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February 24, 2006


John Doe

yikes , oops

Mrs. McCarthy

George Dear,

The senate seat which you describe is not yet vacant.


Hugs and Kisses,

Mrs. McCarthy


What does it mean to be accused? Was the city councilor arrested. Kinda vague article. How bout lil more info! Is the news being soft on the GOOOOOOCH?


Galluch is a political thug. His mommy, Nancy, who is also his treasurer, is a slum lord. I'm not surprised he was "allegedly" drinking and driving. The guy is a putz. Is there anyone else in this race? Bring on the pro-life donut guy ... please!

Ron Newman has a lot more on this story.


I'm absolutely amazed that progressive democrats can not get someone to run against this guy. Do people forget Galluccio's background?

A leader in the anti-rent control movement, he was a protege of Cambridge City Councilor Bill Walsh who went to prison for various financial misdeeds. Galluccio became a City Councilor when Walsh had to resign when convicted and under Cambridge's proportional representation voting system receiving the majority of votes behind Walsh. He then played a leadership role in the state-wide ballot question to abolish rent control in the state.

He ran two nasty campaigns against Alice Wolf for State Representative and another nasty campaign against Jarrett Barrios for this Senate seat.

And now we hear he had a drunk driving conviction in 1984 and a stolen property conviction in 1985 and received a pardon from Governor Weld for both. And now this mess.

And progressives are going to let him walk into office without a campaign. Hell, he doesn't even live in the Senate district. When he ran against Barrios he said he would move into the district as required before election day (I heard he "moved" into his mother's house. Four years later he still doesn't live in the Senate district.

Like I said - amazing!

tom clarke

Paul Nowicki has been a public servant and family man for many years. He could bring honesty, integrity and a down to earth approach to the senate seat.

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