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March 31, 2006



Mr. Desmond,

You say: "The job combines my two strengths – politics and management of facilities."

With those strengths, you should be applying for a building superintendent’s job.

You also say: You are a Director of Voice and Data operations? What a coincidence, I gave that title to my 12 year old when I saw how she handles my cell phone.

Most of us (including everyone who endorsed you) would like nothing more than to see you out of the BOA. But we all know what is going to happen if you somehow pulled off a miracle and won the court hack job. You would put JLS or TL in your vacated alderman’s seat. Go on; tell me I'm wrong. blah blah blah.

Any way you slice it. Somerville ends up getting screwed again.

Think about it people. It's a no win situation.

Good Night All.

PS: Desmond is lousy!



You are really pissing me off.
You banned me from posting because I used the word SUCK?

You are such a little weasel!

Haven’t you realized by now that it doesn’t matter how many times you ban me I will come up with a new IP address and be right back on in minutes?

You and your “day to day rules” are schizophrenic at best.

I dare you to allow this post to remain. Have you got the sac?

James Norton

Fortune Teller -

What the hell are you talking about? The earlier post? I didn't ban you because of the word suck (although I would if the word was used obscenely) - you used the word shit in a very rude manner.

There are kids and grandmothers who come to this site you moron. Do I care if I'm pissing you off, hell no. You have a problem with me, you'll get over it.

It has nothing to do with you - I see all the different comments that you've done, plenty of them not unpublished or banned. If you honestly think you can win the war of the words on here and I can't figure out all the IP addresses you use, then I guess you're as arrogant as you are ignorant.

And foolish too.

You don't like someone and want to comment about that person, that's cool - this is a public weblog - and you have the right to say what you want, and I have no problem with anyone who wants to toss some grenades at me too - I'm as much fair game as anyone. But please, don't be so crass - you're obviously more intelligent than that.

So I'm not the bad guy - because all I ask is that you make your case, speak your mind, but don't say stuff that could lead to a lawsuit, don't be more hurtful and nasty than you need to be, and try to use caution when you use language on here.

My kids read this weblog, other peoples kids read this stuff. We leave the comments open here to create discussion and give people the chance to comment about things and people, some good, some bad, most with a sense of morality.

That's all I've ever asked. If we can't keep some kind of guidelines so everyone can be interactive on here, then we might as well shut down the comments, or make it so every one is approved before it is published, or make an email verified account in order to post - those seem too censory to me, you have to agree.

I thought you and others on here liked this freedom. It doesn't have to be as unmoderated as it is. Don't attack me because I'm being a decent person and trying to walk the fine line between open, honest commentary and censored dialoge like that crappy SpeakOut in the other paper.

I hope I'm making sense to you and everyone else. If not, that's fine too.


Snowflakes Eleven

You tell him Jamie! The Fortune Teller sounds like a Jerk to begin with! Ban the Bum! If he can't follow the rules tell him to go into politics!



Point taken. I do sometimes get carried away. I don't recall using the word Shi*.
However, I do understand what you’re saying loud and clear. I just couldn’t understand which rule I broke. YOU of all people know how hard it can be to bite your tongue and take a hard swallow.

As I have said many times, This website is a great place to vent without doing physical harm to someone or something.

Sorry for being crass with you. I certainly do understand and will “try” to behave.

To Snowflake eleven,

You assume I am a jerk.
You assume I am a male.
You assume I am not a Politician.
I hope you don't gamble because your assumptions are 100% wrong.

PS.... I Hate Desmond

Snowflakes Eleven

To Fortune Teller:
Usually my assumptions are correct. I may be wrong about you being a male. I also may be wrong about you not being a politician AKA Hack. But I'm not wrong about you being a JERK at that particular time! But! Now that you have apologized to The All Mighty One (Jamie N), I take back assuming that you are a total jerk. Maybe a partial one but not a total one. Your new friend and web-blog-Penpal,
Snowflakes Eleven

PS: Please just follow the rules so we don't ruin it for everyone of us here!


Peace with everyone and god blesses even the Progressives that blog on here. God loves everyone and we should love our neighbors, just don't have to vote for them. Politcians lie and go to confession then receive communion. then back to lying on Mondays, I think we can add Billy Shelton to this catorgory. Peace and remember God loves us each and everyone. I said a special prayer this am at church for everyone in Somerville.


Very good site. You are doing great job. Please Keep it up....!

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