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April 26, 2006


Mrs. McCarthy


Now you're cookin with gas!

The answer to your last question is yes.

Quelle surpiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. McCarthy

It *is* funny

Tu y Yo is the best Mexican restaurant in Somerville.

Just a nit.

James Norton

What? Can't change IP addresses that fast? Still on the Unvieristy of Milan web access waiting to see if I erased it?

Come on, be a little more clever assclown.


James Norton

Some people never learn -

It's the Firefox Browser and Javascript 1.5 with a 1280 x 1024 screen resolution that give you away now. That's not the only thing. Do yourself a big favor and stop now, before it goes to the next level.


Sox Fan

Good to know that Somerville will be having a "Night at the Sox". I know at least one appointee that will be attending. He only wishes he could get his boat aside of the ballpark.

But, for the time being, he and his first mate will be enjoying the chilly night once again in Cleveland. I only hope he gets a foul ball hit too him. This way, at least he will have some memories of his trip.

Imagine going to Cleveland for a vacation in the latter part of April? I can’t…………

Route 20

Seems Mike’s Restaurant in Davis Square might be going for a new look, with renovations planned and our buddy Ray in charge. Can anyone name the Restaurant’s name up to the mid 60’s??

Why, "The Waldorf", of course.

Ron Newman

When it was a Waldorf, was it open 24 hours?

Stephanie Elliott

Thank you for the mention of David Slavitt's new book. I wanted to provide a little more information. The title is "Blue State Blues: How a Cranky Conservative Launched a Campaign and Found Himself the Liberal Candidate (and Still Lost)." It is published by Wesleyan University Press. You can buy it at your local bookstore, from online bookstores, or through our distributor, UPNE, by calling 800-421-1561.

Many thanks,
Stephanie Elliott, Pubicist
Wesleyan University Press

Mac THEknife

We all know the Union was resposible for stealling the cash. All those schmucks do is work hard to not have to work. They incessantly watch each other and scam the rest of us. IF we want want affordable housing the first thing we should do is Rid the city of these guys. That is why I Hate Unions and not only that United Auto Workers says, "Hey, Marines, get your damn Bush-stickered foreign cars the hell out of our parking lot!"

So much about this pisses me off.

But, hey, it's their private property, so they can do what they want.

And I will make sure I only buy Hondas from now on. Especially since Hondas are better and cheaper than any comparable American union-made piece-of-crap sedan.

Unions are nothing more than groups of thugs who bully members into coughing up money in the form of "dues" in exchange for the right to work. What happens to these "dues"? Mostly they are used to finance campaigns for democRats and line the pockets of union officers.

Even liberal icons like Robert Kennedy recognized the corruption of unions:

Not to mention modern conservatives:

The irony here is just too much. Unions are always at the forefront of political debate for leftist causes. The biggest cause of the left is their relentless crusade for "free speech" protection for more and more non-speech activities. And yet when U.S. Marines, who fight and die for our free speech, want to support their Commander-in-Chief, that message gets stifled by union goons.

But it's their private property. So let them do it. We'll just buy Hondas.

Speaking of Hondas, why the policy against foreign cars by the union thugs? Don't Honda and Toyota have numerous manufacturing plants in the United States? Aren't those plants manned by UAW workers? Isn't buying a Japanese car these days supporting American union labor?

Maybe I should be thinking about a Mercedes. No, wait, Daimler-Chrysler is one of the "big three" American auto companies.

Oh well, Kia it is!

What really ticks me off about the unions is the fraud they perpetuate that they are part of a struggle against management and that they are the natural enemy of the corporation. This is the biggest lie.

A labor union is no different from a corporation. In either case, a number of people band together to create something bigger than themselves for the purpose of doing business. And in both cases, the people are acting in their own selfish interest. Whenever I hear hippies rant about "evil corporations," I always ask if they are in a labor union. When they answer in the affirmative (and they almost always do, if they have jobs at all, that is), I call them the hypocrites they are. But it's the rube about fighting against management that really pisses me off.

A union is only in a struggle against non-union labor, and the reaction of the UAW here is proof. The union CAN'T be in competition with management, because it depends on management to provide the jobs. Instead, the union is competition with non-members, and in non-right-to-work states, succeeds against them.

Say what?

If massachusetts doesn't recognize right to work, then you MUST join a union in order to work a union job. That means you MUST pay their dues. Is this any different from having to pay a mob boss protection money in order to run your business in his territory? What happens if you don't play ball? Then you don't get to work. The union isn't about getting more from management. It is all about forcing out those who don't pay in. It's also all about forcing people who don't want to have to hire you to do so anyway. True story:

Dad once had a brief stint as a manager for a private company. Said company had an exhibit at a trade show in Chicago, heart of union thuggery 2nd heart is Somerville. Dad needed a lamp, so he brought one. He then made the mistake of plugging it in to a wall outlet. In came the union goons, demanding that he cease and desist his illegal non-union electrical work. In order to avoid a lawsuit, he was forced to unplug the lamp, then pay a $200 charge to a union electrician to plug it back in. Between whom and whom is the struggle here? Labor v. Management? No, it's Labor v. labor, where the lowercase denotes the individual trying to do something for himself. But at least Dad got to sleep soundly that night knowing that the city of Chicago was not at risk of burning down due to an improperly plugged in electric lamp.

Stinking unions.

I could go on and on about how much I hate the damn unions. But I won't. Instead, I think I'll go for a drive in my Toyota, the one with the Bush sticker on it. Anyway the faster we get these goones outhere the faster this towns budget starts improving!


The Mole

Mrs. McCarthy, I just had to get back on the blog and convey to you how “Lucky” you are to have a Mario Bateli look-a-like, aka JN, for a true, caring friend. OMG, I was behind him this afternoon at a local banking institution and could not believe my eyes.

He had a bandana atop his reddish goldenrod, ponytail tied hair. A smart looking shirt to accompany his loose fit jeans. I can see why you have what you have for the young lad.

I hope this young lad was the one you described to me the other night as we sat among the Sisters of the cloth. I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting JN way back when and if it were he, he probably would have crapped his pants had he known the “Mole” was directly behind him in line. What a shame. I dared myself to tap him on the back of his shoulder just to meet with him after so many years.

I do hope I was not wrong and it was the Master of the Blog. For he was greeting all the tellers with a smile and some comments about how the new $10 bill looks so fake. I was that close to him, to touch him, to smell him and yes, for you Mrs. McCarthy, to hug him.

How I do wish I could have called and gotten you to get your arse down there and see for yourself. Maybe next time Mrs. McCarthy, maybe next time…

The Mole

Mrs. McCarthy


Where the hell have you been? I thought you may have been whisked off to American-Samoa in the witness protection program.

Listen kiddo, the Bored meeting is on Ch. 16, the girls and I have just changed into dry depends and are settling down for a night of comedic entertainment.

Ya, that Norton kid is one cutie patootie. But Mole, BACK OFF. His wife saw him first, and I've got seconds.(??)

Tonight may be the night according to the Bored Agenda that someone does the mea culpa about the missing cashola at T&P. Joey and our City Shitlister have AGAIN requested Executive Session to discuss the "investigation". Or maybe not.

Read the other rag in town lately? Anything interesting catch your eye?

See you soon,

Mrs. McCarthy



It was the Waldorf... the quintessential greasy spoon restaurant. If memory serves me correctly, there were several that constituted a small chain. It was, indeed, open 24 hours. Nighttime clientele included taxi drivers, cops, and a multifarious gathering of other local plebians. It was the type of place that no one ever got thrown out of--if you get my drift. The question seems to infer that it lasted only until the mid-60s, but I distinctly recall it being there well into the 70s. On those occasions when I'd hang out at the Tower into the wee hours--usually to catch the last inbound road job from East Deerfield or Mechanicville--I'd go over and get hot coffee for Frank and the rest of us. IIRC Benny Callahan seemed to split his time between there, the tower, and checking doorlocks. Contrary to what you may have heard, te pre-Red Line Davis had a TON of character. We just couldn't see it for what it was worth I guess!


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