don't have deep pockets like developers. Many of them rely on the rent to pay the mortgage. A lot of them fell into the balloon mortgage trap.

While there are a lot of disadvantage people with low income because of circumstances beyond their control there also exist in this category the highest percentage of crooks. People who have learned how to manipulate the system and bend the law in order to take advantage of these programs. We need to strengthen the laws to protect hard workers from the career freeloaders and con artists.

We can have a much bigger impact on affordable housing by using other tools. What are we doing instead to create more low income affordable housing units? How many do we currently have? How many new ones came on line last year? How many are coming on line in the next year or two at assembly square? These developers with the deep pockets make all the real money and profits off of our communities. It is time they start contributing back. These are the resources that we should be tapping for solutions. Not the hard working families that probably lost half of their 401k over the last decade on Enron like scandals.

Yorktown Street

We need new affordable housing AND we need to preserve what we've got. Buying two-family homes is the traditional way to begin ownership. The more the struggling families turn their multi-families into condos, the more they take away opportunities for other struggling families just like them.

White For Mayor

Bill White for Mayor! White in the corner office of city hall is the best thing that could happen to this city!


White for Mayor? PULLEEEEEZE. The guy can't even cut his nosehairs, never mind run the city.
Political-suicide to run against Joe.

Bill White Has No Organization.

Bill White does a good job as Alderman At Large. We need him for checks and balances. Bill White is not mayoral material. Bill has no, organization. Anybody that tells him that he could win over the liberals is giving him bad advise.


Hey Bob, is that the best your mouse size brain can come up with? Nose hairs? And why the hell do you pay such close attention to them anyway? Do we detect a little bit of the jitters that if White does decide, and does win, the jig is up for you and the other asswipes you serve with? Never mind Bob, don't answer that.

Just keep posting brother, just keep posting.

what the ???

"There are too many young families that buy 2 family homes because they can not afford a condo or a house."

"Buying two-family homes is the traditional way to begin ownership."

I'm figuring neither of you are in real estate or have purchased your Somerville residence within the last ten years. I'm a "working stiff" who's lived in Somerville for about 15 years and owned for about half that time. By the time I had the money together for a down payment I couldn't touch the 2 or 3 family that I wanted. First, you've got to go a full 20% down on a multi unit dwelling. Next, what was going for 200k when I started saving was already pushing up to 400k. Keep in mind you need 20% down...who the hell has 80k at the ready to get into the market? Not the young family you describe. And that's why I ended up in a 2 family Condo coversion. I dug deep to come up with the almost 11k plus another 4k for the rest of the fees and associated costs. It took this working stiff years to come up with that 15k AND I would have never made it without my parents and my in-laws. By the way -- if I went into the market today I couldn't afford to live in my own neighborhood.

That said - these proposed rules are such an over reach it makes me wretch. The guys who own multi-family homes in my neighborhood go through enough. If they decide to go condo why can't just not renew the tenants lease when the time comes? Suddenly (or not too suddenly in these matters) the City can over-ride the terms of a contract between two individuals?

And as no one has mentioned--- What's the point? With the Real Estate market heading downward, suddenly and in a much more organic fashion, there are going to be a lot less condo conversions.

Old Democrat

I attended the meeting in City Hall last night and agree or disagree, this is my take.

Both sides of the issue were represented. My take was 70% opposed to the ordinance, 20% in favor, 10% administration lackey's.

The Mayor - once again listening to the wrong people on the wrong issues. A very small group of housing advocates whipped him up and convinced him we have an epidemic of landlords jacking up rents on elderly and disabled people being thrown out in the streets of Somerville. His incompetent staff who never say no to him, put forth an ordinance destined for failure, then try to backtrack in front of the very people that voted for the Mayor.

Both times the Mayor tried in vain to defend the intent of the ordinance, his hissy fit was met with almost stunning silence. As for the staff that also attempted to assist the Mayor, it is now clear to me why this City is in deep shit.

All the Alderman had the decency to show except Ward 5 O'Donovan.

The stars of the show were Roach and White,both receiving loud and sustained applause. Both had valid points, both stated their concerns, both are clearly LISTENING to their constituants. Provost once again seems like she also might be listening to the wrong people. Trane seemed to like what White was saying and almost verbatum repeated it. Pero limited his microphone time.(good idea Walter) Gewirtz once again made absolutely no sense. I'm not kidding. I honestly could not understand what she was trying to convey. Huston from Ward 2 has an annoying habit of publicly reading from the ordinance, asking a question, and if she does'nt get the answer she wants, asks the question again. Annoying. Could'nt really tell what side she was on. Maybe she's waiting for the memo from the Mayor.

My take on the ordinance? Tell me why we need it? (other than wanting to hike the fees to anyone who even thinks about the word Condo)

A previous blogger asked, in light of the real estate market softening like marshmallo in a smoer(sic), "What's the point?"

I venture the answer is the municipal elections of 2007. Unfortunately, this latest episode did not help the Mayor one bit.

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