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March 28, 2006


Alive In Five

Good for Sully. Hard worker. Smart Kid. We wish him well.

Hey SOD, too bad you don't live in that district. You could've run for that seat too. Nah, nevermind.


It's about friggen time a Sullivan that is worthy runs for something in this city!



all kinds of sullivans. dennis for senate, there was a mike sullivan thinking of running for alderman in ward 3 once, another mike sullivan running for clerk of courts in middlesex county and the other sullivan that was with capuano. i wonder if they are all cousins.


I am So glad that we are going to have a choice in that race. I was so afraid that the guy from Cambridge with the very questionable driving record would be the only one running.

Good luck Dennis!

BTW, for those of you wondering...If Dennis wins the Senate Seat in September/November 2006, he won't be sworn into the Senate until January 2007 and at that time it will be less than one year left in his term as Alderman so if he steps down from that office the Board of Aldermen will vote to appoint his successor to fill out the remainder of his term. So no special election.

WhatTheyArent Saying

If you think that the Board of aldermen and Mayor have been keeping secrets and have been having closed door meetings before. Well, we have another breaking story coming out for you. Several reliable sources have reports that bird flu is allready in town and there is a huge cover up going on in Boston and NY as well. They don't want people to panic but they found hundreds of dead pigeons, tens of homeless people, and 3 to 4 rats and squirel dead from this scary new diesease. They are saying "avian-flu viruses are far outnumber human ones in parks". Robert Webster of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis has studied these strains of flu viruses for 40 years and has never seen the likes of the one that killed the pigeions and the people who are feeding them. He believes there is something in bread crumbs, some bread mold that is speeding the spread of the virus and allowing it to jump to Rats and people.


Sullivan for Senate = Bird Flu Rumor
Oh yeah, that connection is clear.

Mr. Flu, if this is all so hush hush, where are you getting your information from? Did a little bird tell you?



If you don't believe me go down to the park and feed the Pigeons, rats and squirles all the bread crumbs you have. Bring your familly dog too. See how long it takes for your neighborhood to go to the Rats!

Read about it here:


Are you seriously retarded? Do you really think the bird flu is in Somerville?
C'mon people.
The idiot progressives might want the power, but Joe would never let the people of his city be in danger. This place is nothing but a rumor-mill for Tony and his cronies that will never get over the fact that he is a nobody, and always will be.

Denise Sullivan

Put it this way Mr. Sullivan, you will finish 7th in a 6 man race.....



What a name


I call Dennis my friend. He is one of the best and hardest working elected officials in the city. I hope he wins. I will work my a** off to help him win

Go Dennis!!! CARRY ON!!!!!!!!!!


As long as he helps you get on the fire dept?

NEVER HAPPEN !!!!!!!!!!!


so long as it isn't that idiot paul casey! hah!

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