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February 15, 2006



Big Promotion there for Mr. Buckley! Congratulations.


Does he get his truck back?


Ok so the Mayor makes some personnel changes. Not much news there. But the story behind the story might make for a better read.

Why did Voutour, a long-time, much respected and by all accounts honest, City employee, leave so suddenly?

And exactly what qualifications does Mr. Buckley have to hold such a position? Does he have any type of certification? Does the job even require one?

Just asking.


Well, I wish I had the other story, but Ex-Highway, Lights & Lines, Fire Alarm Superintendent was one of the most dedicated, qualified Superintendents Somerville ever had working in the City. Not only was he a retired SPD, he is a master electrician, a communications expert with the City radio system, a liaison with all utility companies ensuring proper procedures were followed and it all came down to one event.

Boss Hogg knows all! The City will miss this gentleman by far. The ends of the blanket for this Administration just amplified its’ disentanglement two fold.

There is a known fact about wildlife. When their young are weak, the powerful kill their own.

Get your tickets early. Get a front row seat without obstructions. There will be an early July 4th this year and it won’t be in Gaeta, Italy, unless that is the asylum for the weak.

A Gang of One

Mike Buckley was handed a broom on his way to work at the DPW today. Unfortuneately it was the broom that Mayor Joe used to shoo him out the door. Mike had his "problems" with the truth, but he was one of the best workers Joe had on the hill. Not to mentiion the fact that Mike was a great lender of cars and trucks.

They will try to spin this in a positive way, but make no mistake about it, this is a DEMOTION. I would like to say Mike fell on his sword, but he was pushed on it.

Again, Joe listens to the wrong people.


Are you people that stupid or what? Mike was making like 50k a year for a job that he worked like 90 hours a week. Now he's gonna make 70k a year for a job that he works 40 hours a week aside from snowy weekends. It's pretty much a no-brainer. NO, you don't need any special qualifications to be the Highway Superintendent, but Mikey has a degree in MANAGEMENT, which is exactly what the Mayor wants in that department. Voutour was a headcase. He is up in Vermont right now running around naked in the woods. (Whack-Job if there ever was one) Think of it this way, Now the Mayor has two sets of eyes and ears at the DPW instead of the one he used to have with Santangelo. We all know Koty keeps a bunch of shit from him so that Joe doesn't hear what he's really up to. Mikey is just the thing the Mayor needs to team up with Frankie to kick Koty's corrupt ass out of there.


Duh, the part about Buckley makes sense. I would take that kind of a pay jump with less hours too.

But why would Voutour just up and leave like that, whack job or not?

As for lots of eyes watching Koty. Forget about it. Nobody can touch him. He sees all, knows all, and has the goods on Buckley, Santangelo, Joe and five of the current Alderman.

And as for "kicking Koty's corrupt ass out of there", forget that too. Nobody in this City has boots that big.

Milburn Drysdale, President Beverlyhills Bank

There was a sighting today of Jed Clampett driving in the Union Square area today. Not sure what he was looking for in and around Washington Street but the hillbilly had aim towards the southwest corner of the Square.

In his hillbilly Rolls Royce was, Granny Daisy Moses, Elly May Clampett, Jethro Bodine,12-guage shotgun and the famous couch, perched on the edges of the backseat.

The story goes something like this:

Poor hillbilly Jed Clampett and his faithful dog, Duke, are out hunting for some food, and unearth an oil gusher with a single gunshot. Next thing you know, the Boss Hogg Oil Company has purchased the Lincoln Park Community School property for $25 million dollars. Hogg's worldly bossom buddy, Joe Curtatone convinces the widower to move his family to the land of cesspools and thugs, Somerville, Massachusetts. So, Jed, his daughter Elly May, his mother-in-law "Granny" and his nephew Jethro pack up their belongings and drive their rickety flatbed truck to the East Coast.

The oil gusher spewed black gold as soon as it was struck. Now what is the City to do? They have this oil slick on the site of the new Lincoln Park School. More troubles for the City. More troubles for the Schools. Add another few million to your shortcomings Mr. Mayor. DEP is around the corner knocking on your door.

Charlie's at it again

Dear Charlie,

When will you learn? When it's too late?
You already burned bridges with the city and the union. Your so called friends are leaving one by one. Why can't you just play solitare,collect your pay check and keep your Fat mouth shut. Does anyone know why? Is it because you have no friends? Is it because you are a miserable bastard? Is it because you have no power? Is it because they did away with the super size? or is it because you are fat and bald?

Been Quiet......

at "the yard", something must be brewing!

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