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February 20, 2006


Bridge Man

Hi everyone must know me by the other rag in town. I found your website somerville news and me the bridgeman is very impressed. as of this writing it is 2093 since the Lowell Street has been closed.
Today is tuesday february 21 2006.
best wishes

Mrs. McCarthy

Bridge Man,

So happy to see that you have expanded your reading list to include the Somerville News. You may have noticed that the Lowell Street bridge is 75% complete. Rumor around town is that it will be open for business come late spring or early summer. We hear it will also be used in the 2010 Winter Olympics as a ski jump venue. Can't wait to see that. But Dear, when it finally opens, what do you plan to bitch about then?

Perhaps you can comment about the Sycamore, Cross, or Walnut Street bridges. Or choose any bridge for that matter. There are enough in the pipeline to be closed so it should keep you going for at least 15-20 years.

Keep up the good work.

Mrs. McCarthy
Olympic Gold Medal Winner
Women's Downhill Snowboarding


Mrs Mccarthy definitely needs someone to take her for a ride around town every now and then. Walnut street bridge has been finished for a couple of years now. All that's left after Lowell is sycamore and cross street bridges to get rebuild.I think I was told it was July 6 for the target date of opening the bridge on Lowell st.

The Mole

I think the Mayor may be able to accommodate those that will need rides around town to check on the bridges. He now has, get this, one of the infamous blue blazers, probably the last one in the fleet of the original 9, at his disposal. Just because he cannot handle his own personnel finances doesn’t mean you can lean on the City for their vehicles, right Mr. Mayor?

Blazer # 259-YGY was probably the one used but the ex-highway superintendent for snowstorms. Commit to remembrance, no appointee can use these city vehicles for their own personnel use, right Mr. Mayor. You are not to take that blue blazer home with you after hours to Prospect Hill Ave. This blazer can be used for City business within the City limits. Remember you set the rules back on Jan. 5, 2004. Then you had that great auction of the century, or is it Sentry Ford Lincoln, Medford, by having the then Ex-Mayor Kelley Gays' car and you on the front page of the Journal, with clenched fists and deceiving slanting eyes.

We don't want to see that blue blazer anywhere but in front of City Hall or to the ends of the city limits. We are all watching....



I remember the Mayor making a big deal about the cars and gas being used by the appointees and Mayor Kellys car. The newly elected Mayor vowed no one in his Administration would be using gas or a vehicle. They want to work for me; they use their own cars and supply their own gas.

I guess things have changed since the mayor himself cannot afford a vehicle. What is good for the goose is greater for that gander.

Get out of that car mayor and walk to work. You live just down the street from City Hall. You go nowhere in the City but out to lunch in Teele Square. Have one of your aides drive you there or your new Chief of Staff. You use her cc’s all the time why not her car too.

I Need A Ride

How much are the tours the Mayor will be giving to see the open brdiges, bridges under construction and the bad bridges?

Will the fees be added to the general fund or does the Mayor get to keep it all and declare it as additional income?

I know one thing for sure, he cannot use the City truck as an expense for tax deductions. That would be illegal and wrong. Oh, that's for other Mayors not those from Somerville. How stupid of me.


today is 2094 days since lowell street has been closed.


Dear Mrs. McCarthy.
How about giving me something else to bitch about? How about the skating rink on Somerville Avenue.
Skating Rink Man

Mrs. McCarthy

Bridge Man,

Exellent idea! The Rink, the Stadium, Foss Park, and anything else in this city that our esteemed Gov and his crew have ignored for years.

Don't get me wrong about the "bitch" comment Bridgeman. If it was left up to some of these lazy assed politicians these things would never get done.

We need people like you who "bitch". We also need bitches like me. I think I'll begin a novel about you. My working title is "The Bridgeman of Middlesex County". Catchy, huh?

Keep up the good work.

The Bridgeman Cometh,

Mrs. McCarthy

Where is Engine 4?

Need something else to bitch about? How about the fact that Curtatone hasn't done a damn thing in almost 2 years to get Engine 4 back in service full time to help protect this City. What is reason behind this?? Can someone PLEASE explain this to me??? How do you turn your back on the safety of the people in this city? Why do the residents of this city allow this to happen? How is it that he has money (if the city is supposedly BROKE) to create all these new positions throughout the city to give jobs to his friends, but he doesn't have the money to keep Engine 4 in service fulltime? Why do the firefighters of this city continue to have to rely on additional support from firefighters from Boston, Medford, Cambridge, Everett, Chelsea, Arlington,etc., when there is a large fire in this city. It takes time for these out of town firefighters to get here and give assistance. Somerville needs to be adequately protected. And for some reason, that FAT CAT in city hall doesn't see it that way. He isn't going to change his ways if someone is killed at a fire while Engine 4 is out of service because that already happened on Foskett Street. When there is a fire, or when someone's heart stops beating, every second counts when firefighters are responding. Mayor Curtatone is making things much more difficult by allowing a very vital fire engine in this city to sit dormant in the Lowell Street fire station. We need more people to BITCH about this problem!!!! Where is Engine 4??????!!!!!!???

I Will Tell You

Engine 4 is not in service because of the following:

Lincoln Park Project Manger, P T, Salary $100,000/year. Why do we need another project manager solely for the School when we have Gerry Boyle, Director of Project managers, EN, Project manager who really works his ass off and the no show Alderman Sean O’Donovan’s' brother JOD, salary $69,000 +, fire his ass, who parks his red truck in his driveway 4 out of 5 days a week. Where is the supervision Boyle is supposed to be giving? Accountability.

This Administration keeps on adding people to DPW and there are more there now than there were in the prior two Administrations. The Mayors nephew, the Commissioners son, the Highway Foreman’s son they did not replace anyone, those two are extras.

Joe complains about the rising cost of medical insurance. Well if there weren't so many MORE people working for him now than there were before, you wouldn't have the increased costs that he is crying so much about.

If the City didn't have to pay for the trip to Gaeta, Italy last month for the Mayor, now Chief of staff Delori, and BOA President Heuston, that money could have been used to help re-open Engine 4.

The stolen money that no one knows who did it. They know, their not saying. The incorrect figures for the budget always saying more then pulling back. Now he wants to add a Budget Analyst for $60,000!!! Why not, hell he does what ever he wants anyway. You tell me there isn't a smart person up at City Hall in the Treasury dept, or Auditing Dept that can analyze a budget?

Remember back up until the Kelley-Gay Administration. All Mayors were Financial minded. The Mayors did the budget, Brune, Capuano and the rest didn’t hire someone to do it for them. Not Kelly Gay and certainly not Curtatone. He cannot even run his own household's budget and we have him handling the City of Somerville's. Who are the stupid ones now?

Those are just some of the reasons why Engine 4 is out of service. I am sure others will come up with better reasons. This is an outrage and something should be done to find out where all the money is going. Maybe it is going to Newport Paving! They are one of the Commissioners favorite contractors from way back. Seems with all the fatuity workmanship someone is going to go back and repave Alpine and all the other streets they paved last year.

We are doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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