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February 03, 2006


renee martins

Hey George P. Hassett. Whats the "P" for. Pitiful as in your editing skills or pompous as in "YOU" I got two words for you George they are "SPELL CHECK"


well here we go.....another classy comment from the local mentally impaired, only moderately white trash crew....sweetheart, george didnt write this article, jn did and im sure if jn misspelled something its so you and your progeny could understand it you chimp with boobs......hey listen, someone correct me if im wrong, but isnt what a copy editor does and what gph does vastly different???? hey ill hand it to her though, she signed her own name, but aside from the comment on the wrong article, its probably not good for the family business to put a nasty insult aimed at the editor of the local paper - check the morons email address out.....

renee martins

This to Delusional/At least I'm not hiding behind "delusional." Sticks and Stones, BLAH BLAH BLAH I accidentally posted that under Reality Bites. I happen to think that James Norton is a brilliant writer. Save your breath, you'll need it to blow up your date. Your ridiculous little opinion has been noted.


You tell him Renee! Finally a breath of fresh air that is a REAL person not hiding behind anonymity! delusional really IS delusional! And you outted him.


phplumbing, is that short for Prospect Hill Plumbing? Is it the same company as the advertisement in the paper?

renee martins

You Betcha! Of course the view expressed is solely the view of Renee Martins. And by the way I've been talkng to George P. about his editing for quite some time and that comment came after a conversation with him last week. The people who know me (Really know me) not the chimp with boobs, Ha! Ha! know I'm a stickler when it comes to editing. My advice to delusional, double up on those meds. They're not working.

Male chimp with boobs

To renee martins: You should post on this site more often! Your hilarious! Loved your comeback on delusional!!! Wow!!!!!!!

Somerville has one bad police department

Miss renee of PH Plumbing how do you do? I just can't wait for what your comeback will be when you entangle with "Ron the Newmanator"! You know Ron, the guy that wears plaid on plaid and bumps into walls! After hearing about the Male chimp with boobs, Ron should be along quite shortly!

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