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February 22, 2006


Goffed Up

So now the State Rep. Provost is complaining about Assembly Square after she got what she wanted from the Mayor? Come on Denise, you were bought out and you know it. All of the BOA were bought. You’re not going to see SOD crying. You’re not going to see Alderman Roach complaining. His entire family is working for the City. You’re not going to see Alderman Trane complaining. He already knows who Natasha is from Gravestar. Alderman Connelly, not a peep as well as Hueston from Ward 2, nadda.

The only Alderman you will see complaining big time will be Alderman White. Why? Alderman White is no fool. He can see the writing on the wall. Alderman White will be the first one in on the next Mayoral Election come the summer of 2007.

The Mayor promised you everything BOA members and all you got was his lip service. Now the City is hemorrhaging at the seams of vital blood that it needs to survive.

Lincoln Park School hits a snag with the oil problem tapped by Testa. You hired another project manager for $100,000 to handle the reconstruction of the Lincoln Park site and you didn’t even know about the oil leak? What are you paying the other 3 project managers for? One stays home, brother of SOD, the other you don’t give work too and the third is the rejected one from Cambridge. Do you really want to know why he left Cambridge? Here is another $150,000 to add to the bill of the school, which is already over $10 million in the hole.

Another $2.5 million short from the State, which recently announced to this Administration they will not be getting after they put it in their calculations for fiscal year 2006. The $1.3 million shortfall from traffic and parking is a figure we all remember. How about the “infamous” theft from the traffic department that is now being considered a cover up since you transferred the person from there to the DPW and did not prosecute the individual. So you know who it was, your just not telling us.

The walls of Jericho are falling. The City will be in shambles soon. Assembly Square they way you shoved it down the throats of the residence will be a twinkle in your eye and it will be a hole in our pockets paying the increased taxes to make up for your mistakes.

Let us not forget the profit made on the sale of Assembly Square Mall. The price tag of $34 Million profit went to ASLP, Taurus and Gravestar. Now, we know the German families got their share, we know Peter Merrigan, Taurus and Natasha Perez, Gravestar got their share. Are there any more shares hanging about on the sky hooks? It will take one genius to find that out.

It’s time to fold the cards. Call a spade a spade and a trump a trump. Joe you cannot continue your fairy tale adventure. Look around you. Everyone is gone or leaving. Why is that? Those like, Horan, Waters, Voutour, Tom the Highway Superintendent, Lucy just the other day. They knew when to get out do you?

Gotta Ask

We hear now that the theatre is closing anyway! did the mayor lie to us, or did the theater lie to the mayor?

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