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February 08, 2006


City Hall Fly

It is comprehensible and significant that Boss Hogg means business. There might be a better candidate for that lie detector device than the employees in the Yard.

Remember, the responses should be in a Yes or No response. That corner office could sure employ one, and the three questions, which should be addressed, are, "What did you do to help yourself while Aide to our Friend CS?" "While Aide to VP, did you really claim the 5th amendment 23 times?" “Mr. Commissioner, did you stop by a residence on Warwick Street for an hour?” This resident that was visited by Boss Hogg just so happens to be on the MaxPak Committee selected by the mayor. Hogg brags to everyone, even those he has met for the first time, like me, of his jaunt to the Grand Jury back in the 70s. Yeah, they had nothing on me; I claimed the 5th on every question.

Maybe this is why Mr. Commissioner never writes anything down on paper. Maybe this is why Mr. Commissioner never uses a computer. He keeps a buffer of two or three layers between himself and anything that moves. He keeps everything upstairs in his head. Just strap the man to the chair and ask away. I bet you 50 to 1 he would NEVER volunteer for a lie detector test as his workers are asked to do. Not Koty.

Cambriville News




Quadruple axels, triple salchows, corked backside 900, McTwists. Anticipation for the opening ceremonies of the 2006 Cambriville Olympic Games grows this weekend.

As you know, Cambriville will be the host city for our own games this weekend and with the prediction of a foot of new snow,the game venues from Prospect Hill to Trum Field, from the not yet completed Dilboy Stadium to the non functioning Veterans Rink, are being prepped as athletes from across Greater Cambriville pour into the city.

The games are not without controversy this year. Captain of the men' figure skating team, DPW Chief Stan Koty, has been suspended after failing the steroid drug test. Koty claims that the side effects from his recent hair coloring tainted the drug test. Koty has appealed the ruling.

Somerville Democaratic Committee Chair, Helen "Doby"Corrigan, has also been suspended due to failing the random drug test. Corrigan, who co-captains the woman's luge team with unsuccessful State Rep. candidate Elizabeth Maroney, also blames the inacuracy of her testing on her weekly silver rinses.

Men's Hockey team captain, Ward Five Alderman Sean O'Donovan, has been barred from participating this year for whacking snowboarding gold hopeful, Ward Six Rebba Gewitz, in the knees with an unknown pipelike object. Officials are also seeking the whereabouts of former Alderman Jack Connolly who was seen driving O'Donovan away after the attack.

And the Cambriville News has learned that due to a costume controversy with Alderman and State Rep. Denise Provost, captain of the pairs figure skating team, perenial candidate Marty Martinez has withdrawn from the competition.

Later Tonight...................

Schedule of Events, Locations and Participating Olympians

A reminder to all event attendees: Parking Meters will be in effect 24/7 until further notice. Additionally, Broadway, Highland Ave. and Somerville Ave will be closed to all traffic.

Hack Job

Well, I guess the ex alderman from Ward 6 will still maintain his benefits with his newly appointed position of Municipal Hearing Officer. I have tried to find this position in the FY 06 Budget but was unable to establish it. So the retirement succession still goes on for the Ex Alderman from Ward 6. He will still get all that is due to him from his friends on the Hill.

I can see where E. Moroney was awarded her old position back, which is not a surprise. I just cannot cope with Jack Connelly getting another hack job and still getting paid by the City for what ever a Municipal Hearing Officer does.

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