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April 30, 2006


you have found one of my grammar peeves

all intensive purposes

I could take you more seriously if you wrote in English.

"ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES", not "all intensive purposes"

Solh Zendeh

How sad and pathetic this is. The richest country in the world is accepting gifts from a 3rd world creep, our leaders are talking about $100 credits and "gas tax holidays", and we keep on building giant shopping centers accessible only by car. It took millions of years to create the amount of oil we've burned through in the past 100 years. No amount of solar, wind and corn oil is going to allow us to continue doing what we are doing right now, let alone continue to grow.

Now, where was that coupon for The Christmas Tree shop? I need some garbage to clutter my house with.

Yorktown Street

The News is not the only local paper slaughtering the English language. If you check the competitor's blog, you'll see the editor calling a turkey a "foul." Not unless one of the Red Sox hit the turkey wide of first base, it isn't!


It sounds like this writer is raising some shackles among readers.

Yorktown Street

Smile when you write that, partner!


I stand corrected. As the first post correctly pointed out, "all intensive purposes" is an incorrect bastardization of "all intents and purposes." It's interesting, though, that while the poster seems so smug about his/her knowledge of this frequently repeated error, he/she does not seem to know that in U.S. English, correct punctuation using quotations involves placing the comma within the quote, not after.

Ron Newman

These are both unconscious errors that a writer can easily make. But such things should be caught at the copy-editing step.

Mrs. McCarthy

And you can all just kiss my royal Canadian/Irish ass. That oil kept us warm all winter.

Imagine, slamming Citizens Energy and Cretien and Venezuela for helping to keep the poor and elderly warm. Shame on you!!!

I did'nt see ol Burt Faulkner's firm stepping up to the plate. Or any of the shithead oil companies that just declared billions in profit this year.

God Bless former Congressman Joe Kennedy for throwing some old people some oil.....

And God Bless Joe Kennedy's cousin, Steve Kennedy Smith, for helping us out by figuring out how to help get us more tax revenue by building 200 plus condos in the middle of Ward Five...................


Bye-bye now................

Mrs. McCarthy

Jimmy D. on Unconscious Ron

Ron "the Pearl" Newman wrote:
"These are both unconscious errors that a writer can easily make." He ought to know, he specializes in unconscious writing. Just look at how many of his prior postings make any sense. Of course he was unconcious whe he wrote them. And no... Mrs. McCarthy didn't slip him a mickey in the hopes of having her way with him. In any event, this cheap oil is a non-starter with Ron, he just rides a stationery bike during the winter to keep warm. His motto: "No sweat for oil."

John A. Walsh

Look for this topic in Wednesday's "Somerville Stories" strip!

Natural Gas

Take your OIL and shove it

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