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February 21, 2006



This is a tough one. While there have been some two dozen cities and towns across Massachusetts that have pulled the Chief's position out of civil service without the negative fallout you envision, I think I would feel a lot better about this if we had a different Mayor and a different presumptive Chief.

I think we should table this until 08. I may feel more inclined to say yes under a new Administration and with a much larger pool of candidates for Chief.

After all, our civil service Chiefs of the past, to say the least, have not exactly been able to lead effectively, nor remain above the political fray.


If we don't like what the mayor is doing what options do we have? We can not vote for him for starters. CAn we impeach him, or indite him or soemthing. Can we write bad articles that have actual facts about him or what he is doing maybe? I think the only people who have anything real to fear are the people who are doing illegal, wrong things under the table and fear they might loose their advantage as law and order come in to our town. The good old fabric may be ripe with corruption still. So we can give up a little culture to have a better tight knit community based off of values. So it sounds like we would actually have more controll over the police and our own community if we did this. The mayor would have to respond or would not be the mayor for long. If it becomes a problem we can make Rebecca Gerwitz or whatever mayor. She is doing well in ward 6...How do we get one like her in Ward 2?

lets go for it!! I am not afraid.

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