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February 27, 2006



a friend told me to check this article out, that this dude is out there and i see cuz thats some funny shit quoting Jay and Silent Bob. is there an archive of this dudes writing? youre all a little freaky on this thing, like my pops was telling me. i like that.

James Norton

Skater -

Welcome to the insanity, can you guess where else the last line of my column is from? (hint: Jason Lee did the same line in another Kevin Smith movie) If you get it right, you are twisted enough to get the humor on here so I hope you stick around.

Mrs. McCarthy -

I missed you baby, have you missed me late at night in your corner room at LSP? I'm around watching and keeping myself under the radar so to speak - last time I took a shot at someone I got my ass kicked.

Ron, Tricky et al -

Missed you crazies, hope to see an issue of the Cambriville News soon out you whack bags. I'm going to listen to the replay of Opie and Anthony from this morning.



Dog Catcher

Jim, lay off the meds, they dull the senses.

bi-pola bi-smola.

You are off the booze now get off the drugs.

let life will grab you by the nuts.

may reality awaken the real you.

just my not so humble opinion

btw, have you seen a rabid little yapper who answers to the name of Mrs McCarthy?

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