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March 03, 2006


James Norton

Moron -

Just kidding Bill. I enjoyed your column this week. I slot myself politically in no particular direction, having wished to vote for Clinton for a third term, but ending up instead voting for Bush rather than vote for spineless Gore and jellyfish Kerry. Like him or his policies or hate him, at least Bush doesn't blink - you have to admire that quality in a President.

As a student of history myself, I find your column to be very accurate in factual data and in your portrayal of Cheney as a power hungry sonofabitch. This guy is one of the luckiest bastards on the planet both politically and financially.

He has played a big role in Bush having the crappiest approval record in history. I don't wish him dead, but I do wish his deteriorating health to ramp up a possible departure from office and at least give the Republicans a shot at putting someone half way decent in the next election.

I'm not saying I want a Republican to win - I think the next President should be a tough, intelligent and pragmatic Democrat. There should be a shift back and forth because there are good things about both parties that we need in place.

Cheney is making it easier for HRC to just walk into office, and this next comment has NOTHING to do with her being a female, but this country is NOT ready for her, not as President.

Good work Bill.


Good Point James

Good point about the need for a power shift, James. However, I think "a tough, intelligent and pragmatic Democrat" is a contradiction in terms and as elusive as a unicorn. Take a good look at the rogues gallery we have to choose from:
Kennedy- pick any one of them
Clinton- pick either
and so on and so on.

It *is* funny

Great article Bill. Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Thanks for posting it.

Joe Biden

Christ. I get no respect.

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