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March 28, 2006



I think one Sullivan for 48 YEARS is enough, that hackarama needs a good cleaning out!


Old Benz

Is this guy kidding me? How many of his old high school friends from Lowell is it going to take to get him elected? Too many. Michael Sullivan has already raised well over $100k for this campaign and he hasn't even tried. Bruce the Silly Goose has no money in his coffers. How the hell does he expect to pull this one off. Furthermore, Sullivan has a personality which helps when you are a politician. I wouldn't waste too much time helping Brucey in this race. It will certainly be a fruitless effort.


He's better than the other Sullivan at the SHA, but not as good as Dennis.

Anyone But Desmond

Hey Desmond, You will never win that race. You are a loser and will always be a loser. In case you can't tell, We can’t stand you. You are an arrogant, pretentious jackass who will not have any political future in this city or anywhere else in the commonwealth for that matter. Hang it up chump!

PS, You Suck

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