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March 22, 2006



Nothing like receiving an $11,000 water bill, but has anyone noticed the city is taking more and more time in between billings?

These increasingly longer billing cycles have twice kicked Chez Tricky (a typical two-family Philly) into the next higher billing bracket.

It turns out to be small peanuts here - about ten dollars extra for each of the bills, but do the math for a city full of two- and three-family houses.


Don't you guys read the news? The stickball situation has been amicably resolved and the details were not as stupid as you imply by your comment on it. No one was trying to ban stickball.

As to the rumor about Dennis Sullivan...Terrific. It would be great if someone else ran for that senate seat. I hope Dennis does it.

Good 4 The Gander

News Talk for March 22, 5:22:09 pm, tell it like it is:

"Sillari & Glines", couldn't have happened to a better establishment. Wonder what cousin Tony will do about that one, let alone what Boss Hogg has the authority to do, and has DONE, right HF?

"Captain Charles Femino is in charge of the investigation or, rather, lack of investigation", now there is a scary thought. It only took 4 tests to find the thief and now it is under the tile.

"Alderman-at-Large Bruce Desmond may be running for the Middlesex County clerk of courts," I have a funny feeling he ain't running for anything soon.

"Retired DPW highway superintendent Joe Voutour was reportedly seen at the private party thrown by U.S. Congressman Michael Capuano", yeah and is there a point to Mike having Voutour celebrating with all his Friends? More friends around the ex-Mayor than there are around the current Administration, wouldn't you say?


Tricky's observation about the longer duration of the billing cycle holds true for us as well. The last bill I got was early last fall. This most recent bill is for almost 5 months' consumption and is approximately 30% higher than the previous based on a per-month average (which has been running in the $100 range).

I believe there was an increase in the MWRA's rates during the interim, but was it 30%?

Offhand, when was the last time there was any kind of random audit/calibration done on the city meters?

Desomnd Should Back Out!

Michael Sullivan has over 150,000 in his campaign chest thus far. Bruce the Deuce Desmond should back outa the race. Its a no-brain-A.... Bruce's campaign finance report shows him in the negative. Rumor has it that Sullivan had a Huge turn-out at the Sheraton Commander in Cambridge. I wonder if many Somervillians were in attendance.


Chuck Silari is the best Lawyer in Somerville. Chuck should run for Bruce's seat!!


John, do you have any information on why people are typically being mistakenly billed?

Busted meters?

Years of underpayment due to long-term underestimating water use (which is ultimately the fault of the homeowner there, sorry)?

The same kind of problem that had half the town living in the wrong ward last census time?

No one really seems to be fessing up...

Montagna Speccata

Congratulaions to Alex Capobianco on his award as a realtor. I have recently had the opportunity of meeting Alex while he was working with my great aunt in selling her home. He made the whole process so easy since he is bilingual and speaks fluent Gaetano vecchio. He makes me proud to call myself an Italian-American. He is truly a professional and I would recommend him to anyone interested in selling or purchasing a home. Alex is a class act. Keep up the good work Alex.


I saw a few somerville civiilians at the sullivan gig.... I actually saw a few of every city and town there. The place was packed. Maybe Desmond can valet park the event the next time to raise some cash.the tips would be huge, also Desmond should rethink the Lowell piece, his connections were a long time ago and the former mayor of Cambridge has been at this for 2 months now....

Milk Toast

Desmond should throw in the towell. His connections to Lowell are long gone. Sullivan raised over $70k tonight at a first class shindig in Harvard Square and will keep raising $$$$ until election day. The Sullivans have it wrapped up. Bruce blew his load a long time ago. Desmond barely won 4th place in the Alderman's race. Don't embarass yourself. Everyone in Somerville already endorsed Irish Mike.


The only connection Desomnd has currently with Lowell is "Lowell Street, MaxPAK. His college friend Matt will make sure of that.

Maybe Desmond could raise enought $$$ when MaxPak gets off the ground, or will it be too late for that Bruce?


A couple were driving to a church to get married. On the way, they got into a car accident and died. When they arrive in heaven, they see St. Peter at the gate. They ask him if he could arrange it so they could marry in heaven.
St. Peter tells them that he'll do his best to work on it for them.

Three months pass by and the couple hear nothing. They bump into St. Peter and ask him about the marriage.

He says, "I'm still working on it."

Two years pass by and no marriage.

St. Peter again assures them that he's working on it.

Finally after twenty long years, St. Peter comes running with a priest and tells the couple it's time for their wedding.

The couple marry and live happily for a while. But after a few months the couple go and find St. Peter and tell him things are not working out, and that they want to get a divorce.

"Can you arrange it for us?" they ask.

St. Peter replies, "Are you kidding?!! It took me twenty years to find a priest up here. How am I gonna find you a lawyer?"

Cambriville News


BREAKING NEWS.............

Our reporters on the scene have just reported that late today, the Mayor's office communiated to the Board of Alderman that they have resolved the theft of T&P monies.

Our undercover reporter at tonight's Board of Alderman meeting, that moments ago adjourned into Executive Session(which means 1.all of us are too stupid to understand what they are doing and 2. gives Trane a smoke break and Sullivan a bathroom run), tells us that there are a number of possible scenarios the City Shitlicitor will try to sell them.

The result of the investigations could be one of the following:

1. We couldn't find anyone.

2. We found the thief, but we're not going to tell you.

3. We found the thief, but due to political connections, we're dropping all charges.

4. It was an accident and the money has been returned.

5. The money was misplaced. We found it. End of story.

6. We found the thief, we have filed charges against former Mayor Gay and Mr. LaFuente, and we intend to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

We have dispatched Mrs. McCarthy to City Hall to try and gain entrance to the secret proceedings. Good Luck old girl.

In the meantime dear readers, care to take a guess which lame ass excuse the Administration will use?

The reader who guesses the right answer wins an all expenses paid, four day cruise off the coast of Quincy on the "Naughty Girl".

Friday Firsts...........

Don't miss Alderman O'Donovan's monthly vacation report live from sunny Florida with special guest - State Representative Eugene O'Flaherty.

Watcher being Watched

Who was that awesome dude driving the blistering red convertible yesterday? Did the Skipper turn in his royal wheels for a play toy? Naw, he was cruising in the “she” car of Board of Health inspector, MB. He must be using too many assisted anxiety treatments to settle his nerves before he goes to surgery next week to think he can pass off as MB.

Let's hope when they do the surgery the results are of two equal and lateral lengths, otherwise, your legs will not be seaworthy for the bumpy rides in the Harbor, or in the back of the PDDYWGN.

Good luck and hope you do well. Honestly...




I am from Lowell currently a student at Tufts. My coach in HS use to talk to us about Bruce Desmond all the time he said he was one of the best running backs he has ever seen. I don't know what these guys are talking about saying his connections in Lowell are gone, his brothers still live there and are very active in the community and I went to HS with two of his nieces and nephews. I wouldn't sleep on the Desmond name in Lowell, everyone knows them there. I am 21 and I know who he is.


Rumor has it that TL and JL are up to their old tricks again. Falsly accusing someone of sexual harassment on the job is wrong and can seriously damage someone's reputation. Those types of phalic devices should not be brought into the workplace under any circumstances, especially when public housing is involved.


(D)oes everyone here know about JL?

(I) hear he's claiming sexual harassment.

(L)et's just say it was a joke.

(D)oes anyone actually like this guy?

(O)h I think NOT.


This just goes to show that anyone who aligns themselves with TL ends up getting burned. The guy is an absolute Jonah. He preys on the mentally ill and feeble minded. This entire situation is sad.


Bruce Desmond is thinking of running for Middlesex County clerk of courts?

That's the funniest thing We've ever heard.
He couldnt even run a Tab in Lowell or any other city for that matter.
He barely got elected Alderman.
He should focus his attention on the private sector because We guarantee he will never be elected to anything ever again.

He knows why!

Your friends at SCAB
Somerville Citizens Against Bruce

Fan of Sully


D: is for the Days you spend wondering when it all went wrong.

I: is for the Idiots you associate with.

L: is for the Loss of wages at the SHA.

D: is for the Dumas Incident.

O: is for the Olympus camera.

It takes great pictures.

Use your noodle

Well, well, well. Tony L was spotted outside the city sharing italian pastries and sipping cafe latte with a certain SPD Sargent. Isn't this person supposed to be a friend of the mayor? Why was this meeting held outside the city? Rumor has when they were confronted they were like two deers in headlights. Something is in the works. Stay tuned...

Double Agent Sargent.

Give us more on that certain Sargent. Who is he? Where was he sipping espresso? Maybe the Mayor should know.

Junior Varsity

Well, let's just say that Tony L hasn't made it to the Varsity team yet. He's playing with JV for now.

Police State

Do we live in a police state. Spying on each other and reporting who talks to who, it seems to me that a certian group of people are acting like we live in "old communist russia". I think we should call this group the Somerville KBG- Know nothing, braindead Guys.


Talk..Talk..Talk..But nothing is mentioned about the MWRA's slight raise in water & Sewer costs to Somerville and Somerville's
high raise in costs to Us...Nor is anything mentioned here about the Lottery handing
Somerville over TEN MILLION $$$$$ in 2005.
No one has talked about the 1.8 million dollars in Retroactive pay to Cops, Firemen
and Smea Hacks.
Maybe I'm just urinated off, I guess talking about it wont stop all the Bovine Defication going on up in Highland Avenue and down in Franey Road.

Sully All The Way

Is Bruce Desmond serious? He doesn't stand a chance in the clerk of courts race. So he grew up in Lowell and may still have some family there. Can he raise $75k in one night? I doubt it. The guy is all done. Even the Somerville pols think its foolish and embarassing that he pulled papers for this race. He will never go any further than alderman at large. I don't think your abandoned convenient store headquarters will cut it for this race Bruce the Duece. Keep driving around the city in your old Mercedes so people can actually witness what a joke you really are. You are an arrogant fool and you should throw in the towel.

How are your 1000 signatures coming along? That's what I thought.

Bruce, guess what. You will never be the Clerk of Courts, you will never be the mayor of Somerville and you will never be taken seriously again. Stop embarassing our fine city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love Sully!

Oh Man!!! Mike Sullivan?? I thought JL SULLY was running for something again! I'm gonna write in JL anyway just so he can be involved in another political race that he can't ever win! So JL, what's up for tonight? I bet you're probably out blowing that whole $250 weekly check you get from the SHA now that they threw you to the curb and cut your hours. Maybe you can walk around the parks like in the good old days and yell at people who are throwing balls to their dogs?? That doesn't cost anything. And maybe you'll get a free meal at the hospital when one of the dogs bites you in the arse.
Love ya JL, keep up the good work.

Dog Nuts

Let's not get confused here people. Mike Sullivan is the former Mayor of Cambridge, Cambridge City Councilman and Candidate for Middlesex County Clerk of Courts. JL Sullivan is the losing candidate for the Ward 5 Alderman's race, Somerville Housing Authority employee who recently had his hours slashed at work and the Tony L puppet whose life is in shambles because of Tony L's lousy and selfish advice. Welcome to CHINATOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

Lick DN

Let's not get confused here folks. Mike S isn;t the same as the Cambridge ex Mayor Mike S.

Mike S as we know him is the one from the SHA that works in Cambrdige when he can get to it along with the unit in Stoughton. Mike S, as we know him, drives with one hand on the wheel of his SHA black utility truck.

Mike S is the brother of The Skipper who will be undergoing surgery this coming week. We wish him well in is long recovery. God only knows he will be using those pain killers to better his judgement, or is it lack of judgement.

Mike S, let us know where to send the "Fruit" baskets. There is aa patroiotic song that goes something like this:

(O) Say
(C)an you SEE

I don't get it

Why would anyone care that a Somervile Police Sargent is having coffee with Tony Lafuente? Why does it matter that is was outside the city? Is there some city ordinance that I don't know about in which coffee can only be had within the city's borders? Please enlighten me.


Is that the guy that is always at the cafe shop on Highland Ave and the one over on College Ave, having a long, long rest to the start of his new day having breakfast?

I see him all the time. He is a joke along with the rest of the other City possies. (Spelling altered to reflect family show.)

I think whoever is checking work ethics should also check on that side of the fence. I would venture a guess there is a lot more on that side because there isn't as much attention over there so they do as they please.

Let's get the whole damn City investigated by the mayors special team of Impartial Investigating Committee. They do a wonderful job at not bringing to the surface what is really under the carpet. They throw it further in so all you fell is lumps.....

Good Idea

Hey JL, your buddy Bob C finally landed a gig in Melrose with the school dept, at least until they find out what a piece of Cra* he is. Thank God they only gave him a one year contract, it shouldn't take them that long to see why Somerville got rid of him. Maybe you can kill two birds with one stone JL?? Since you love chasing dogs out of parks maybe you should beg the Mayor for the vacant Dog-Officer job!!! It's gotta pay more than the $250 a week you're making now, and I think they even give you your own camera!!!


You know us damn dog walking, bicycle pedaling liberals won't stand for one of you bastards serving in any role that effects our dogs much less ours and our childrens future. The rest of you can save your breath too, we are going to start ellecting our own newcomers into office in soon. Out with the old! in with new!

Fed up with the nonsense

To the emotionless coward who posts ridiculous and often misconstrued information about Mike and Frank S. Can you please tell me (and the rest of the city) what the big obsession is with Mike and Frank??? I mean honestly, even if I hated someone that much, I couldn't imagine taking the time out (wonder if it's on the clock) to continually stalk them and update the entire city on their daily activities. Are you that insecure and jealous that you need to start attacking personal issues, i.e. upcoming surgeries? Incredulous behavior!! Get a life.. p.s.- no this is not his wife or his coworker, etc.,, I'm sure you'll find out everything about me in the next few days anyway..
Frank- best of luck with your surgery!

Fan of Sully


Whats up Sullaaaaaaaay

Why would a you keep a part time job at the SHA? Hint----Click Click.

More to come from the


Dear Allen @

Im sorry about picking on Frank & Mike.

You see, I have no life. I lost my cushy fulltime gig with the SHA. Cappy won't return my calls. Tony L wont even have coffee with me anymore. Sandra, Oh how I miss Sandra, well, lets just say she out grew me.

Bob C landed a do nothing job in melrose (I read above).
I alwats hated that fat bastard.
I think he was one of the guys who was cybering with the Mrs.

See what I mean, I have no life, everyone hates me. I must take it out on someone. Why not them?


just found this site and it seems that you people ALL should get a LIFE!!!!

Again.. who cares..

Once again.. in response to your comment "Mike S, as we know him, drives with one hand on the wheel of his SHA black utility truck. "

WHO CARES!! What kind of job do you have, if any, that you pay that much attention to detail? Maybe you should apply for a job with the paparazzi.. because no one else cares how people drive their trucks around the city!


This crap about Jl, Ms & Fs is over the line. If you have problems with the guy deal with it. Stop following each other around and get a life. It stinks that this stuff is even allowed.


I think all of you are going to change your mind when you learn about this latest development. All three of those knuckleheads were seen here together conspiring to work on this, check it out. there is a small section near the end that is particualary relevent. You can't miss it:


Mortadella Head has to be exposed for what he really is. A wealthy NY transplant that has nothing else to do but drain our city's resourses with his frivilous lawsuits and liberal propoganda. Research has revealed that he made millions in real estate developent and stealing minerals and resources from our Mother Earth. He lures the innocent believers into his evil den with Mussels Marinara then he tries to brainwash them with phony statistics and smoke screens. If someone disagrees with him he banishes them and wanders around the city with his backpack and wild gray hair making slanderous and libelous statements about that person. GET A LIFE!!!!!!

Fat Boy Saved My Life

I was recently diagnosed with a serious type of rumatoid arthritis. For months I was unable to get out of bed without the help of a nurse or loved one. I learned that the littlest things like walking to the corner store or brushing your teeth should not be taken for granted. Then one day last week my wife went to the grocery store and came home with a bottle of FAT BOY MARINADE. She decided to pour it over some steak tips before she put them on the grill. After dinner I noticed that my pain was not as bad and I had a little more mobility in my knees and elbows. Ever since then I have use FAT BOT MARINADE everyday whether it was on steak, fish, chicken or burgers. I am happy to say that my arthritis has miraculously disappeared and I will be running the Boston Marathon for the first time next month. THANK YOU FAT BOY MARINADE, YOU SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!

Mrs. McCarthy

And all of you thought I had the strangest imagination on this blog...............

But if it works, do it.

I once had a Fat Boy. His name was Mick. Or was it Louie? Doesn't matter. It was a very SMALL affair.

Mrs. McCarthy


I just returned from Key West, Florida. Everyday before I left my hotel room I rubbed on some FAT BOY MARINADE. I can't believe what a nice bronze tan I got from FAT BOY MARINADE. It really blocks the suns harmful UV rays while at the same time acting as a skin moisturizer. People say my skin has never looked more healthy. Thanks FAT BOY MARINADE!!!!!

Sandra D

I used to have some SMALL BOY MARINADE. As a matter of fact I used to get it a few times a week at undisclosed and secretive locations until his wife found out. (I called her and told her.) Now I haven't had any of his SMALL BOY MARINADE in like 6 years. No biggie, it wasn't as good as the marinade his wife was getting online. Oh.......the good old days huh JL?


Who the hell is Sandra D?



I know

Doesn't she work at a donut shop making cruellers?


just wanted to say that FS looks like a homo in the red mustang i saw him in

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