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February 06, 2006



The great and powerful OZ has spoken!

Ron Newman

The extension to 8 pm in Davis Square is not a bad idea, but it will surprise a lot of people.

I hope the city will put up prominent signs announcing the new hours, rather than stealthily changing them in order to rack up lots of new $20 tickets from evening parkers.


I suppose that we should say Thank You to the Mayor and be done with it. But I can't.

Why did he and the Traffic Commission totally ignore the businesses when they told him it was not a good plan?

Why can't the Mayor just come out and say, "We made a mistake, we're rolling back the fees, sorry."?

This type of management style continues to concern me. Is this what we should expect from the administration when it comes to future decisions regarding the relocation of the Police Station, the Lincoln School Project, decisions about zoning, the Green Line, the City budget, etc.?

Think about it. Parking fees can be rolled back without too much negative fallout on our backs. But what of decisions they make that will have long-term and potentially disastrous results?

This guy and his "professional" staff scare me.


I have moved to the city of Somerville about a year ago & have been following the articles that are posted on this site for 6 months. My opinion that I have formed about Mayor Curtatone, & once again this is my own opinion, is that he is a sneaky greedy, money hungry kind of a fellow. It seems the only reason he does things around here is to benefit himself & his all his sneaky little partners. Come on the people of Somerville lets get this guy out of office & elect some one who is going to better this city for the people & business owners of this city. Joseph A. Curtatone does not deserve the title "Mayor of Somerville". People we need to get some one in there that does deserves the title of "Mayor", a person who will look to help better the city & the people belonging to the city, not some one who is in it for himself & his greedy little side kicks who he THINKS is loyal to him. The truth always does find its' way out. Come on people lets not allow this beautiful city with such great history be destroyed. Lets get these people in office who will speak for us & help us!


The northeast wall in the corner office had some eminence of chatter scrapped off the walls and was heard in the halls on the Hill.

Word has it that an employee of the Traffic Department has been transferred to the Water Dept. at DPW. Seems someone may have had one too many privileges when they first came to work for the City. Could this person be the one that has some information about the missing funds?

You'll never heed it from this Administration if this person was implicated. In fact, you will hear nothing at all from the Administration about this person being transferred or having any association on the subject of missing funds. I wonder why? Let’s rollback the idea of increased parking fees so we can sidetrack the theft issue.

Makes one wanna say Hmmmmm

City Hall Fly

Tomorrow is the day when the Mayor tries to mend ways with the AFL-CIO Union leaders. He, (Mayor Joe) wants to find out why he was not invited to the Union breakfast a few months ago. We all know the raison d'être. He is Anti-Union, that's why.

An invite to the Oval Office tomorrow @ 3:30 PM will try to mend those ways. There is supposed to be a piece of paper given out to the AFL-CIO members before they arrive showing how Union Friendly this Administration is towards the Local SMEA. This paper was a challenge to budge two Chapter D positions, out of that unit by a Home Rule petition last month. The entire BOA signed on to this Home Rule petition including DP, BD, RT, WW, all of them.

It was brought to the BOA and the Administration that the removal of those positions has to be bargained and not just pulled out with a Home Rule petition so it was withdrawn. The paper still exists though and should circulate before the meeting.

I hope other City Unions will step up and join the SMEA members in a show of support and denounce the steps this Administration are taking to abate the locals.


Expect 10 times the BACKLASH against city politicians like the Mayor if he dares to start charging an extra $1.00 per garbage bag fee. The city looks bad enough with the litter everywhere.
People who are not from Massachusetts just throw things on the
ground "because of their culture blah...blah...blah...".

Just imagine what they will do to the streets, rivers, and parks
if they are charged a $1.00 fee per garbage bag every week.
They won't pay, they will illegally dump.

If Curtatone thinks he can get away with it he's nuts. They already get money for trash pick-up through outrageous property taxes! They can't even do that right. It's the FIRST
think that cities should have on their "to do list"; KEEP THE STREETS CLEAN and USE THE FUNDS YOU GET THOUGH TAXES

It *is* funny

Can anyone tell me when this $1 per garbage bag fee is going to kick in?


"Maintenance" George, I'm watching. Hopefully Delusional is sleeping it off while I sneak this one little comment in.

Male chimp with boobs

Oh,oh! Looks like Renees back!

Dog Catcher

Renee, long time no see. Howahya?

Have you seen the cute but rabid pup that answers to the name of Mrs. McCarthy? It has been spotted around the historical farmstead in back of your spread. If you spot a hairlipped, yapping little pooch scurrying around the 'hood can you call me at the MSPCA emergency hotline?

Ask for Officer McGruff, Dog Catcher.


It was in the Somerville News several months ago.
I believe the plan is to "not talk about it" until it is sprung on the taxpayers of the city. They claimed that "more trash bags"
than ever are being picked up. It was "under consideration for now". They blamed "condo conversions" and construction wastes. They think people are too stupid to realize that those same condos have generated more property taxes for the city to do one of it's basic jobs, pick up the garbage on a weekly basis without ignoring the fact of increased revenue it has received by those condos. Everyone's property taxes have skyrocketed I'm sure you know. Then they pick the most basic service that a city should provide and claim that there is not enough money for it.
Typical garbage from liberal money hungry cities.

Hey Grog29

Hi Grog29,

Tell me more about the Typical garbage from liberal money hungry cities and this 1$ per bag fee! Has it morphed into some plan to buy barrels for pork? Do I have to buy a pork barel from boss hog at DPW?

What is the deal?

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