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March 27, 2006



Mike! How can you do this to me? How can you leave me hanging out to dry like this!?!?!??
I was the best coffee-boy you ever had! I know I was useless when we did Highland Ave over, and when you made me the Super of Buildings an Grounds, but c'mon.......I used to be a SOMEBODY! Now all I am is a part-time loser at the SHA.The guys are leaving phalic symbols on my desk! And the bad part is that they are starting to look sexy to me! I know you tried to help me out by putting me there but everyone hates me. I'm sorry I ran against SOD, but I can't help but being an idiot.I'm a small man like TL, and we have that small man's syndrome thing going on. I guess that's why you've forsaken me. I'm sorry. If only Tony L could be Mayor, then I'd show everyone what a good boss I'd be. There wouldn't be a dog park in a 50 mile radius of Somerville! KILL THE DOGS and bring back Sandy!!!

What happened to Ciampi!!!!!!!

What happened to Ciampi. Rumor has it that the congressman let both ciampi and john l loose along time ago. Is this true.

That's what happened to Ciampi!!!!!!!!!

You know what's really sad, that deep down you know what a great guy Ciampi is!!! But,You just have to hop on the band wagon with those scum bags. Take a minute & think... has he ever done anything ever cruel to you or anyone else you know. NO, b/c that is not him. But b/c he didn't jump on your little band wagon you are punishing him for that. I'm glad he didn't!! Look what a loser you are, you have nothing better to do than to post a blog about him. Really take a minute & think about what you wrote & exactly what business you have even asking about him. Don't be soo quick to jump, form your own opinions. Ciampi & John L are two wonderful people! It really is sad you can't see that. I really do believe you do know great people those two are but you are afraid you will be punished by those scum bag politians for believing such a thing. As for John L & Ciampi God Bless You!


Riley gets the nod from the Mass. Mules. Deval drifts off into the sunset. Mike is a hero to the part of his constituency he needs to keep secure (he already has Somerville and Cambridge wrapped up), Slurpee guy is a non-entity, and Muffy walks away with it all in November. Just watch.

march maddness

It really is sad the way the politics are going in the city. To hear the way people have to be cut up by the SCUMS that are all the little puppets to the politicans. PLEASE find something better to do. JL and Ciampi have done nothing but good for the city and some people. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Muffy all the way

Muffy already has it won. The rest of clowns should throw in the towel now. Give it a rest!!!!!!!


Ciampa was a double dipping (Alderman-Rep) no good for nothing follower that voted the way he was told to vote. If he ever came up with an original idea hell would freeze over. Tell me one bill that he wrote himself and was passed on Beacon Hill.....just one? Tell me one initiative that he sponsered in the Alderman Chambers that made Somerville a better place to live?
He never had a clue and still doesn't.

The only profession he was good at was making breakfast in the joint he used to own across from city hall.

Vinny make mine over easy.....ok.


I think you may have mistook the name Joe CiampI for Vinny CiampA. Not sure, but it seems that way based on the previous posts in the thread.

Ron Newman

Who is this 'Ciampi' that three of you above all refer to?



You are right sir. I never heard of this other guy and thought they were talking about the egg flipper. My mistake.

btw: Who is the other guy?


Joe Ciampi worked as, I believe, director of facilities or buildings and grounds for Mike Capuano. I had occasion to deal with him either having to do with Little League or with PTA at the Kennedy, and he was always helpful. A good guy as far as I'm concerned.


Thanks JAR......I never heard of him, so he must have been a decent guy!


This is for mike are you there? WHY DONT YOU GROW UP!!you must have a pretty boring life you keep going after people that you dont even know! decent people that is!!! Mr.Ciampa and Mr.JLSullivan are nice people and decent!!You should look at who the Looser is!! it's you if you have not noticed!!!


thats right BC and JL are to great guys and for all you that cant see that you must have your heads so far up this administration arse that when the mayor farts you all stink

History repeats Itself soon

About 10 years ago, when Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly was Middlesex district attorney, he launched an investigation into the corruption in Somerville. The Somerville mayor at the time happened to be none other than Capuano.

Reilly's investigators showed up unannounced at Somerville City Hall with subpoenas and left with boxes of records. That's the way investigators generally work. They don't call up the targets of their probes beforehand. They don't say they're planning on stopping by.

The way the two politicos tell the story, Capuano was off-the-wall livid that Reilly didn't tip him off about the probe. In other words, Reilly was conducting his investigation in the honest and forthright way. Capuano wanted it done the old-school way. He wanted to be paid more respect. It didn't matter that no indictments or charges were ever brought. Capuano has barely had a civil word for or with Reilly ever since. He hasn't even tried hiding his disdain.

This might explain why Capuano has been taking immature sucker punches at Reilly from the sidelines of the gubernatorial campaign. It might also be the real impetus behind the Patrick endorsement. For the last decade, the eternally underwhelming Capuano has been hiding in the brush, waiting to pounce, and he saw this as his big chance.

When I called Capuano, his press spokeswoman would only say, ''You have a nice day." Later, she e-mailed me a statement that said even less.

Which is too bad, because it would have been interesting to hear Capuano address the irony of an old-style Massachusetts politician holding a ten-year grudge offer an endorsement of a candidate because, mostly, he's new. I see.

There may be a lot of reasons to vote for Deval Patrick in the primary, but Capuano's backing isn't one of them. Actually, with his endorsement, Capuano might have just handed Patrick the heaviest piece of baggage in the campaign.

Reilly Sucks

Tom Reilly's a punk. Mike C. made the right move distancing himself from that self-serving A-hole.


eh, might that probe have something to do with the wendy's and winter hill gang?

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