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March 29, 2006


Ward 2

I am glad the funding was given to the school, esp. considering that the old one was already torn down and the neighborhood does not have a nearby alternative school (Cummings is not close, nor is Kennedy). But I do wonder about what this overall process says about the City's overall system for planning and budgeting for capital improvements. I don't think anyone working for the City is doing a bad job, I just think the systems in place don't really let the City move projects forward in a methodical manner. Many other cities have capital improvement plans or other ways to figure out how they can invest in their schools, parks, etc., thoughtfully. Until we get past the problem of new mayors not wanting to continue any policies from the old one, and the two year mayor term making short-term thinking the default, there will be more problems like this one.


I agree , most towns have a town plan and vision with steering commities that help drive the development and future of the town. Then they ellect mayors and alderman to serve that purpose. People should'nt be asking "what are the mayors plans for this?" Or "what are the aldermans plans for that?". Instead the Mayor should be working with special intrest groups, stakeholders ,and the citizens to put deals togehter that best SERVE the community as whole.
And other towns get a lot more state and federal money than we do! why is that?


...And other towns get a lot more state and federal money than we do! why is that?

Probably because they HAVE a PLAN!!!


Overheard by the foreman from Testa Demolition after the Lincoln School was torn down....."That was the best building I've ever torn down". Did they really have to spend all that money to tear down a building that wasn't that old to build a new one? Was it really neccessary? Or was it people wasting money once again in this city?


That building was costing the taxpayers over $1000 an hour for electricity alone because it was all electric heat. The whole place leaked and was moldy. The windows were so old that you couldn't see out of them. There were colonies of insects living in the basement under the foundation. The plumbing was constantly backed up.
You know what? You're right. We should have just kept sending our children there. Joe's corrupt and you're an uninformed IDIOT.

to Areyouserious

RuSerious, Tell us more
Do we ever have problems like this where one little group can ruin a good project for us. Mostly becuase they can bully the mayor and the alderman and becuase the rest of us are not informed and we are not speaking up?
Look at this, does it remind you of our town?

This is why everyone needs to work together. So we can't be bullshit and have our town run by antics like these.

Martin Edin

You know,

I am starting to see what this guy is saying. There is more sides to every story and the seems the residents side is getting looked over. Parking is a big issue and a lot of residents can't find parking on there own street becuase business let their out of town patrons park there and because fat plumbers who charge Phat rates think they can park anywhere in our town. Look at the meeting minutes. Business are getting all the parking and I bet the home owner who does not have a drive way is not allowed to build one. check it out.

78R Mt. Vernon Street:

Check out the past planning board meetings:

Businesses are getting special permits to so that they don't have to add parking and residents who now have to build driveways are getting turned down. There are a lot of houses and apartments in town that don't have driveways. And we are loseing our parking spaces to fat plumbers and businesses that support our community.
Please help!

Martin Edin

I meant to say we are loseing our residential parking spaces to businesses that DO NOT support our community. there are reasons for the zoning laws but it seems the alderman and mayor are allowing the business to re write the laws in their favor. They continually allow special permits to businesses that don't create or find required parking spaces.


35 MILLION to rebuild a school?

Why don't we just buy all the students single family houses
with a live-in teacher?

How the hell does it cost that much to rebuild a school???

"35 million???????????"

KILL THE APPROPRIATIONS until that ammount is investigated!


Right on Grog. We're being taken for a ride here BIG TIME! Enough is enough. That stuff about the steel costs is a crock. True, steel prices are up, but the price increases in the project are still way out of line. The kids who go there will have grown up and moved out of Somerville and we'll still be paying on the bonds. Get real!

Mrs. McCarthy

Too late now kids. The BOA voted yes, the old school is no more, and if you say anything about delaying the project, this Administration will come after you, call you an obstructionist and accuse you of increasing the cost by asking questions about the cost.

You must be fairly new to the City. Most of the "administrators" of public projects in this city are hacks, ergo, not qualified to design, develop nor manage projects of this size and scope.

But don't listen to me. I don't know nuthin. I believe the Mayor when he says that the State Treasurer promised him the shortfall due to inflation. (NOT!!!!)

Just my opinion.

Andy Dufresne

Can I ask you something?

Why does something like this have to be brought up and then approved at a board of Alderman meeting (see Below)? Don't we have laws, ordinances, and a proper process already in place for this sort of thing? I mean is it not enough for a citzen to call someone and report this in order for it to be taken care of? Do rules, laws and ordinances only apply after the BofA unamously votes to say they do? Whats up?
Please tell me we don't have to go this far everytime we want to get things done or be protected.

By Ald. Roche, That the Director of Traffic and Parking and the Chief of Police monitor Sturtevant St. for truck trailers being detached and left for days on the street.

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