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April 28, 2006


Mrs. McCarthy

Let's see............

Two prior DUI convictions.

Car accident, 3 witnesses claim he was drunk.

Police Officers know him. Don't administer breathelizer.

Transported to Hospital. Staff say he's abusive, drunk and place him in four point restraints.

Good sleazebag lawyer, connected judge, gets off scott free.

Yup. He's our kind of guy.


Jimmy D. on Galluccio

Dear Mrs. McCarthy,

Anthony and I will be raising a few pints down at the VFW at the Cambridgeside Galleria to celebrate his victory. It would be great if you could come by. What? No transportation? Don't worry, Anthony will give you a ride. If he gets stopped on the way to your lovepad, again no prblem... he knows a lot of Ociffers in this area.

After his hearing,Anthony sought the endorsement of the Teacher's Union. He tried out his new campaign slogan on them: "Vote For Galluccio... Nobody is More Qualified to Help Kids Recite the Alphabet [... or maintain their balance, or walk a straight line]."

Other Campaign Slogans are Rumored to be as follows:

Galluccio- Endorsed by all Drunk Drivers Pardoned by Gov. Bill Weld

Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Without Galluccio Behind the Wheel

Guinness Gives You Strength. The Police Give Galluccio Breaks

Mrs. McCarthy

And that dear readers is why I am proud to have Jimmy D. as a contributing guest for the Cambriville News!!!

He's got style, he's got grace, not a bit of crap on his face!

And he can spell...............

Have at it Boobala. I over did it on the sliced pineapple today at lunch. Can't seem to stay away from the loo lately.

Sorry I can't make it to Tony G's drink fest. I'm sure they will all be there with great big back slaps and fake metro-sexual hugs and heartfelt he-man kisses......... Hey would'nt that be a kick? What if they found out he was a closet butt pirate?

Would that then split the gay vote? Give Alice Wolf a chance to jump in? Oh wait. Is she from the Isle of Lesbos?

God I'm confused.......gotta run(s)

Go. Jimmy D. Go,

Mrs. McCarthy
Candidate for State Senate
(providing they bag Anthony for good)

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