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April 21, 2006


IhaveYet tosee

I have seen this site mention this twice. Whithout any of real details mentioned, I might add. What is the fee? How much? What is the exact process? Who does it affect? Owner occupied or absantee properties? I thought there some rule in journalism about who? when? where? and how much?
How can we form an opinion if we don't have the details?
spin for me!

doesnt answer

It says an increase to. But from what? From what I heard before I thought it cost about 5 grand to convert an apartment to a condo?


Interesting to see that there are a few o'timer Raytheon employees remaining in Mass... I recall well the concessions Massachusetts negotiated on behalf of Raytheon to lower the utility rates with the understanding that Raytheon would maintain its employment levels. What the state did not realize is Raytheon, with great skill, crafted the deal in such a way that its interpretation of employment levels meant salaries not staffing…. The company systematically dropped its rank and file in Massachusetts by relocating Sparrow, Hawk, and Sidewinder programs to Tucson, AZ (after acquiring Hughes Defense) but inflated the salaries of certain high ranking staff members to compensate. The net effect it argued was that it kept its promise by maintaining the net total salaries paid to Massachusetts based employees. What a bunch of bull….

Sox Fan

While at the Red Sox game Tuesday evening, who do I see from a short distance from me but non other than the “Skipper”. Now I know the “Skipper” is a nautical being and seeing him at the Sox game caught me by surprise. Especially surprised by who had accompanied him. By that is no business of mine is it FS.

Well anyway, they were there enjoying the game, having fun and having a good ole time. Then I got thinking. Myself being from Somerville and an avid Red Sox fan I might add for 28 years, I get to know my “friends” around my seating area. Being behind people sure is an advantage when they don’t turn around or are preoccupied with others. Well, to say the least, “Skipper” those tickets you had cost more than the $50 required to report to the Ethics Commission. You really should not have “Accepted” them were you?

Seems when vendors come around to the DPW or elsewhere; they come in hand with gifts to give as the 3 Wise men did when Christ was born. I am shaking my head as to how these people get to do what they do and get away with it. Where else will I see you Frankie?

Ron Newman

I did not post the second comment above. Someone has forged my name and e-mail address on this comment. At 6:18 pm yesterday I was in a restaurant and not near a computer.

James N

Somerville neo-socialists are gonna get your mama! Be scared! Be afraid! bla bla bla bla bla

Yorktown Street

It used to cost $500 to convert an apartment to a condo. The proposal is to raise that to $750. More important, the proposal would give tenants more advance notice, and tenants who are most vulnerable would get the most notice.


Anna C.
Feeling a little worried now that all your duties have been stripped??? You should.
It's just a matter of time before you join the ranks of the other loudmouths whose jobs have been cut and thrown to the wayside.
Oh and your hubby who works for the School Dept........NEVER MAKING PERMANENT. EVER.
Keep running your mouth.

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