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April 26, 2006


Quit slacking!

Hey wwhere is your story on this clown: "A Somerville, Mass., man is under arrest, charged with a screwdriver attack during an attempted ATM robbery, and the intended victim, a progressive from somerville says there was no way he was going to let someone take his money." Rest of story to follow.

Top 3 Crooks in Town

1. Herby the Moustache -- Well known crook has been plying his trade in town for years, stealing from every public fund imaginable (Housing, MBTA you name it). A real scumbag, he has even been known to get the kids to do his dirty work.

2. Ronnie Butters a.k.a. Newmie -- Has been seen at many a political function scarfing down free food, sitting at the open bar, discussing the mind numbing details of life. This one's a joke, the other two...not so much.

3. Cindy the Frump -- Well known frumpster has been robbing the city blind the last couple of years doing nothing at the Council on Aging. But her big heist came at Toys for Tots 2 years ago...remember Cindy?


hahahahahaha its about time someone called those three morons out hahahahaha butters might be annoying but you can deal with him - just walk away.........the other two you have to check your wallet before you let them out of your sight because they are both scumbags of the highest order

Julia Rikerhurst

A friend of mind mentioned to me about this web-site, told me that since I have lived here all my life I need to read it. So I come on the site and low and behold there talking about that stupid Council on Aging Director that both Capuano and Gay had the good sense of not making Director but this bozo Curtatone does, those of us who know this person knows she has ripped the city off for years especially the Toys for Tot's. But hey lets not forget about her companions there her brainless assistant and useless from ward 1 , Joannie with the big mouth. My mother won't go back there to the council, neither will my aunts until she and her stooges are gone as well. I am so glad this site is here, I owe my friend a lot for telling me about it.

Hackaroo Dundee

Well I wondered how long it would take for some of this City's dirtiest low lifes to be called out on this weblog. I'm a long time city employee (not on the clock right now, thanks) and I can say I've seen the first and third ones in full bore action.

One thinks he can buy class and the other one has absolutely no chance of ever knowing what that is.

Then you hear about the shady crap they've both been whispered around town doing and it make me sick and I'm not alone.

It was a wonder nobody made mention of Herbie the Wonder Hack holding down an SHA job, sitting on the Zoning Board of Appeals and having a city contract to plow snow. Now he's cashed in and moved onto Florida - how nice for him on our dime.

The other one isn't even worth getting into. Everyone knows what she's all about and everyone in her family too. Not even worth writing about.

And leave the Newmanator alone, hopefully he realizes he was mentioned only in jest. We need to wake up and get rid of the crooked politicians and some of the no good hacks that run all over town. Between four families I can think of, there are over 24 people with jobs.

Anyone going to mention Koty's kid and how he cruises around town like a gangster dressed like a thug, while he's on the clock? This city should be ashamed, nothing has changed, it's still a cesspool.

Top 3 Embarassments

Top 3 Embarrassments to Somerville

1.Frankie the Skipper -- You know who he is, the OG with the gangsta' lean...if that doesn't ring a bell think of the midget with the puffed out chest that acts like a tough guy...hey Frankie, bad boys move in silence -- they don't call attantion to themselves, their boats, their toilets or their sex lives. Anyways, well known stooge has been involved in more than his share of embarrassing incidents. Constant embarrassment to current administration.

Because of an astounding lack of class, tact and intelligence Frankie the Skipper has actually won spots 1 through 3 on this list. Congrats Frank!

Cindy Is a fraud

In my opinion, Cindy is one of the biggest frauds that work for the City of Somerville. Why does Cindy think that she has the answers for everything. I am starting to see through the HIK. I certainly don't enjoy people who think they have the answers to everything. Clean up ur own back yard before you toss bombs at others.


Thanks! But I'm laughing all the way to the bank. Keep falsely reporting about all the illegal stuff i am doing. The more you say without proof, the more you discredit yourself. The baseball games I wasn't at, the chicks, the envelopes, the trip to Cleveland, ALL false and easy enough to prove. I am on a leave of absence from a job that pays around 30k a year more than I'm making now. Push me outta here so I can go back to the UNION and make almost double. Oh Boy you guys sure showed me! HAHAHAHA.
Hey, it's boating season. Wanna come fishing?
I'll be cruising up the Charles with the gangsta lean on my boat.
Frankie don't give a damn Sh*t what you guys say about him........
Keep making him more of a "somebody" than he really is. You guys are too funny thinking it bothers him. He LOVES it!

Not Open

Hey "Top 3 Crooks in Town", I guess you've never been to the same political functions that Ron has. I have and believe me there wasn't an Open Bar at any of them. You want to drink - You pay for your own.


laughing all the way to the bank give us a break frankie will you please you would have never been as popluar as you are today if it werent for the former editor of the paper messing up and them dragging you over the coals hahahahaha lets not forget some of the obvious friends youve made over the years posting comments on here ill give JN some credit the only time he bothered with you was to obviously set you straight about your supposed drunken threats at a public event a year or two back now you still act like a dick and youre mister popular isnt that special you fit right into that crappy redneck family you married into its so painfully obvious....hahahahahahaha


speaking of the crooks and embarassing assclowns who are determined to make sure this city never lives down its crappy reputation isnt anyone else going to add to the list or do these few perfectly represent the larger group of podpeople as this paper calls them hahahahahahahaa

Huckaroo Redeux

Board appointment: $500 (per yr contribution to political campaign)

DPW Commissioner: your soul

Embrassing child on city payroll: someone else's soul

Watching the Koty family squirm: priceless

That could be the next VISA commercial for Slummerville. Wake up you morons - a select few are ruling the roost - do something before it's too late.

Koty is a bigger fraud than Cindy

Cindy can't help it, she is surrounded by scumbags who keep climbing over each other to get a piece of the pie. Like rats in a garbage can.

Koty is part of a larger fleecing of the city's taxpayers. Three families have more extended family members on the payroll than some of this city's departments have working for them. I'm referring to the Koty, Roche and O'Donovan familys.

I think someone hit the nail on the head on Koty's kid too. This complete zero rides around in his car all "gangsta-like", slouched down, music so loud you'd think he was still in high school and dressed like a complete punk on the clock. I am so happy my property taxes get to help pay this kid's salary in a job he isn't even qualified for.

Someone tell me I'm wrong. You can't.

The Burkelator

Hey JN it's obvious you like hiding these types of comments from everyone soon after they're posted. Don't do it this time, don't stick up for Koty and the rest of them like you do. You say you are partial and fair, but not with these jerks you haven't been, especially with Koty, he gets the "kid glove" treatment all the time.

Makes me sick. I hope you grow some balls and leave these comments on here, so other people can chime in too.

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