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April 27, 2006



I could care less if Galluccio was endorsed by Ted Kennedy, George Bush, FDR, and Thomas Jefferson. After the battle that we waged over the past several years to institute Melanie's Law, I can't in good conscience, vote for a LAWMAKER who is under investigation for a 3rd OUI. How could I possibly count on him to fund the necessary law enforcement activites to enforce Melanie's Law. I fear he would be too afraid that he would get caught yet again to demeand proper enforcement of this law.

Yet another thing that irritates me is how this kid gets HIS OUI pardoned, but thousands upon thousands of MA residents have to live with their OUI convictions. Most politicians start out as one of us and then they believe they are better than us. As a result of his pardon, this kid is already starting out thinking he is better than us. By the way, WHO PARDONED HIM? Gov Bill Weld (R., MA). And Cap's boy Galluccio is a goos Democrat? I think not.

I'll stick with Barrios, and when it comes time to vote for my Congressman, I'll remember Cap's stance on enforcing the law. I'm sure Galluccio is a nice guy, but he's not fit to enforce the laws of the state.

Battle of the weblog masters

Kat 'Superfly Schnooka' Powers vs. James 'The Mouth of the South" Norton

Round 1 -- Norton comes out jabbing, telling Powers to "chew on that, assclown" Powers counters with a lame imitation of the News' blog. An overhand verbal jab to Powers' gut knocks her to the canvas. Norton wins round 1 on all 3 judges scorecards.

Round 2 -- Norton faulters in the second stanza. He was away from a computer working and making money when "plants" run wild on the web making unsubstantiated accusations using full names. Norton's eye swells and Powers digs in to the body with a posting mocking the News. But nobody comments and Powers is soon dejected. Norton senses weakness and lands a stinging verbal jab when he tells Powers to go get her halodol. Powers falls to the canvas... the ref counts to 8...9...10! James "The mouth of the South" Norton wins by 2nd round kayo.

After the fight Powers says: "I trained hard, I listened to my corner but it just wasn't my night. " She demanded a rematch and accused Norton of rubbing Vaseline on his gloves to blind her, to which Norton responded by rubbing the gloves in his own eyes and saying, "No Vaseline. I can still see the assclown in front of me."

Norton then grabbed the mic and addressed the 127 screaming fans in attendance... "Bueller...Bueller...Ferris... Bueeeeeler." The crowd cheered and asked Norton if he would run for Mayor.
Norton responded, "I run for something fuck!ng life!" The crowd roared.

Mrs. McCarthy


Tricky, Jimmy D., Snowflakes 11, be carefull. Seems as though we've got some competition.....................

PSsssssst. Battle give me a call, I think we may have an opening at the Cambriville News.

Wow ,, that was funny!

I have to agree with Mrs. McCarthy that was funny. Who is the battle of the web log masters?

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