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April 25, 2006


Martin Edin

Zoning is all about coming up with a set of rules that the consensus of the community is confident with, It is good to see that we have active members of our town concrened enough with what is going on here to put their own time and effort in helping us all. They're fighting to protect our community's rights. Most folks work too hard and just don't have the time and know how it takes to see what is going on until their block gets rezoned and some big building is put up that eclipses all the light from getting to their house or some new business causes, traffic, noise, or smelly dumpsters to suddenly appear right next to their own house. This kind of development is going to be happening all over Somerville. All of the Squares are going to get makeovers. Developers are going to push more neighborhoods, streets and corners of our town into rezoning so that they can build what makes them the most money for the easiest price. Are we going to look out for the rest of our residents too? Or just the few in assembly square? Lets start taking our town Back!

Mystic Fraud Task Force

Lets face facts.

The MVTF will never be satisfied. We could turn assembly square into a flippin year round Woodstock festival and these hippie bastards will still find something to complain about. Stop trying to please people whom don’t even live in Somerville. The MVTF is nothing more than Tony L’s pep squad that will do whatever it takes to try and make you look bad.

Enough is enough. I for one am tired of these asswipes. Our Mayor and Board of alderman were elected to run this city. I do not recall ever casting a vote for the MVTF.

Joe, Let's Build this freakin thing already! Enough is enough!
If you build it, They will leave!
The True Somervillians will love you for it!

Matthew Miller

Let me check the math here. 30,000 more feet for Ikea and "every square foot of retail space means thousands of more car trips a day".

So.... conservatively assuming that "thousands" means merely two thousand, the this will mean 60 MILLION more car trips a day. I can see how that would be a problem.

I told you a million times...

LP said that "after the swap, IKEA will have 30,000 more square feet of Assembly Square.

“Every square foot of retail space means thousands of more car trips a day,” he

“The traffic is going to be unbearable and it isn’t decreasing.”


I've told you a million times not to exaggerate!!

Wig Zamore

Matthew is right.

The Final Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Assembly Square IKEA projected 6,840 trips per weekday and 11,800 trips on Saturday, or roughly 55,000 trips per week for the 277,000 square foot store.

That equals about 2,500,000 million trips a year and perhaps 75,000,000 vehicle trips for the life of a 30 year superstore.

Perhaps more interesting, IKEA's Final EIR also projected that 32% of their customer traffic would come from the South on I93 and a roughly equal amount from the North on I93. (The Stoughton IKEA will draw off a small amount of those southern customers.)

The Final EIR also projected that about 5% of the proposed workers in the 208,000 square feet of office space in the IKEA site plan would come from and return to the south on I93 - 117 trips per weekday and 23 per Saturday.

Thus looking at Big Dig capacity used by various proposed land uses, the "smaller" IKEA originally proposed for Assembly Square would use about the same amount of I93 (South) capacity as 6 million square feet of office space, assuming no Orange Line T-stop.

With an Orange Line T-stop in place and assuming a 40% transit mode share for office worker travel, the "smaller" IKEA would use the Big Dig capacity of roughly 10 million square feet of office space at the same location. Unless IKEA makes an extraordinary effort to get their customers to use transit whenever possible.

Bottom line - whatever gets built at Assembly Square - it is in everyone's interest to encourage and, indeed, insist that Assembly Square development be transit dependent.

Wig Zamore

Mrs. McCarthy

Mr. Zamore,

Regretfully, both you and I know that just ain't gonna happen.

There is absolutely no incentive for the debt and project laden T to invest millions in a stop at Somerville's shopping mecca.

No matter how much pressure Capuano, Curtatone, STEP, MVTF, the state delegation, Doug Foy, you, me, the next Governor, or Vanna White put on these guys to build one, it just won't happen.

I know Cappy's promised funding for the T stop gives you hope, but Mr. Zamore, get real. You and your friends have been dealing with this for years. Ask yourself this question:

With this latest idea of adding a "super" market to the mix(I heard they'll be selling Volkswagons in aisle 9) do you think the T will see that as "smart growth"? I don't.

Good Luck in your quest Don Q.,

Mrs. McCarthy
Done With Windmills


With the T about to go bankrupt due to the $300 million handicapped-accessibility ruling, I don't think new stations will be on the docket.


when the phrase "No Barneys in Somerville" was coined in the early eighties, some people were outraged....welcome to 2006 and the MVTF......guess what, we told you so !!

Snoops Brother


Whoever convinced you that assembly square or anything else would save your lazy narrow sighted selves did a great job of saving their own buts for a while longer, not yours. These are the folks that have been selling you out while convincing you someone else was raining on your parade. This, so that you would work harder for them while ignoring your own and your family’s imminent peril. The truth is, you are all doomed anyway and you don't have the brains to know how to save yourself. Quit believing the James Jacob jingoism hype that everyone keeps shouting around here!

Save yourself first brother!


thats good larry. you are is such a hurry to fide jc ass into the ground that you make an unsubstanciated comment about traffic, then you say that you dont want to comment. my suggestion is to take a deep breath, count to ten, then think before you speak.

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