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May 30, 2006


The Big Picture

The world, America, and Somerville are all burdened with more than what should be their share of poor. We all want to help in any way that we can. But to start making laws that unfairly burden hard working middle class people instead of developers and huge property owners or instead of addressing the root of the problem is a big mistake. You give subsidies and advantages to big developers and then take away from the real residents and think you are doing something good. But you are not.

Yorktown Street

I agree with The Big Picture that politicians often are receptive to big developers (who make big contributions). They figure the many small owners will just do what they have to do and go on. As a small owner myself, though, I think the condo conversion ordinance is a good idea. It will help keep Somerville a city of ordinary families as well as techies, artists, and the whole mix that makes it the place I want to live my life.

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