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April 28, 2006


poor journalism

This is poor journalism at its finest! First sentence could be interpreted as Galluccio was actually driving drunk and not just being accused. I hope the sentence is poorly writen and not stating that he was actually drunk.

Jimmy D. on Great Journalism

Dear Poor,
Actually, it could only be interpreted that way if you are an idiot. Since you obviously fit the bill, we'll split the difference and just cut to the chase: Of course he was drunk!

I can't wait to see the names of all of the charlatan pols who fought for Melanie's Law who are now going to endorse this guy.

It might be fun if he wins though. Imagine how many people will get bagged for OUI after his victory party!

To Jimmy D

Jimmy D.

The first sentence was changed immediatly after I made my idiot...and please prove that he was drunk...were you in the passanger seat? Ya I thought you were

Jimmy D. on the Passanger"

I hate to use the term 'retard' because its such a pejorative term, however it clearly describes the last author of the last post. A 'pasang' is an large African antelope with long straight nearly upright horns. I am certainly not one of those. If I were the "passenger," as I believe you meant to say, I might have observed a slobbering city councilor causing a wreck and then slithering out of it.

Would it surprise you to know I was one of the witnesses who observed that booze-bag angling for strike number 3 on the OUI law? He's nothing more than a Weld Administration lackey, that's why he got a pardon while some white-trash follower like you has to has to play PR punk for him. You wouldn't get a pardon so why should he.

I'm a proud member of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and I beg you to keep posting because the more people that read how committed Anthony is to our program and to the laws of the Commonwealth the more people that will stand against him. As for the preferential treatment that he received while so many others pay the appropriate price, well that speaks for itself.

I have no problems with Republicans. Hell, I like them. But if you're going to be one just come out and say so. Don't pretend to be a working class Democrat and then solicit favors from Bill Weld.

On a final note... where you the passenger of Gallucio's car? If so, did you report you're presencve in the car? If not, then why? Sounds like something we should check into.

To Jimmy D

Jimmy D.

What is "presencve in the car". You must be a so called retard, or maybe you just misspelled the word presence, like I miss spelled the word passenger. You tried to be intelligent but ended up sounding like a RETARD!

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