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February 16, 2006


Jed Clampett

Ok folks, let's try to find out why we're not getting all the facts out of the recent discovery of oil beneath the ground at the Lincoln Park School.

Seems Testa Demo hit an abanonded oil tank or some container that sputed up the black stuff on Tuesday. Testa Demo and the City is continuing as if nothing has happened.

This is an environmental issue and should be cleaned up rather than cleaned under the dirt. City fathers know there is a problem so fix it. We know why Testa Demo is not in favor of this and you will too. Read the Google found report below...

From Boston Globe

US investigating use of sham firms
By Raphael Lewis

Federal agents searched the offices of two Big Dig subcontractors Thursday as part of a nationwide probe into large construction firms setting up sham firms with women or minority executives, in order to obtain lucrative public works contracts, federal and industry officials said yesterday.

About two-dozen federal agents executed search warrants at two North Shore firms, PT Corp. and Testa Corp., the officials said.

From 2001 until last summer, PT Corp. of Lynnfield, a state-certified woman-owned business, had been in charge of dismantling the 1.5-mile elevated Central Artery. But the firm fell behind schedule and was replaced by Testa Corp., a major player in the demolition field.

PT Corp.'s chief executive is listed by the state as Pamela J. O'Brien. She is the sister of Steven Testa, who runs Testa Corp.

The prime contractor overseeing the subcontract is Modern Continental Construction Co. Inc. of Cambridge, one of the nation's largest construction firms and the company that has performed more Big Dig work than any other.

Like many federal construction projects, the Big Dig requires a certain percentage of contracts to go to minority- or women-owned firms, such as PT Corp.

It was not known, however, exactly what aspect of the contract are being examined by the federal investigators from the US Department of Transportation 's office of inspector general; the US Department of Labor's office of labor, racketeering, and fraud investigations; and the Internal Revenue Service.

Geri Denterlein, a spokeswoman for Modern Continental, said she could not comment "because we don't have enough information." She added that Testa's work on the artery project has not been slowed by the investigation.

John Ruffo, vice president of Testa Corp., said yesterday that the search warrant federal agents handed him also listed other companies, but he declined on the advice of his lawyer to name them. He added that agents did not inform him why the office was being searched, but said Testa Corp. complied fully with all requests and that its work on the $14.6 billion artery project continued yesterday.

"There is an investigation on the Central Artery project, and we provided information they asked for," Ruffo said. "I don't know the focus of the investigation, [but] there was more than two companies listed on the search warrant."

Tracey A. Miner, a lawyer for PT Corp., as well as for Testa, defended both firms, saying, "They're both legitimate businesses."

"If the government is looking for a scapegoat on the Big Dig project, it's not going to be PT or Testa," Miner said.

Spokesmen for each of the federal agencies involved said they do not confirm or deny ongoing investigations. The searches Thursday took place as the inspector general of the Department of Transportation has been highlighting fraud in "disadvantaged business enterprise" as a top concern nationwide. The program was set up to give small businesses owned and controlled by "socially and economically disadvantaged individuals" a chance to obtain coveted federal construction work.

Testifying before Congress last July, Transportation Department Inspector General Kenneth M. Mead said "fraud involving the DBE program for minority and women contractors who are used as `false front' companies is an area with serious enforcement and compliance problems that appears to be nationwide in scope and requires more attention." A December report by the IG's office states that "we are currently investigating 40 DBE schemes in 19 states." From late 1999 until late 2003, the report said, such investigations "have resulted in 40 indictments, 29 convictions, and $10.7 million in fines and other monetary recoveries." The report named the companies indicted; no Massachusetts projects were listed.

"This matter requires more attention and greater oversight efforts by the department," the report said.

Founded in 1967, Testa Corp. of Lynnfield is one of the nation's five largest demolition firms, according to the Engineering News-Record, which tracks the construction industry. It is not a disadvantaged business enterprise under the federal program.

Formerly known as MRP Site Development, the firm paid a fine of more than $1 million in late 2001 after pleading guilty to carting Big Dig hazardous waste to sites that were not authorized by the state Department of Environmental Protection.

PT Corp. was certified as a woman-owned business on Jan. 11, 2000, according to records at the State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance, which certifies all Bay State firms seeking to obtain federally financed contracts. Officials from the state office did not return calls seeking comment.

Miner, PT's lawyer, said O'Brien worked for years at MRP as an account executive before deciding to found her own firm. PT was originally the subcontractor on the $45 million project to dismantle the elevated artery, but was forced to give up its role when the firm fell badly behind schedule, Miner said.

That's when Testa took over. It remained unclear yesterday, however, how Testa was chosen to fill in that role.

Doug Hanchett, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, which oversees the Big Dig, said the only thing that was certain was that PT Corp. no longer does work for the artery project. In 1999, Modern Continental, which holds the $400 million-plus general contract involved in dismantling the elevated artery and finishing the artery tunnel downtown, had subcontracted another woman-owned business, Zam-Tek Inc., that was dropped from the project over allegations that the company may not, in fact, have been run by a woman.

Also found:

OSHA Cites Mass. Contractor in Deadly Crane Collapse
July 13, 2005

A federal agency that oversees workplace safety blamed a contractor for a shipyard crane accident that in January killed two workers, including one from New Hampshire.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Testa Corp. for 15 alleged violations of safety and health standards at the former Fore River Shipyard in Braintree, Mass., where two workers died when a crane collapsed Jan. 26.

Charlies At it Again

Blah-Blah-Blah...... Rumors,rumors and more rumors...... The sky is falling,
Oh my god.
Give it a rest already!
Dont you ever get tired of making an ass of yourself?

Elley May

Another fine testament to Testa Demo, which would reflect their conduct currently being used for the demolishing of the Lincoln Park School and not calling in DEP or a reputable environmental company to remove the seepage at the Lincoln Park School site. This violation was just 5 years ago and Testa just got off of probation.

One question I have for the City Fathers, is why do we have such a shady company working for Somerville? The only answer can be is that Testa Demolition has had experience with Koty. Here is their article:

December 20, 2001

BOSTON -- A Lynn construction and demolition company pleaded guilty to charges they failed to notify the Department of Environmental Protection that they released hazardous material into two Saugus residential developments, Attorney General Tom Reilly and DEP Commissioner Lauren A. Liss announced today.

MRP Site Development, Inc., also known by the name MRP Testa, pleaded guilty in Middlesex Superior Court to two indictments containing 20 counts each of violating the state's notification requirements under the Massachusetts Oil and Hazardous Material Release Prevention and Response Act. The guilty pleas were the result of a plea agreement between the Office of the Attorney General and MRP Testa.

Judge Timothy Hillman ordered the company to pay a $1 million fine and placed the corporation on probation for four years.
"The penalty in this case sends a clear message that violations of our state's environmental laws will not be tolerated," said AG Reilly. "The illegal dumping of contaminated material placed both workers and residential neighborhoods at risk. I am pleased that the agreement calls for full restitution to the state for previous clean-up efforts and a commitment by the company to finish the job."

DEP Commissioner Lauren A. Liss said, "Today's action clearly demonstrates that anyone who abuses the environment and endangers the public health will be held accountable. Under the agreement, the company must not only clean up past pollution, but also the company must implement an environmental management system to prevent such pollution in the future."

Today's guilty plea is the result of an investigation by the Massachusetts Environmental Strike Force, initiated by the DEP. The investigation began in July 1998, when DEP investigators discovered the hazardous materials, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons or PAHs, in demolition debris recycled for use as a road base product, when MRP Testa delivered loads of the product to the Holt Road Landfill in North Andover. At that time, MRP Testa was under contract with the Central Artery Tunnel Project to close the landfill. The recycled base product was brought in to build a temporary haul road for use by trucks delivering soil from the Central Artery Tunnel Project, which was being used to cap the landfill.

DEP inspectors working at the landfill took notice of a creosote, chlorine solvent odor being emitted by the recycled brick product and testing was done. The tests revealed the piles were contaminated with hazardous materials in concentrations which required MRP Testa to notify the DEP. The contaminants were the product of incomplete combustion of solid and liquid fuels such as coal, wood, kerosene and fuel oil and included compounds classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as probable human carcinogens.

The ensuing investigation determined that the source for the contaminated materials was an enormous stockpile of similar materials at Rowe Quarry in Malden. In 1998, MRP Testa operated a brick and concrete demolition debris recycling operation at Rowe Quarry where demolition debris was crushed, mixed by MRP Testa employees and re-sold as a recycled base product. The pile was subsequently tested and found to be similarly contaminated.
Following the discovery of contaminated stockpiles at Rowe Quarry, records maintained by Rowe Quarry revealed that contaminated materials had been sold or shipped by MRP Testa to three Central Artery contract sites, two parking lot projects, one at Boston Garden and another at Ocean Avenue in Revere and two residential developments in Saugus.
During the course of the investigation, MRP Testa removed the contaminated material from the two Saugus residential subdivisions as well as all but three locations, which are to be cleaned up as part of today's plea agreement.
As part of the plea agreement, MRP Testa must pay $326,500 restitution for costs of cleanup to the Massachusetts Highway Department and $93,302 to the DEP. MRP also agreed to complete cleanup at three other work sites that also received contaminated material and implement an environment management system to help prevent future incidents. MRP Testa also agreed to remove two corporate officers who held management positions at the time of the incidents.
Assistant Attorneys General Paul Molloy and Stephen Prunier prosecuted the case, which was investigated for the Massachusetts Environmental Strike Force by Dana Muldoon, Joe Dorant and Steve Spencer of DEP's Boston Office, and Environmental Police Officers Lt. Gail Larson and Sgt. Michael Sweeney, who are assigned to AG Reilly's Office. The Strike Force is an interagency enforcement team overseen by Attorney General Tom Reilly and Secretary Robert Durand. It was created to identify and prosecute environmental cases.

Mrs. McCarthy

Hi Kids,

Sorry I haven't been in touch. Been down to Texas with Dick Cheney for a bit. Terrible thing about Harry. But he's fine although his wife has put the clamps on anymore "hangin with Dick trips" as she put it.

By the way, the Vice President asked me to remind the Mayor, the entire Board of Alderman and the T&P staff that the next hunting party will start tomorrow at 3:00PM. Don't be late. Cocktails will be served promply at 2:00pm.

Hope all has been sailing smoothly on the Cambriville ship of state.

Got to go. Got to get the special edition of Cambriville "Personnel Moves and Grooves" ready for Saturday AM.

See you soon..........

With lots of Wind,

Mrs. McCarthy

The Mole

I do have to admit, it has been a bit of a lackluster week here in the “Ville”. The quietness of a soft drive snow would come to my mind.

You could equate it to the actions of a Tsunami where the water recedes before the first wave makes its’ dramatic entrance. You can feel the sucking away of the air as if a “Back draft” was beginning to emerge. You could call it as basic as the “Calm before the Storm”.

Whichever reaction you choose, it seems as though something is going to burst. When it does, since there hasn’t been much out there, it is going to be the “BIG” one. Everyone is back from their trips, Joe C. from Italy, Joe M. from the Islands. More State Aide numbers being tossed out, lower than projected. Joe dancing around Assembly Square income, “just give me more time BOA, just give me more time”. What could it be, just what could it be!

I would argue the time might be near for the bottle to be emptied. Out from the bottom of that bottle will flow the era; the old, the rotten, the moldy, the sour, the venomous, the noxious and the dirty politics that have been going on for the last3 + years.

The City of Somerville being the focal point of all this disgusting sewerage. This disgust reaching into the corners of Massachusetts, Maryland, California, Rhode Island, Cuba, Gaeta, Italy; the green valleys of Ireland and more…

The air in Somerville is being sucked away from its Citizens. For we know not what is to come, but can see the resemblance of their caricature as stated above. Just wait and see…. Wait and see…


I heard that there were two shootings in Somerville on Friday night.

I heard that there were two shootings in Somerville on Friday night. One at Mr. B's Italian Restaurant where a man opened fire in the bar and shot another man in the chest. There was also a second shooting on New Charlstown Street behind the Target store. Did anyone else hear about these two incidences? And why all the hush hush about it?


I heard bits a pieces about it. They said some guy walked in as they were closing the bar and opened fire until he hit his target which was a man hit in the chest. Scary!!! Wow that wasn't even on the news station at all come to think of it.


I happened to be in a situation where I had to purchase a new washer. I knew the City charged for a pick up of such an item, later found it to be called "white goods" for a fee of $20.

I also recall on many occasions seeing these items at the curbs of the residents with an orange sticker I believe. I remember driving by several times during the next two - three weeks later and still seeing the same item at their curb.

I know this would both help and hurt the City in their estimates towards their budget but I find for a $10 fee to the company where I purchased the new washer from it was immediately removed from my premises. Help the City in a way that there aren't these eyesores around for multi weeks, the hindrance would be they are not getting $20 a whack for the "white goods".

Does this mean we will now have to pay $2 additional for garbage bags? If you can, ask the company you purchase a new appliance from if they cart away the old item. Sears does and I am sure most others would too, even at a lower cost than the City charges.

Yeas, there were two shootings!

There were in fact two shootings this weekend. The shooting by Target was as described above. The shooting at Mr. B's involved a known drug trafficker (the shooter) and an unknown party. Just ask yourself, why does a drug dealer shoot someone in a crowded bar? I think we all know the answer. Mr. B's definately needs to be shutdown after this incident or have a cop on duty at all times.

A note to the Mayor and all of his his moles who drop lines on this blog: WE NEED MORE COPS, NOT LESS.

Ron Newman

I think Mr. B's used to have a different name, and ran into licensing problems once before under that name. Perhaps someone with a better memory than mine can fill in details.

Snowflake's Eleven

Ron, Your such a loser even to say that if you don't even know. This guy never had an allias name. I eat there all the time and personaly know them you Bafoon! Don't try to hurt the guy just because you assume! Look what they say about you and the gay bar!!! So Ron in short, get a frinin life!!!!

PS: Your a Dork!

Bill Callender

Hey Snowflake -

For several months I have sat here, watching and reading like many others I am sure, not posting comments for a number of reasons. Whether you want to call it fear or maybe it was just reluctance to jump into the fray that breaks out so quickly and viciously on here, who knows.

99% of the time it ends humorously, but you and a select few others are so nasty and for no reason. You make these inane and petty comments against Ron Newman in particular. Like him, don't like him, but you don't have to make him feel uncomfortable - I'm not Ron and I feel uncomfortable when you remark about him, I can only imagine how he feels.

Say what you will, but at least he has the guts to sign his real name on here - him and JN and BS and a couple of others. I'm sure the owners of this paper don't like the fact that you in particular are a menace on this weblog and aren't helping readership by scaring average everyday people with opinions away.

Well that's my two cents. Take it or leave it.


Ron Newman

I didn't say anything about an "allias" [sic] name. Just that I recall Mr. B's used to be owned by someone else, was called something else, and I think ran into licensing issues under that previous ownership.

Actually, from looking at this page, they had a lot of licensing issues about 18 months ago as Mr. B's.


the last 2 establishments located on Cross St. were...

The Memory Lane...and....Kerry's...both had problems with drugs...

those of us who remember the "old" Memory Lane that burnt down on Middlesex Ave remember good food and rumors of arson...

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