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March 21, 2006


Tommy Voila

Good job kids, its time someones teaches these crooked cops a lesson, i bet the whole story was the complete opposite and the officer attacked the kids first, and like the other article said about the paddocks owner knew he was hitting a police officer is BS, if some guy ran in my restaurant with regular clothes i would think they tryin to rob me or something i would choke them also, they lucky he didnt get shot, and the only reason why the police officer said the owner knew he was a cop is because he prob. has a grudge with the man or feels like hes above the law and can get away with ne thing and in this city its basically true.

Jimmy D.

You pieceof crap. The only thing you would choke is your chicken you little pussy. You're probably the asshole parent of one of these asshole kids. Yours genes are pre-disposed to produce retards you little punk. Officer Freitas is one of the best cops in Someville and his word is beyond question. If he said they attacked him that's what happend. Only an asshole would say "Good job kids" for attacking a cop. So why don't you do society a favor and die, you punk.

concerned citizen

Tommy(I don't know who you are) but you are SO RIGHT!!He did hit one of them first.
Jimmy D must be a cop or related to one. Why won't you use your full name like Tommy did? Jimmy has it ALL wrong. These kids were walking down Medford St., Yes they were causing a disturbance by kicking and throwing a recycling bin and yes they were approached by an intoxicated Mr. Freitas (we'll call him Mr. because he DID NOT identify himself as a poilce officer that night no matter what the great officer Freitas has to say)When he approached the kids they thought he was some drunk from a St Patricks Day party. He was yelling at one of them called one of the kids an idiot and slapped him in the head. Thats when one of the boys PUSHED him not PUNCHED him and he fell. The boys got scared and ran.Thats when freitas calls to his buddies and says he was assualted.You know there are may people that think Fretas suffers from "Napoleon Syndrome" (for all that don't know what it is - it's little man syndrome) so he talks and walks a good game.Unless you were there you do not know the truth and if you were then you know the article is a bunch of bullshit. It's another cover up because some young kids headed home and one ends up with a beating for nothing but tossing and kicking a recycling bin and making alot of noise and a drinking off duty police officer comes up with another bullshit story. Was I there? Maybe I'll try to reach one of the asshole parents.


Vinny- from your language on these comments, I don't doubt that you're one of Mr. Freitas' best friends. If your aim was to make Freitas's story believable you just did a great job(not.You must come from the same bottom of the barrel as he.


Oh sorry- you sounded like a "VINNY" Jimmy D


Concerned & Tommy... First of all, neither of you were there so you can't make those statements. Secondly, even if he did not identify himself as an officer (which I do believe he did) they still beat on someone. They still broke the law. I know the kids in question and they are no good punks. If not this then they will eventually be in prison for another reason. Wake up! This is similar to the situation with the Medford police. The "liberals" will all come out and fight for the kids (because they want martial law) and then the truth will come out and the kids and "liberal" adults will look like fools.




Were you there? How do you know what kids they were? Unless you were one of the police officers. Let me fill you in on something in case you didn't know.
The Somerville Police do not have a great track record when it comes to roughing up people. e.g the school teacher who just settled a case and the holiday inn incident to name just 2 so if I were you I'd stop sticking up for the police and give these kids a chance.

Solh Zendeh

You know, instead of hiding inside and hoping they don't kick your garbage can, or hit your car why can't people actually get involved. I had to run out and intervene between a group of young "kids" (12-14 year olds) and my tenant. These are kids that are *screaming* anti-gay epithets and throwing rocks (they hit cars, houses etc).

So I'm stuck telling a group of 4 "kids" to take off before the cops show up. They start giving me a hard time and it looks like they want to fight me, until the cops show up (I didn't call them). They wise off to the cops and he finally picks one of them up by the neck just to get him to shut up.

Wouldn't you know it but not a *single* neighbor came out until after the cops show. Come on people - stop closing your shades and turning up the tv. Support your neighbors and *get out there* if there are some kids causing a problem. You don't need to say or do anything, there just need to be enough people out there and they will find another place to be.-


Lets consider this paper "The Wash". Then, lets see if the truth eventually comes out. I know there are at least 2 sides to every story. And I have heard it takes 2 to tangle.


actually, I like the post before mine better! That makes a lot of sense! Get involved!

Mrs. McCarthy

I'm going to get myself in deep crap for saying this. But what the hell.

God I miss the old days when if a punk pulled shit in the neighborhod, you could kick them in the ass, drag them home to the parents and then watch while the father or mother kicked the shit out of them again.

Not today my friends. Today, if you even look at some of them the wrong way, they spit, swear and threaten you. Then you call the cops and the kids spit, swear and threaten them too. And if the parents happen to be home or the cops can get them on the cell, the parents scream and curse at the cops as well.

Kids learn from other kids and their parents. Do you really think that bringing the problem kid to the problem parent will acomplish anything?

And please, I've been around this town longer than most of you so don't give me that crap that you have to be tolerant and understanding of the "pressures" the kids are under today. I know it's extremely hard for parents to make ends meet and keep a vigilant eye on the spawn, but trust me you parents reading this, if you don't control them now, it's going to cost you big time down the road.

Just a Thought,

Mrs. McCarthy


Mrs mccarthy,
Pretnd you're a kid on the way home from a school dance a man who clearly has been drinking approaches you for making alot of noise,calls you an idiot then slaps you in the head, what would you do? Now he chose to come across the street and approach these kids when all he had to do was yell across the street "i'm going to call the police!" I'm not making any excuses for these kids but some adults need to think before acting especially when you've had a couple of drinks, police officer or no police officer.

The Frozen Hotdog

What kind of parents let their children roam the streets so late at night. The parents probably need a slap too.

Cindy's an Idiot

Why would a cop yell across the street that he was going to cal the cops when he is, in fact, a cop. Additionally, your assertion that he was drunk is nothing more than latent bigotry that everything associated with St. Patricks Dy and the Irish must involve drinking. Ergo, because it was St Patrick's Day, the little Portagi must have been drunk. I hope Mrs. cCarthy kick your fat ass upside your third chin.

You and that chump Tommy make a fine pair.

stero typing

why is it that everyone must associate drinking with St. Patricks Day and that the Irish are nothing but drunks?? Your right Cindy I also hope that Ms. McCarthy kicks there ass for implying it. Sterotyping everyone in a group isn't a good thing.

Mrs. McCarthy

All right, all right. Just stop. Mrs. McCarthy is not about to kick anyones ass.(I doubt I could keep my balance on one leg anyway).

Talk about comments that backfired........

My point to the parents that read the post was simple. If they have a potty, smart-ass mouth around you in the house, there is a great likelihood that behavior is shown outside too. Cop or no Cop.............


Mrs. McCarthy


People love fireman and hate the police.

The police are totally unapreciated. Regardless of what took place on Saint Paddy's day, the libral assasins of Somerville will always be against Police Officers. What happened to the days of smacking a kid in the back of the head, making him spit and bringing him home to his parents. Liberals Suck. Don't worry it will come back to haunt em.


As Signore Importante once said..."Kids with guns".


chuck norris was walking down the street and a blind cop stepped on his foot and chuck norris said "do u know who i am"? The blind cop said no. at the mere mention of his name the blind cop regained his sight. and the first and last thing he saw was a round house kick by chuck norris.

chuck norris supports the kids!

James Norton

For those that saw a comment posted by "Somerville Native" and for the commeneter him/herself...

While we encourage open, free discussion and discourse here and promote the ideas of free speech as we should in the pactice of good journalism, the type of language used by this person's comment was offensive, disgusting and made no contribution to anything on here. I subsequently removed the comment and banned the person from posting again.

Children and elderly people read this weblog, try to keep that in mind when you decide to tee off with no regard for good taste and think you're going to hit your point more emphatically by wildly insulting and using foul language.

Expletives are a part of our language, it is true - but rude and foul behavior isn't and it won't be tolerated on here.

If you want to use other (more acceptable) language, mention people not by name but by initials and stay within the other rules and guidelines I have gone over numerous times here, then thats fabulous. If you want to act recklessly, then I will unpublish the comments and ban you - and continue to ban you if you can't respect the rules on here.

Thanks to everyone else for reading and commenting. If anyone has an issue or a question or feels they want to contact me - click the email link (my name below).


Get at me nice guy

Truth if you know these kids tell me what their names are? I go to school with these kids and they don't do anything that gets them in trouble.

Get at me nice guy

somerville youth worker

if you take half the negative energy in these posts and put it into one kid in your neighborhood, you might change that kids life. Being a mentor to a youth in Somerville will give that youth hope in his or her future...

try kid...


Although it might be said that I'm more for the "assailants" since I am a friend & fellow student of three of these teenagers, I'm just here to say one thing. The majority of people will always take the word of a cop over a young teen and I feel you should truly consider both sides of a story. We will all see how this ends in some time following.....anyone has anything to say to me, they have my email.

-Kristiana F.

No thanks

No thanks somerville youth worker. Writing nasty things about people on the blog is much more fun. I actually don't care about the kids in Somerville because I live in Reading. I moved out of Somerville a long time ago when the Canadians started moving in.


No thanks,

I'm not from Somerville either and I'm not enjoying people posting nasty things about people I know and are friends of mine.

Tell Us How

Tell us how to be a mentor.

Mentor me

The best way to be a mentor is to show kids that it is ok for a man to marry another man or a woman another woman. We should teach the children to be tolerant of all people no matter what race, creed, religion or sexual orientation. JUST KIDDING!!!!! We should teach the children that if they don't get the hell out of Somerville in a hurry they'll wind up brainwashed by the Liberal know-it-alls like LA LA Mortadella and all his beret wearing freakshow friends. Extra duck sauce please!!!!!!!!!

somerville youth worker

Easiest thing to do is get involved with the Somerville Youth Council...they're always looking for adult leadership/mentors to help the youth on the Council.

Somerville Youth Council

The Somerville Youth Council is a group of youth leaders (aged 14 to 19) from across the City representing various youth leadership development programs. These youth leaders bring a wide diversity of perspectives and agendas to the task of catalyzing and influencing change through cooperative and results-driven advocacy, strategic analysis of youth issues in the City, respectful communication and community organizing. The Youth Council is sponsored by the Somerville Youth Workers Network in cooperation with The Somerville Community Corporation and the Center for Teen Empowerment.

Contact Jesse Kanson-Benanav or Amy Schnitzer at (617) 625-6600 ext. 2254 for information, or the SCYP at Ext.2255.


Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer, to bad Chuck Norris doesn’t cry.


Chuck Norris sleeps with a nightlight on, not because he’s afraid of the dark, but because the dark is afraid of him.

Andy Dufrense

You Know, when I first moved to Somerville I looked up at that First American Flag in Union Square and thought to myself “this land is my land”. I believed and envisioned that this mural represented the heart and mission of the Somerville as a community. I am finding that a lot of you complain about other groups here and about gentrification without realizing that gentrification is a common problem to all of the different people here. Gentrification threatens all of the residents and our homes and propertie. Not just your particular group. There are going to be a lot of businesses coming in for the sole purpose of making money off all of us. They won’t care about our land, parks, homes, and our resident parking unless they have some opportunity to make money by doing so.
One of the main preconditions for this type of development is "a population of low-income [residents] with little political or economic power to fight for their territory." Compared to many recently gentrified neighborhoods in big cities like Chicago, Somerville has a decent amount of power, culture, friends, and the potential for a lot more political self-determination by all the different groups. Our neighborhood's best shot at maintaining a mixture of truly affordable and market rate housing, of keeping out forces who just want to make money at our expense is local political involvement by residents who identify themselves as real stakeholders in support of this goal. But a lot of you just complain. You make up crap about being pushed out. When what you are really doing is selling out! You are a bunch of sell outs. Area rents and property values will undoubtedly displace some of the current residents. But when you don’t work with all the new groups you are actually allowing our town to be sold out. When you move out and sell your house, you are giving a ton of money to the Banking industry that invented the 50 year mortgage and balloon payments just so you take the money and run and sell out.
How many people today would pass up 2 million dollars to do the right thing for their neighbors? Maybe one that we know of. Well we need a lot more of these folks here.
What we should be doing is fighting like hell to stay here. We should be fighting to keep the rest of your town, parks, community businesses, neighbors and newcomers working together to fight these banks, developers, big box retailers who will steal and copy some artists work by having people in china make reproduce it for 10 cents a hour. There are definitely different perspectives represented by local renters, homeowners, artists, Portuguese, Brazilian, damn liberals, yuppies, old Somervillians and local mom and pop business community. Each group will have a different view of gentrification --the opportunities and risks. What it means for Somerville as a whole and how this gentrification actually plays out in our neighborhood will have much to do with how these groups work--or don't work--together as a community. If you're concerned about gentrification, local organizations like the Somerville community corporation can help. But like the groups that put that flag up in Union square and the folks that threw all the tea in the harbor you guys should be fighting and working together to overcome the powers that have you all duped. If you do, you can ensure that this city isn’t sold out any further than it needs to be.

Jordan Ryan

For the people who are making statements on what happned and who was right should just stop talkng because you werent there.
yea i am friends with the kids in this story and they definately arent going to hit a cop for no reason neither would most people its just stupid. this cop is *********, everyone who i have talked to about this guy doesnt like him and says ***********************. im guessing that this guy felt like an idiot because he hit one of my friends thinking they would just take it but it was perfectly fine to defend themselves especially since he was pushed not even punched (which he should have been).they ran after pusing him to just get away from this ignorant asshole and never jumped him or punched him.also most importantly he never identified himself as a cop.nobody would ever jump somebody after they went up to them and said somerville police "oh my god somerville police,I know lets jump him)no that doesnt happen.
anyways jus lettin people kno the truth
shout outs to chuck norris too chyeah

Chuck Norris sucks

CHUCK NORRIS sucks. Everyone knows that only chinese people are good at karate. Makahai!!!!!!

Anthony Coviello

The story is absolutly rediculous. The cop was not assulted. I know each one of the kids and 3 out of 4 of them have never even been in a real fight. this is all bull. on top of that, the somerville journal forgot to state the the cop was off duty, and in normal attire and did not say anything about being a cop. I thought we were all taught self defense as kids and now when you use it you get BS'd. but of course its cop vs. kids and look who has the badge, so guess who will probobly win. Lastly, the cop assulted the kids not the other way around. He hit one of them in the eye with the but end of the flashlight and then threw his face in a garden of rocks n stepped on his head. Has anyone seen the kids face, IT IS MESSED UP. n Im sory but he didnt get that from beaten the cops ass, he got that from the cop beatin his ass. He also has the rocks with his blood staind all over them. So c'mon people. we all know we have a record of dirty cops in Somerville, and this is just another god damn case of cops thinking that they are above the law and thinking that they can do whatever the hell they want. this is rediculous and somthing needs to be done.


Its funny how the police would do anything to make themselves look like they're enforcing the law. I was there, and tha report that Marcos Freitas made is 100% BS. We were actually going home messing around kicking recycle bins. No man has the right to run out of their house and run across tha street and hit sombody for nothing. Did he identify himself as a cop? No he didnt. Was he drinking? Yes he was beacuse you can smell the acholohol. So whoever said that he wasn't drinking please shutup. so he ran across the street with his fist clenched ready to fight saying " You think thats F***ing funny? you're messing with city property" then he came up to us and called my boy an idiot then smacked him. Was that in the paper? No it wasn't. Then thats when i pushed him. He fell after that and then he ran. I pushed him because he attacked us and my life was threatned, so i defended it.
Nobody hit him after that so i dont know what he's talking about with the scars and stuff. he said he had a witness, they're obviously lying too because the story isnt true. we actually stopped running beacuse we thought we lost him. then we were heading home and we turned around and sw him behind us. We ran because we didnt want a crazy stranger that attacks people knowing where we lived Did the report say that he kicked one of us in the face in my yard? Did he tell you how he hit one of them numerous times with a flashlight? or how he punched another in his face? The cops even put words in my mouth. saying that i said “I punched the guy because he was gonna hit my friend,” Thats BS i didn't say that, and please don't put words in my mouth. what i really said is " I PUSHEd him beacuse you hit my friend" i aslo sid that to him in his face.. Like a man. he made up a story like a little boy. if u were man enough to hit us and beat us, be man enough to own up to it. so they article should be changed to what really happened and instead of saying " pack pf teens attack a cop" you should try putting the truth and say " An Unidentifiyed cop Attacks a pack of teens"

Cops & Kids

Slapping youths around used to be part of the cops & kids promgram. Shame on the parents for allowing their children to be out on the street so late. I Blame the parents for this one. Maybe they deserved a fresh one!

James Norton

This is a tough one to comment about, not because I indirectly know the people involved through friends, etc, but also because nobody really knows what happened unless they were actually there. Creating a self-imposed media blitz by blogging here does little to bolster anyones claim of what really happened and quite honestly I find it distasteful that some of you people continue to be rude and use full names of policemen (whether you like them or not), private citizens and use foul language thinking you're making your point, when in fact you are just dumbing it all down. And then your point is lost. Hey don't get me wrong, I tee off on people too - and you have a right to say whatever you want on here, but I have the right to impose my rules to anyone on here, even friends of mine (and I have).
In a short period of time I'm going to grow very tired of editing your comments and I'll just shut them all down - do yourselves a favor and stay within the guidelines, be creative in what you say, and express yourselves, but don't ruin it for everyone else and don't piss me off.

Chew on that.


Brenda Fraher

I am a school administrator. These four boys
are youths to be proud of. All four do well in school, play many sports and are respectful. They have never been in any trouble. I challenge the citizens of Somerville to not sterotype teenagers.
These boys were afraid of a strange man who approached them screaming. They were not "attacking a police officer". Please Somerville news staff, GET TO THE TRUTH. We owe it to these students to listen to them.

Andy Dufrense

You guys would be in real big trouble if you were black. No one would of thought twice about believing you were lying about the whole thing. You know its not just the police force that is corrupted. It is the whole cumminty. Mostly just because good people don't speak up for what is right. You should not be go around kicking recycle bins either. If what you are telling us is true one of two things will happen. The town will cover up the mess or you guys can stand up and file a civil suit to uncover the bullshit so that our town will be better for in the long run.

Good Luck!

Anthony Coviello

I agree that you guys need to file a civil suite because i know the truth and i have known them all since i was in diapers. but on top of that, people are blaming it on their parents, all of there parents are good people and each one of them has a house in the area, they were simply walking home from a St. Patricks Day dance, typical of parents 2 let high school students do. Now lets not jump to conclusions and point any fingers because the ones that were really hurt in this show by simply looking at the damage on their bodies that they recieved and also by giving them a criminal record for a false felony when none of the four have any type of records. so please, understand the story from both sides, but ive known these kids so long that its not in their nature and I know for a fact that the story from the police officer is false.

-Anthony Coviello

Twilight Zone

I've live here all my life and watched the cops come and go - some good, some bad, some hiding out waiting for their pensions and some even going out on disability. You'd think in today's society and the ability for people to communicate as well as we do, that the opportunity to put good people on the job would be more prevalent - oh how wrong can we be - in recent years, there have been scandals here and there and it seems to me that just like almost everywhere, the cops are crazy.

It's like they've gone nuts with power. The cop in this story is a liar, and when the people who need to testify do so, I hope he gets hung out to dry and loses his pension and is disgraced, maybe he will get jail time (one can hope).

There should a full-scale investigation by an outside law enforcement agency on not only this incident, but oh so many more most people never hear about. This city has proven time and time again it can't investigate a goddamned thing on its own. How many more things have to happen before people start making some noise? Is it going to be a shooting next time?

Don't think that this one cop is the only power abusing, rude, punk asshole on the job either - you all see them, driving around on their cell phones while on duty, smoking big ass cigars with silly shades on leaning to the side and driving with one arm up on the steering wheel - like we did when we were teenagers - like punk ass kids. Discraceful, disgusting and revolting.

Case in point - as I was walking into CVS in Magoun Square yesterday - theres a cop blocking people trying to back up and even other people trying to both get in and out of the parking lot - chatting up a storm with a friend in another car, equally blocking the same people. And this rude piece of crap blatantly gives people dirty looks like he is entitled to do whatever he wants - like he shouldn't be bothered with them. Giving dirty looks to people just trying to get on with their lives - and none of them even beeped at him out of respect for the uniform. And other cops taking their donut breaks in the back - watching him do it.

A classless bunch of morons with guns. These are the rude assholes we pay to guard our safety - how comforting.

They blog on here, it's obvious - you could see it last year and you see it in some of the blogs on this story too. They should have some respect for the badge they wear and conduct themselves professionally and with morals and ethics, not like this garbage lying cop whose reputation preceeds him in this story and the rude sshole in the parking lot at CVS yesterday.

Don't be cattle and go along with the herd. Call and complain to everyone about how awful it is here to even drive down the damned street for fear that the cops are going to act towards you if you get pulled over. God forbid someone someday gets shot for looking at one the wrong way.

Good Luck!

Martin Eden

That is exactly why the chief should report directly to the mayor and why they are fighting so hard to keep it from happening. Once this happens, the police are accountable to OUR ellected officials. Make it Happen!

Solh Zendeh

I feel bad for the kids that this happened to. I feel sorta bad for the kid that was choked by the cop during my run in. But I was a "good kid" too, and so were my friends in high school - and one of my friends was slapped in the face by a cop and dragged from his car for no good reason (really!) - and I was harassed numerous times myself by cops.

Welcome to the real world kids! When you kick someone's trash can or throw rocks or whatever, sometimes you'll get a nice guy like me that just tell you to move your ass on down the road. And sometimes you get an (allegedly) drunk cop that picks a fight with you.

Again, I ask everyone to simply get involved in what is going on outside your front door. I think if a couple of neighbors simply came out on their porches that night things might have ended up differently.

Twilight Zone

Hey look at this. The State is now arguing that Somerville does not need to get a green line extention. They said the biggest reasons and arguments given for mass transit was to decrease traffic and pollution. The State is saying that we are obvioussly not interested in decreasing traffic and pollution becasue we want to put in big box retail. "it would be a huge waste of money to move forward with a green line if Somerville moves forward with assembley sqaure plans. For every cubic meter of air we clean those hypocratic bastards are going pollute 4 times that" What kind of message are we sending the state here?

What causes this? check it out:


To Martin Eden:
What the heck have you been smoking lately???? This is exactly why the Chief shouldn't report directly to the Mayor or Alderman.......all they are good for is sweeping crime under the rug, ie;
Trafficgate ,Kotygate, all of the mayor's buddies making a killing getting sweet contracts from the city. The list goes on and on.

Don't get me wrong there are a lot of good cops on the job that really do care but with the ACTING Midget Chief in charge the morale down at the station is a mess. There is no leadership or as the Mayor likes to say "accountability" on the Police Force as no one respects the Midget or listens to him, except for his arse kissers.

Solh Zendeh

Twilight, I don't see anything in that article that specifically addresses Somerville. Is there a link you can provide with specific information on the green line/assembly specifically? Thanks!

Martin Eden

To Brickbottom :

This takes time. I did'nt say this Mayor. with the right resolve and ellected officials we can start the process...


I just like to say, I like seeing everyone comment and get involved with/into this.

Jimmy D.

Just look above to see all the quality thugs that are lining up to take the sides of three young numbskulls who attacked a person (regardless of the fact that they didn't know he was a cop). They should all be taken down to Foss Park and pilloried for being scumbags and enemies of decent law abiding people.

What an absolute disgrace it is that the majority of these trouser-trouts support the clowns who got arrested. The parents of these kids should be taken out and publicly humiliated for the types of kids they're raising. There isn't any more personal accountability.

The parents of these ass-monkeys think oh no, it couldn't be my little Johnnie or Eduardo who caused the crime, it must be the 4 foot cop and charged into the group of angels on their way to CCD.

Get a grip on your kids and yourself. And for all of you dopes above, get a grip on reality. The little "darlings" reaped what they sowed.

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