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February 06, 2006


Yorktown Street

Nice article, but I believe the woman's name is Karen Jenner?

the editors

Thank you for the correction Yorktown!


I think this story is great! The world needs more people like this to help our children. The name of the practice was not mentioned. Why? My brother seems to think it is the dentist office he goes to on Main Street in Winchester. Dr. Janis Moriarty & Dr. Pascale Berty ? I would like to know and I think others would like to know as well. They deserve thanks.


I agree "Great Story." If only more business would step in and do the right things for the community! Congratulations Doc!


I agree with both comments...I go to that office myself and it is Moriarty & Berty....they are located at 607 Main ST. in Winchester...Great office and Great Doctors! Thanks for giving back to the people who really need your services...


Yes it is a very nice article and I would like to thank the readers for your supportive comments. We really did have a great day with the children and we plan on doing this again next February. You are correct,the practice name is Moriarty & Berty, D.M.D. General Dentistry and we are located at 607 Main St. in Winchester. We have a great website too!
THANKS TO ALL OUR VOLUNTEERS, Karen Jenner and all her helpers we had a very successful day and had the pleasure of meeting and treating wonderful children.
Wendy Lombardo, Office Manager
Janis Moriarty, DMD & Pascale Berty, DMD
General Dentistry 607 Main Street
Winchester, MA 01890 781-729-7767

dentists in los angeles

I could only say that this story was great! I agree with those comments above. I hope I've read a lot of story like this.


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