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April 28, 2006



Let’s see now and analyze last weeks meeting with the School Committee.

The Mayor has stated to the entire Board, along with the Mr. Puppeteer, Tony P, that the City is planning to have all the mechanical systems replaced at the East Somerville School this upcoming year.

Now, knowing how long it takes to put together specifications and an R.F.P, the School Committee should realize that the wool has been pulled entirely over their bodies, lock, stock and barrel. The Mayor I believe had quote that the City has already done the paper work and that when the contract is awarded the work should be completed by the start of the new school year. Well, if I were on the Board, I would have asked to SEE the R.F.P. before me rather than take the word of Almighty Joseph, Tony P.or Boss Hogg.

School Committee person T. Cardso did ask the right question but should have re-phrased it in a manner where she could see the actual release to the newspaper regarding this mysterious R.F.P.

Just to let the Board know, there is no R.F.P. out there or even drawn up as yet. So the Mayor, the Superintendent and the Commissioner have once again taken you to the Dump. Do your homework and get the paper work. Why does it take someone like me at City Hall to always tell you what ISN'T going on in this City?

Anti - ABC

Hey Charlie - watch your step.. instead of making up lies, looking for a raise for only yourself & being an all around jerk you should make sure someone isn't waiting to have a "discussion" with you.


To Anti, Your screen names says it all. Definition,

an·ti P Pronunciation Key ( n t , -t )n. pl. an·tis A person who is opposed to something, such as a group, policy, proposal, or practice.
This describes to you a “T”. All you Curtabalony’s want all of us in this City to believe in your vision. A seeing eye dog would certainly have second thoughts to lead you around the “Ville”.

This Administration has fabricated one thing after another. No settlement to the Traffic and Parking theft, or are you going to tell us that there wasn’t any and it was only a miss-accounting error. There is no Ethics report releases on the Voutour resignation, or our you going to tell us because there isn’t a release there was no just cause findings? Just like the Independent investigators that work for the Mayor, Gannon, the Detectives and others that conducted a stacked deck against Voutour. Even Steve Maribella has changed his statement from the first report about Voutour.

The two settlements of lawsuits brought to the forefront e and 4 months ago. Get ready for More from employees at the DPW. I can think of two coming your way. Hope you have enough cash flow for these. You may have to float another bond to cover the liability Boss Hogg has presented all of you.

A simple land swap will be turning into another fiasco come June. Giving more square footage to Ikea means more traffic. But you all won’t mind the increased traffic where you’ll be. I hear metal is a great conductor for electricity.


A.B.C.- A Bitter Charlie?
A.B.C.- A Bigger Charlie?
A.B.C- A Braver Charlie?
A.B.C.- A Beaten Charlie?
A.B.C.- A Belittled Charlie?
A.B.C.- A Broken Charlie?
A.B.C.- A Bickering Charlie?
A.B.C.- A Beligerent Charlie?
A.B.C.- A Bigmouth Charlie?
Let's talk football.
I like the A.F.C.
Game on.

Doing Math

Between April, 2005 and April, 2006, 17 people retired from the city.
During the same time 63 others were hired by the city.
Soooo, let me slide my rule.
Did we start new departments? Yup
Did we hire that many cops? Nope
What about firemen? Nope
My unemployed brother-in-law? Nope
What about relitives? Oh Yeah

Sister Ronald

It's spelled 'relatives'.

Mrs. McCarthy


Cambriville Clean Up Day Is Here!!!!!!!!!

A reminder to all residents that today is the Annual Clean Up Day here in Cambriville.

This is the annual get together for all residents to assist the City to clean up all the crap the DPW just could not find the time to get to. It also doubles as the annual get together for old timers and hacks to mingle freely with newcomers and tree huggers in a common goal. To size up each other in anticipation of next years municipal elections.

You may recall that last years event reslulted in the Hacks inadvertantly stuffing six Newbies/Progressives into large contractor bags, twist tying the tops, and hurling the bags onto a passing DPW pick-up. The DPW vehicle, instead of heading back to Franey Road, made a hurried trip to Point Judith on the coast of Rhode Island and disposed of the bags there. Fortunately, all captives had matches and or lighters with them(Why we wonder, they don't smoke cigarettes?) and were able to burn their way out before the bags hit the water. No injuries were reported.

IN POLITICAL NEWS.................

The Mrs. McCarthy for Mayor campaign this morning announced that the current campaign slogan "It All Depends" has immediately been retired and will now be replaced with the catchy slogan "A.B.C.". Which stands for "A Better Cambriville"

IN BUSINESS MATTERS..................

The Galluccio School of Driving in Cambriville has closed its doors until further notice. Cambriville News could not reach the owners or their attorneys for comment.

Sunday on the Cambriville News Live on Cable 22...........

"Zoning In 21st Century Cambriville".

Sunday's panel will be a debate between Alderman Bill White and Sean O'Donovan. The moderator will be Smokin Bill Shelton.

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