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February 11, 2006


Boy O Boy

Ok, so they declared another snow emergency isn't that wonderful. The time is 8:35 PM Saturday evening and would you believe it, there isn’t a snowflake to be seen and the DPW already has a full crew in their Trucks, waiting for that first flake to drop.

What are we dong a commercial just like the one done for Dunkin Donuts? I mean at least tune into the radio or TV to know that the snow isn’t coming for another 2,3 or even maybe 4 more hours.

The streets are bare and not a flake on the ground, unless you deem Boss Hogg a flake then I am mistaken. What a waist of taxpayer’s money. Full crew called in at 8 PM sitting in trucks idling wasting gas and overtime. Come on Joe, get someone that can really call a snow emergency and react to it properly. Not this pompous stooge you got running the DPW.


i thought you call the snow emergency before it snows that way everyone can find the right place to park?? I think the city is doing it right this time, leave them alone

Boy O Boy

Amole3, not criticizing the declaration of a snow emergency, I am questioning the timing of calling in the forces to fight the storm that isn't here as yet. It was 8 PM when I posted that post last night and the clouds were just covering the stars.

Do you know what 4 hours of overtime calculates into $$$$ for a force of 20 people? Take a look at the budget and you can figure it out. No need for the drivers to come in that early before the storm. Their equipment is all set up all they have to do when they get to work is get a load of road salt. So to have them come in 4 hours early is the question of mismanagement, not the expectations of calling a snow emergency for this storm, which was appropriate.

Peter Kim

stop complaining. you know people would complain if the snow emergency is called 2 hours "too late" and now people are complaining because the snow emergency is called "too early".

when the snow emergency was called late friday night (get on the somerville snow alert email list if you're not on it), the weather forecasts were still unsure as to exactly when the snow would start coming.

also, these snowplow drivers have lives, you know. they would probably appreciate any advance warning you can give them rather than calling them just 2 hours in advance and tell them they need to come out.


No point in driving this home. The city has plenty of cash. They just gave ex alderman from ward 6 a job to keep his retirment going so it doesn't matter what time the drivers come in. The City has a pot of gold at the end of DPW Commissioners' newly renovated driveway whic was done by the Mayor's brother-in-law, G & C Construction. Stan has to keep up with the Jones in that section of Winchester doesn't he?


Get the facts before you spout of bullshit....its a postion that was created by the state and all cities and towns all have to create this postion.....former Alderman how many years?----sounds like a good decision, jack is a nice guy, unless you can prove otherwise......and the part of the driveway in winchester....who cares if the Mayors sister did his driveway...what your point?? how do you know he didn't pay for it-- or are you going to keep throwing bullshit out there....not everything is crooked or maybe it is for you and everything you when you post bullshit at least back it us he got the driveway for us Jack isn't the right person for the job.....your and idiot...and by the way I never voted for Jack or Stan and this go ahead and assume all your want, get a life and start waking up more positive , maybe your life will be better off.


what is jack's new job?

where are the snow plowing trucks??

So all the cars are gone/towed on the even sides of the road. I'm looking out onto Broadway- not a little street - and wondering where the heck are the plows?
If you are going to get the cars out of the way, then you better get some work done. It's 12:35 and still looks like nobody's lifted a finger out there.
This Mayor looks like Elmer Fudd.

wait...I see something... I just saw two puny little pick-up trucks with mini plows drive down Broadway, a lesser-known trail in Somerville. The plows were actually down on the pavement. Shocking. Where are the big boys hiding???

noone feels my pain

All you people busting chops about the lack of plows should spend 10 minutes behind the wheel of a large plow in whiteout condiions. It isn't as easy as it looks. Especially when people park to close to intresections and stuff. The city does a good job with the narrow streets and noplace to put the snow. The DPW guys are out since last night. Their probably tired and resting before going out there again. Give em a chance people!

I'll stop complaining when...

I'll stop complaining when the parking Nazis are out of office.
If we need to have our ducks in a row (ie. get rid of cars 10 hours before the snow starts falling) then the least residents should get is our streets cleared when it actually snows.



Drive thru Medford! Cambridge! Arlington! They do NOTHING as far as plowing snow!!! Your streets are pushed back to the F(^&%$ing curbs and safe for a firetruck to come down and save your ass if something happens to you! Are you people retarded??? Do you NOT see how good Somerville ALWAYS is now? Look around. You are all spoiled bitches. And it's all because JOE wants you to be. So, say what you want about him, when he's gone, you'll be whining about the next Mayor.
Friggen whing-ass bitches, all of you.

To MyStreetLooksGood

To MyStreetLooksGood, that's because you live in Medford. Mark your boundry lines will you Mack!


Amole3; ex alderman from ward 6 is a hacker. Anyway you look at him, he comes up a hacker. What the F#$% does a Municipal Hearing Officer do for the City? Where is it in the Fiscal Year budget lines for 2006? I mean give me a break. You expect us to believe this was a real job before Jack got the boot? Show me the job and the City will show you the moe-ny.

And as far as Boss Hogg's driveway goes, the proof will be in the pudding. The reason you didn't vote for Jack, Stan or Joe is because you live up your butt. That Ward, 8 Precinct 0 was dropped from the grid years ago. There is no election commissioner that will go there to gather the ballot you so deservingly use as toilet paper.

As far as the Mayor's sister goes, she got what she wanted back from Joe when Joe sold his house he hasn't lived in for the past 4 years for $600,000 back to her for the second time. Seems brother owed her a bit of change since the 2003 elections and she was screaming for her $$$$ back. Beside the public document showing Joe's loan on the same property, $510,000 you do the math and see what you end up with as to what the Mayor owed bigger sister.

So I do have the facts plus more. What's your excuse?

Somerville Native

Hey Yuppies: SHut up or get out! We are sick of you. It's funny how this chain started. The Snow emergency warning was posted to alert you ahead of time. How can you reply to that post. I too wish that the Snow Emergency was declared later. So much later that plowing would have been impossible and you friggin Liberal Yuppie fucks wouldn't be able to buy your gay ten dollar cup of starbucks shit. When you want to say something make sure It is actually important becasue us Natives are sick of your shit!

Concerened resident

How does the city justify the notification (see copy of e-mail below) to residents at 9:37AM on Monday (after the recent snow storm) that they had less than two and a half hours to move their vehicles from municipal parking lots in which they were originally instructed to park during the snow emergency. The result of not doing so was plainly stated with the threat of "ticketing and towing." Therefore, for those citizens that use public transportation to get to work the city left no option but for them to be ticketed and towed! And what if a resident hadn't received word of the lifted ban until after noon? Residents can't possibly be sitting by their computers at any given hour just waiting for news on the parking situation in Somerville. Plainly re-iterated, when we're at work, we're there to work. The city seems to assume that its tax-paying residents should be available to "jump" when told to or otherwise suffer the consequences. I am seeing a trend recently in Somerville (and Greater Boston in general) that includes an increase in unreasonable parking rules and limitations for which their seems to be zero tolerance on the part of the Police depts., Traffic depts. and, last but not least, the tow companies. Who is reaping the benefits of these Nazi-like regulations and impositions? Many Somerville residents don't earn enough money in one day to cover the fee of being towed. I would like to think that those working in city government are trying their best to accommodate constituents and to make their lives easier, not more difficult. In my conclusion to this particular matter, I propose that residents be given at least ten to twelve hours after the lifting of a parking ban in which to move their cars.

From: On Behalf Of
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006 9:37 AM
Subject: Snow Emergency Lifted at 10am

SOMERVILLE - The City of Somerville is lifting its snow emergency as of 10 a.m. today (Monday). Residents who parked in municipal lots during the recent snow emergency have two hours from 10 a.m. (until noon) in which to move their vehicles before becoming subject to ticketing and towing.

Travel Agent

To Concerned Resident,

The City plans these snow emergencies so that certain local officials will be able to extend their culture to Somerville's Sister City, Gaeta, Italy, this coming July.

The Mayor, BOA President and JDL, Mayor's aide, recently had a trip to Gaeta, the Mayors homeland by the way, to set wheels in motion for this coming July Festival in Gaeta, Italy. So, how the hell do you expect the City to pay for the entourage that will be departing in July, to pay for the trip? You certainly don't think it is coming out of their own pockets do you?

We have a new school being constructed that is already over $10 Million short, we have a toxic waste building which houses the hardest working group in the City, and nothing is getting down to correct it, the Mayors' budget estimates are falling shorter and shorter each day and he was just informed that the State Aide he was expecting, $3.6 million, is shy $2 million more than he expected. He hasn't solved the theft issue at the Traffic Dept., let me clarify, he hasn't released their final findings of the theft. This means they know whom, but they are not telling. They figure transferring this individual out of the Traffic Department will make everything go away. Not SO!!!

We are bleeding from all sides and the Mayor and others are planning a trip to Gaeta, Italy in July. Where are the priorities in this City? Where are the answers to the questions of the stolen cash? Where is the tax relief from Assembly Square Mall? Where will the tickets for the trip come from? Same place as the Ireland tickets came from? Same place where the City pays $2,000 month for a plot of land to park cars on that is paid to a City Appointee?

I guess you and I are in the wrong business. We should become Politicians and live high on the Hog. Why not, everyone else is. All Aboard~~~~~~~~~~

Ron Newman

As most people know, private property owners are responsible for shoveling snow on sidewalks that adjoin their property.

The city should similarly be responsible for shoveling snow next to its property -- specifically the sidewalk next to the Day Street metered parking lot. Every sidewalk on Day Street is clear of snow, except for this one, which is now so icy that it's a hazard to anyone who foolishly tries to walk on it.


The city lifted the parking ban at 10am, that's true. But it was decided that since people would in fact be at work at that time that there would be no ticketing or towing. Did anyone actually get a ticket or their car towed? NO. So go back to the rock you came out from under and don't post things that simply aren't worth reading.


So, speaking of city fundraisers, does anyone have any experience getting their massively overcharged water bill fixed? How long does it take for the city to fix things, when they've already got your payment in the bank?

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