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February 22, 2006


Rumor Talk

Newstalk is always on the money and very informative. But may not be aware of a couple of rumors that were buzzing around the water cooler today. His honor the Mayor may be making supplementary moves at DPW.
I feel like it's baseball season and the trading deadline is fast approaching.
Nobody is untouchable. In reference to what I heard, Water & Pork don’t cut the mustard and are leaving a bad taste in the mouths of city hall. The trading deadline is set for 4:00PM Friday.
We can expect an outright release, a demotion to the minors to make room for players to be named later.
Batter Up !

You Know!

Alderman are out to make friends and stay elected and it is their job to get as much money and support for their community as they can. They want to make and keep friends. They are not going to stick their necks out to cut any fat unless it is a rare case in their best interest. They would not give an honest opinion unless it was an absolutely "Safe move". They can not risk pissing off their supporters and if they are in a party their opinions have to be "party approved". 90 % of politics for typical politicians is playing dodge ball, not being the bad guy and riding the fence. Want to keep taxes down layoff someone who is not doing anything and Hire a Budget analyst.

Judge Maria?

I highly doubt that Deval Patrick made any promise to make either Joe or Maria a judge. He would have gotten all the Somerville Delegates with or without Joe, so I don't think he needed Joe bad enough to promise anything. Plus Maria? Are you kidding? Maria couldn't even get enough people at the Ward 3 Caucus (Joe's home ward) to elect her delegate to the convention for Deval. Especially after she stood up and said she was there to support "Patrick Deval". It’s better to actually get your candidate's name right if you want people to believe you are a strong supporter Maria.

Is it beyond the realm of your imagination that Joe Curtatone supports Deval Patrick because he thinks he is the best candidate?


Maria,, Judge.. Have you seen her in court. She is a misfit.. She needs to sharpen her image first. God help you Joe!


Give me a break! Maria+Judge=never! I hope this is a big joke. I dont beleive any deals were made regarding Maria. I heard she was a nut.

Mrs. McCarthy

I don't know anything about this Judge Maria stuff(it did make me laugh and guffaw loudly) but I'm tuning into the BOA Smackdown tonight on cable 16 at 7:00pm.

In addition to watching OD and Geewiz kiss and make up(I wonder if he'll try and slip her a little tongue, yewwwwwww), seems that Provost has found a second pair of organic kahoonas and will call for someone to explain to the Board just what the f*&%k went on with the missing $$$$ at T&P, why the investigation hasn't produced any results, and if there is any truth to the rumors flying that they know who it was, but have pursued a cover up strategy(no surprise there). Don't hold your breath for any revelations tonight though. They'll go behind closed doors in Executive Confession, I mean, Session. But look for something to leak out this week. For the record, I've got a C note on Provost to win.

Hassettt!!!!!!! Get on this one. Don't make me come down there. Sweetie, I can do serious damage to you with this walker. Tennis balls and all.

Hotdogs here......get your hotdogs here....

Ready for "Cirque du Cambriville",

Mrs. McCarthy
Cirque du Cambriville's Biggest Fan


Ma Ma Maria and Judge shouldn't be mentioned in the same phrase. I don't think that she could pass the background check.

George Steinbrenner

Well baseball fans. Tomorrow is the final day for trades, waivers, demotions and outright releases.
Put your helmets on, grab a bat and get ready for the roar of the crowd. The final decisions were made tonight. The whispers and rumors will be confirmed by 4pm tomorrow. My guess is it will happen around breakfast time at Kelly’s diner. I do know there will be two vacant offices by the end of day at the DPW. Anyone care to guess which offices?

Mrs. McCarthy

Mr. Steinbrenner.

For the love of God man, don't do this to an old lady at 11:00 at night. A good roll in the hay used to get me to sleep lickety split. But even a dead pope gets more action than I do these days.

Give me just one name. Pretty pleeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!

I'll be very,very,very grateful.........

Mrs. McCarthy


Being the brilliant mind that I am, I would cut the clause of TB from the engineers department, along with TH who is out on stress, toss in CA who sits around the cap all day long, RW, the Director of Operations who recently has been known to chastise the Administration and, and, and, NO not Boss Hogg, they can't. He has too much on the old man...


This administration reminds me of the bad, bad old days. Some may remember them - many will not.

Those where the days when people walked off with money, stole public property, and had no show jobs. As long as they made contributions to the right people things where quite fine.

Seems like what went around has come back.

More to follow


Well i am in my young 60's was in the clase with S me those pre-Lester days were worse then what's going on today. I sort of think this Mayor deserves a better chance then most are giving him. I say we just re-elected him, no one else wanted the job, so he has two full years lets see how he does.
By the way this web site is great, if we had this in the SUN days would have been wild, my how things change.


Hey Mr. Bridgeman are we ever going to see who you are? perhaps are you going to Lowell Street someday and say hi to everyone or perhaps have a rally?

He's not a cop!!!!!!!! He's an imposter!

Beware people of Somerville! There is a guy from the Somerville Board of Health driving around Somerville in a white car posing as Police officer threatening to lock people up while flashing his shiny city issued badge in your face. he seems cookey and a threat to citizens in my opinion!.Someone please tell this nut abuse of power and impersonating a cop is against the law in this country!

They told him to leave!

This incident happened at 2:45pm today and by 3:30 PM after complaints were made to the board of health about someone, he was asked to go home from his job for conflicting stories of the report source said! Nobody is above the law!


It seems nothing BIG happened down here at the DPW today. Buckley doing OJT, on the job training. Still won't be able to fill the shoes of one of the most respected Superintendents ever to grace the yard though.

How is Boss Hogg going to handle Fire Alarm and Lights and Lines? Who is now going to be the pivotal person with the Utility Companies? Who will now try to get the double telephone poles taken care of? Who will be the energy czar so desperately needed? Not Buckley that is for sure. Not Boss Hogg nor Director of Operations Whilette.

One should marvel where all the money is going that the DPW is responsible for. There is a lot of shuffling around of line items back and forth and well hidden. After the meeting Boss Hogg had with his honcho men, and woman, seems buying products has been placed on hold for a few months. Why this is, is stifling to me.

The BOA should now take a closer look into the works at the DPW since Boss Hogg is a mastermind of slight of hand antics. Once you see it, the next you don't. Stan learnt from the best and continues to excel himself with magic. A complete audit is warranted if nothing else.

Rumors are rumors and some hold water, but the latest one goes back to the election year 2003. Seems an individual from one of the two companies making up Assembly Square Limited Partnership had presented envelopes to certain people around the City. One we know was returned back to this person. That person surely knows whom they are that did the RIGHT thing. That may come out soon. If you see one or two of our City fathers squirming in their seats while the Show is on the air, it will be a dead give away. I would suggest that one, who knows who he/she is, might want to cut a deal now rather than later. Secrets asked to be kept a secret, always end up airing to someone who cannot keep that secret.

So to end, it is just another Friday before a snow declared emergency. Let's see how much Joe can put in the coffers without it being stolen this time.

Name School

Hello readers of the Somerville News. So did you readers know they knocked down the Lincoln Park School down on Washington Street. But do you know they are going to build another one down there and name it after the former supt. of schools that is retiring, thats sad, plus he does even live in Somerville. I think perhaps they should name it the Marie Howe school. Marie, served our city in Somerville as a school committee member from ward 4 and was a state representative for our city from January 1965 until January 1989. Marie Howe did so much for our great city and she was born and raised in Somerville. They have a Capuano school, they have a field house named after Mr. Brune. So again why not do something nice for Marie Howe after all what she did for us in Somerville.

Get It Right

First of all, Dr. Argenziano has done so much more for the children of this City than Marie Howe ever will do. The good Dr. has brought all day kindergarten to Somerville where as other cities and towns still have half days.

Dr. Argenziano has also brought 5 new schools to the City at 10% of their total cost, having the State pay for the remainder. He was been firm on the vision of the School Committee and deserves this school to carry his name.

Have yo forgotten whom Marie use to chum with during the 70's? None other than V. Piro, who had accepted an envelope from an undercover FBI agent while the building of Assembly Square Mall was being erected. It was Marie, sitting at a Celtics game when Vinnie pointed out a person in the crowd to tell Marie he knew him but couldn't remember his name. Marie said, that is so and so from the FBI. Vinnie took a chit right there in his chair and the next day tried to give back the envelope. So she hung with the big guys. That is also where Koty came in. Since he was Vinnie's aide at the time it is ironic we are full circle with Assembly Mall. Koty now Commissioner has all the power.... think it out.

So Dr. Albert F. Argenziano School is fitting for this fabulous individual.


you people are so funny. you keep taking shots at each other and you get so pissy about one little comment about this or that and then comes the backlash, and all of a sudden its a conspiracy ala oliver stone and everybody turns into jim garrison or the warren commission (depending on what style asshole you are).

thank you JN for taking the guy's name out of the two comments above. how silly to make a posted comment on this weblog supposedly minutes after an incident. it probably wouldnt have been so bad if it was a truthful comment and thats what really happened but captain obvious must think that making false accusations and trying to bolster it with what JN calls a "plant" on here makes a lie become a truth somehow.

i agree about naming that school after marie howe. sure the good doctor did wonderful things while he was employed by the city of somerville and thats why he was the top paid city employee for years. we got what we paid for, and if you think he wasnt a mover and a shaker behind the scenes and didnt play politics like the rest of the whores in this city then YOU ALL must be delusional. bottom line is he was the best superintendent of schools we ever had, thanks to the people that brokered him into that job and he was paid nicely for it, which is only right. a school named after him before marie howe would be awful.

marie howe wasnt a buddy of vinnys and those that know both of them know that to be true. they werent enemies, but marie most certainly wasnt at any celtics game with vinny and she certainly didnt point out an fbi agent to him. if youre going to make up stuff, at least be somewhere in the ballpark will you please?

throwing stans name in there because you think youre being cute doesnt even work on the regulars on here, so why bother doing it - again, make sense will you? "that is also where Koty came in" what the hell does that mean? talk about being blinded by hate, its just awful in this city and people wonder why nothing actually ever gets done and why things dont change when A fights B and while those two are busy knocking heads together, then Z comes in and wins a seat or two or three and then A and B wonder what happened.

this is a good weblog and ill agree with mole3 about the lester ralph days - before, during and after - they were so much worse that what happens today and thank god for that. thank god for the weblog too, at least most of the time, when you can filter out the stupid stuff from the good stuff and the funny stuff. keep up the good work news guys.

Know Your Facts

Com'on Born, Stan sat in the chair and claimed the 5th 23 friggin times. He was young then and still knew how to play the game.

Much elder now, I am sure you could still count on him to do the same. And YES, Vinnie was at the Celtics game that night with Marie. That is when he found out he was in trouble. He vacated that seat as if it were the electric chair. So get your facts together and then you can play on the HILL with the big boys

Tom O'Malley

Just a note folks. i think its a great idea to name a school after marie howe. i just will say this why not. Marie Howe School sounds nice. Plus Mr or Mrs Name school was right Marie, was on the school committe in Somerville. Also Dr. Argenzino wasn't bron in Somerville. So why not name it after Marie give her something for all her years she served and was dedicated to the people of Somerville.

Mrs. McCarthy

Musings from the Muse,

First, why do we have to re-name the school?

Correct me if I'm wrong(I was in 1954) is'nt the school named after "Honest Abe"?
If so, leave it the hell alone. I knew him and liked him. God rest his soul.

And the last time I looked, Dr. Al and Marie were still very much alive. In my day, we reserved naming schools and the like for those that had gone to the great beyond.(retirement does not count)

There is one exception to this rule.(there always is in my book) If we ever get around to actually building a new Police station(and we should), how about the "Koty Memorial Klinck"? Seems appropriate to me..........

See you soon, Sun Jung Moon,

Mrs. McCarthy

captain obvious

everyones a historian around these parts. funny stuff about koty, piro and howe, but not entirely accurate all the way around. truth is theres no way to really know unless you were there, thats why its called urban legend.

mrs mccarthy, do you think it matters that you be dead to have a building of part of a building named after you? no wonder people from outside somerville laugh at us - we are a city full of megalomanic retards who name buildings and gyms and whatnot after people who are very much alive already - like capuano, alibrandi and brune...all of whom did nothing extraordinary like say lincoln or kennedy.

i say marie howe is the best of the choice of the still living, because at least she has the longest record of recognizable committment of service to this city - more than ALL of the other currently living assholes have given to this city COMBINED.

but who cares, this is somerville, where the art of the backdoor deal and the art of the backstab are one in the same. and it wont change, no matter how many crazies from the pds or any other groups outside the old school network come and go.

and that is the reality of the thing - learn to live with it

captain obvious

Tom O'Malley

Mayor Joe
If you read this. change your mind and call the old Lincoln Park School, and call it the Marie Howe School.

Mrs. McCarthy

Captain, My Captain,

Ok then let's pass an ordinance that states you have to be dead to have a publicly funded project named after you.

That might not be such a bad idea. It ends the debate over the new school, and we could possibly get rid of a few of the current crop of crooks and coocoos in the process. I can just see one or two of them laying down on the Red Line tracks just to have their name on a building in perpetuity.

Just a thought.............

In Memory of Joseph McCarthy,
(not a relation)

Mrs. McCarthy

John Griffin

Hello readers
i am putting my 2 cents in this one. first of all hello from teele square area of somerville. it is a damn shame they knocked down the lincoln park school. b ut i have to go along with the other readers Marie Howe school sounds good. thats all

Sal Garino

What a wonderful idea nameing the school after Former Representative Marie Howe, she's deserves the honor for all that she did as the first women elected to the School Board and first elected women representative from Somerville. On behalf of my family and myself lets name the new school "The Marie Howe School".


they really need to get the computers out of here at the DPW co-workers have SO much free time to post all this nonsense..........The good news is that it will soon be spring and everyone here at the DPW will get lots of overtime to replant the grass on Broadway that we killed with the salt....great country, huh

Who Cares

marie Howe school? Name it after Maria Curtatone?? She's great too!

Lucky Leprechaun

Hey who cares. Maria Curtatone never held office. It would be nice to see the school named after Marie Howe. WHEN IRISH EYES ARE SMILING.

Old Democrat

Forget about Marie Howe.

How about Marie Osmond?

At least she never bit a cop!!!

Who's Car is it NOW

Ok Joe has someones' car in his spot. Nice black suv. I wonder where that one came from? Is it his? Is it a leased car, think NOT!!! Is it a friends car? Might be.

10,000 licks to the one who has the answer.


It's his. I don't understand how day after day MORONS post on this site


Either they leave the school's name alone and keep it the Lincoln Park School or they should name it after the site where the first colonial (American) flag was raised, "The Prospect Hill School". It's close proximity to the area of Prospect Hill makes it all the more appealing. Then we don't have to get in a pissing match about what re-tread or dead politician from the past we have to name the school for and naming a school after someone that is still living is ridiculous. The Gene Brune Field House doesn't count because he's been dead for years, only no one told him yet!

Ron Newman

That might be confusing since the Somerville charter school is now called the "Prospect Hill Academy".

Who's Car is it NOW

Truth, that is not the black Cadillac that was parked there in his spot on Monday. I don't even think it was his now that it is know he was in for surgery Monday. There was a Lexus in that spot yesterday that he frequently borrowed from some nice supporter. I wonder what is in there today? I hope that paddy wagon is there tomorrow once the newsbreaks. That would be nice.



It might be a tad bit confusing, but from what I understand the charter school is moving soon. That could be just a rumor I heard, but's it's worth checking out.

If for some reason they don't move, there are many names associated with Prospect Hill, heroes all of them, that should be considered. Like, Israel Putnam, the commanding officer of the encampment. George Washington who used Prospect Hill as a high ground advantage point to watch the British movements in Boston. They could even name it "The Colonial Flag School"!
History for this city as important as Prospect Hill trumps over any individuals name.

Ron Newman

I could go for George Washington School, especially since it's on Washington Street.

Jed Clampett

Well Mrs. McCarthy, it looks like the Administration is running into more brick walls. The scoop is there is an environmental agency down at the old Lincoln Park School site. I was correct in my presumption that the bubbly black gold was gurgling up from beneath. Now it will be costing the City more to handle that project since the oil rose from the dead.

This now has a domino effect on all the other projects this Administration wanted to take care of. The new Argenziano School will be delayed indefinitely since this recent costly ticket item came to the surface, no pun intended, and the Administration will re-open, yes, re-open the Powder House School and put the St. Ann’s kids in there as well as the Edgerly, sell the Edgerly School to some poor smuck, and reside the new temporary Police Station down in the Inner Belt Road area.

Talk about the mother of all screw-ups. The project manager that is being paid more than the Project Director has really brought us into the next generation by costly delays. Why is this? Why does the Mayor surround himself with so many losers? Could it me the chip doesn’t fall far from the source?

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