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April 07, 2006


Fred Sullivan Mahoney jr.

Yes well Most of the people who are complaining are transplanted people, through this gentrification process, who are coming into this neighborhood like they’ve been here for 50 years.
They come in like they are the community police. … You come in, and you start criticizing everything in the neighborhood like you’ve been here for three or four generations, and you just got here a year ago, two years ago, four years ago. You don’t know the flavor of the neighborhood, what took place … you’re just here. You had good credit and had the dollars to come in and buy.


I understand why you want people to feel sorry for you. But you need to take accountability for your own behavior and stop blaming others.

You have ruined many relationships for your family. These will never be repaired.

Blame it on your instability if you will. But at some point you will have to look in the mirror and understand that your basically a no nothing idiot.

James Norton

One Opinion -

You must be reading the paper or the website upside down. You obviously don't know me that well.

I have never in my life asked anyone to feel sorry for me and I have also never ruined any relationships for my family.

Nice try. It works better when you actually know what you're talking about.

I blame myself for any shortcomings I might have in life and nobody else - always have. I'm glad I don't have many.

This much I do know - at some point, you'll have to go get that GED so you can learn how to spell the words "you're" and "know" correctly.

You ever see the movie The Waterboy?



easy gunpowder. It was clear to us all, that he must of miss-posted that.

James Norton

Pickled Pepper -

Talk about a short fuse today - WOW. I had too much caffeine today. HAHAHAHA doesn't take much for me to go off, does it.

Quick, post some crap about the Pod People so this whole area of posts gets buried. Or I could hit the delete button.


Where's my new sidewalk?

Did anyone else see DPW out today on a Saturday on Beacon Street, replacing the sidewalk in front of the fine Ward Alderman's house - and no where else? This on a street where the whole sidewalk is slated for replacement next year by the state? I wonder why. How much did that overtime cost the City? And where's my new sidewalk? How about putting mine in on Easter?

nose banger

JN, a few people here are in need of a good doctor. I hear Dr. Kevorkian is going to be visiting the area offering medical advise in a few weeks. Maybe the city's event planner can book him through Club Fed Travel?


For the love of Christ. What a bunch of freakin whiners. Awww, my sidewalk didn't get replaced and someone elses did. Here, have a cookie you freakin bitch.

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